Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 22, 2013

Hola familia!!
So, trying to email pictures is kind of insane. Mom is probably the only one who has all of them. So if you would mom... forward them to I tried sending them all to her but I'm not sure if if worked. I originally sent them all to mom and dad but dad's work email rejected them because there were too many MB. So, he needs to make a gmail or something. Then I can send them next week :)  I gotta go switch my laundry and then I'll be back to write a whole email to all the family and answer all of your questions.
LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) Hermana Hadlock

This blonde girl Hermana Kirkham is MI COMPANERA!!!!!! :) 

The girl with me in my pajamas is the one who knew Michael :)

I found Sean Kremer. My madrigal partner!

I was trying to fix my pen because it wouldn't write and it broke in my mouth!!! 

This is me and my companion. PEAS n' CARROTS!! So stinkin' awesome. We didn't even plan it!

Kids from T-ville! Courtney Healey. 

Daniel Tindall. Sean Kremer. Jeremy Sandberg!!! :) Love seeing them.

Girls from Vernal. 

Austin Nixon from Taylorsville :)

Jacob Bailey and All Star. Elder Loumanu from Tville. 

The classroom!!