Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 It's been a traumatizing/ petrifying week :) I'm becoming pretty tough!!! ;)‏

Hey y'all :) 

So first matter of business. I'm going home. Let me explain. Before my mission... I told my family many, many times... the FIRST time I see a tarantula will be the ONLY time I see a tarantula because after that I am packing up my bags and I am HEADING HOME!!! Hahaha :) Well, it finally happened!!! (see picture below) I'll write about the story a little later in the e-mail :)
And yes, I will be coming home... but y'all will have to wait 'til November 12th for that :) 

First off... God answers prayers. He sends us little miracles every day to let us know He loves us :) Last Monday, I was filling out a college application and needed President Durrant to do an endorsement on one of the applications. I knew he was leaving last Saturday and couldn't think of any way for him to do it before he left because normally you need an interview. Well... after e-mailing last Monday I got in the car and we see President Durrant come up on the Caller I.D. My heart stopped of course. I answered and he said he needed to talk to Sister Hadlock :) Right then and there he gave me my interview! I got to complete that part on the application and I got one last chance to talk to President Durrant! I truly LOVE him and his family!!! 

That night we got to teach Dan and Gelin. Dan is an english investigator and we will be handing him off to the english elders soon. We found him outside in his yard and I can tell he is SO ready for the Gospel. Gelin is a cousin of Dariela. She is about to have a baby here in July and just got here from Honduras. The last time we went there she told us about how she had NEVER felt what she felt when she walked into the church. I don't remember if I told y'all about that last week or not. It was amazing :) 

Tuesday we had our first coordination meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader. I am excited to work with him. He is very strong and has a lot of really good ideas that I think are going to help us grow our little humble branch :) We may not be great in number here in our small branch... but man these people have got some big hearts :) 

Wednesday we had a lesson with Claudia. It was really good in some ways and really heart breaking in others. She told us all the things she loved about our faith and the people in it and then told us that she didn't have time to go to church right now. It is so hard when I see people feeling the Spirit and then choosing to walk away from it. I just want everyone to make it back one day and really enjoy the happiness that everyone can receive if they will just be obedient to what God would have them do. 

On Thursday we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Catalie. She is Dariela's cousin as well :) Honestly, she amazes me. She is only 14 but has been through SO much in her life. She just got here from Honduras and is working more hours than a full time job. She has a heart of gold. When we were talking to her on Thursday you could see the understanding coming. She loves the Gospel and I really wouldn't be surprised if she serves a mission herself one day :) I want to be friends with her for now and eternity. I can't wait to see all that God has in store for her. We shared Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-9 with her and it nearly brought her to tears. You should read it too :)  Man, I love the Gospel. 

So Thursday night after the lesson with Catalie... we came home SO STINKIN' HAPPY! We were cruzin' down the road and I was singing to one of my favorite missionary songs when all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see something black in the road start moving. Sister Allen has NO IDEA how I saw it because I was the one driving... but I guess I have eagle eyes or somethin' ;) With my jaw dropped... I shined the brights on whatever was moving... my terror became a reality. IT WAS A TARANTULA!!!!!! I thought it was .... but when I shined the lights on it and confirmed... man... me and my compa were almost dying!! Picture it. 2 sister missionaries who are both PETRIFIED of spiders. EEWW! I decided if I didn't take a picture no one would believe me... so I gathered up my courage and got out of the car and snapped a couple quick pictures. A few cars pulled up behind us on the road and I am pretty sure one of them ran over it because when we went back it was nothing but a gross smashed mess on the road. Needless to say... I almost died of a heart attack :) But no worries... I am still alive and breathing :)

Friday we got to do our usual service at Chestnut Square! I sure love that place. One day, y'all will have to come and visit :) 

Saturday the Elders in our ward had another baptism that we got to go too! It's 2 sisters. They are too stinkin' cute :) When we got to the church that morning to help clean... the members were laughing because we had just rolled out of bed and came straight over because it was really early in the morning. They laughed and said it looked like I was still sleeping!

That night we had a really good lesson with Verenice's dad. It was good to teach him because we normally can't catch him home! He agreed to come to church with us on Sunday :) We also had a really good lesson with the family that the Elders referred to us. They are a family of about 8 who could all get baptized. The little girls agreed to come to church if we bought them watermelon. that night we went and bought them a watermelon! A huge one :) I told them if they didn't come to church... I would have to enjoy the whole thing alone ;) 

Also, Saturday President and Sister Durrant and their family headed back to Utah. I just want to thank them for all they have done. Honestly, I will remember the things they have taught me and their example will impact me forever. They're the best of the best :) We are excited to meet President and Sister Taylor this upcoming Saturday!! :)

Yesterday we had one of our investigators come to church :) Our family didn't come... so I followed through on my promise and ate a whole lot of watermelon by myself yesterday :) Ha! Of course I'd rather have them come to church but the watermelon helped make up for us missing them at church :( Yesterday while we ate dinner with the Garcia's she told me something really awesome. I talked to her about how our investigators were struggling coming to church. She told me maybe it would help them to understand WHY we come to church. 

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He came to this earth and suffered and gave His life for us so that we might be forgiven of our sins and live again one day with our families and the ones we love forever. Every week, we have the opportunity to go to church and remember that sacrifice He gave for us and show our love and gratitude for Him. It hit me hard :) I know it's simple doctrine we hear all the time... but really take a min. to think about that. 

After dinner with the Garcia's we stopped by with Catalie to see how she was doing and set up another lesson. While there, they tried to feed us dinner AGAIN :) Hahah! Hispanics are very good with sharing and it is evident with the weight I have gained on my mission. But that's alright... :) I'll get it off with some nice long running! And when I get back.. some nice longs swims in the pool :)

God truly does have a sense of humor. Yesterday when we got home... my compa and I were just talking when I looked behind her and started screaming!! She jumped and looked behind her... sure enough :) ANOTHER GIANT SPIDER!!! I'm pretty sure this was the tarantula's baby coming back for revenge. Y'all can look at the picture. Needless to say, we beat it real good with the broom all while screaming and jumping all over! Honestly, if anyone else could see us they would die laughing :) I guess living in a nice pool house comes with it's set backs as well. 

The two things I have really learned this week... Love people like the Savior would. No one is perfect. You're not, I'm not. But we can love them with Christ like love and we can all become better together. Second, no matter what is going on... try to be grateful through the trials and stay happy :) 

I love y'all!! We will see if I make it through another week with this Spider madness! Maybe next week I'll send a picture from the inside of the tarantula. They keep getting bigger and bigger so the next one will probably just eat me :) 

The church is true! Have a good week :) I love y'all!!

Love, Hermana Hadlock :) Cuidate! TE QUIERO! 

The watermelon and a sunset here in Texas :) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 I couldn't be happier ( :‏

Hola, hola, hola!!!

Man, what a week!!! I know every single week I say it can't get any crazier... but I really think the mission is like a roller coaster... and I still haven't even hit the top!!! :) It just keeps gettin' better :)

This last Monday we had a lesson with some of our recent converts. We got to teach Sandra a little bit :) Her mom and one of her daughters (Lizeth) still aren't members. But we are working on that! Afterwards... something awesome happened. We pulled up to Verenice's house and they were outside cleaning up the yard. She left the mower for just a sec and I couldn't resist. I grabbed it, started 'er up and off I went!! Skirt and everything :) Verenice's dad was dying laughing. He couldn't believe we would mow the lawn in a skirt. I couldn't resist! I sure love mowing the lawn. It was the 2nd chance I've gotten on my mission. I was grateful... because this time there was actually grass. The last time is was mostly dirt and beer bottle caps so I was a little afraid to lose a toe :) The grass here in Texas definitely isn't like our lushish green stuff back home! But I love it just the same.

On Tuesday we stopped in for our daily visit with Lizeth. She is still doing really good with keeping her commitments. I couldn't be more proud of her! It's amazing how you grow to love the people you teach so stinkin' much. I really feel like I would give anything for them. I can't imagine having my own kids. Afterwards we got to teach her grandma with Suzeth. Suzeth is such a strong girl. She was the first to be baptized in her family and because of that 2 others have been baptized and 4 others have baptismal dates. MIRACLE!!! Honestly, many times on my missions children have been the ones who understand the doctrine most clearly. No wonder Christ tells us to become as a little child :)

Later that night we got to teach the new family that Sandra introduced us to at the hospital. They sure live in humble circumstances... probably the most humble I have seen on my mission. But ya know what she said to me the other day? Something like this, "Ya know, I may live in humble circumstances. But I am happy. I have a husband who loves me and my kids and I am happy." All I can say is, well said. We don't need the things of the world to make us happy. We also got to teach Luiz that night. He has got such a good heart. He definitely has a rough past but I can see the light coming into his face more and more every week. It's amazing to see how the Gospel changes people's lives. There's a quote by Elder Packer that I love that goes something like this.. "The study of true doctrine will change behavior faster than the study of behavior will change behavior." The Gospel changes peoples lives.
Wednesday was INCREDIBLE and sure bittersweet. We had our LAST specialized training with President Durrant and his family. I LOVE THEM. I love them so much. I truly believe one of the biggest reasons I was sent to the Texas Dallas Heaven was because of President Durrant and his family. I have learned more than I could ever begin to express. He made us work... WORK HARD!! And I am so grateful for it. He looked at us the other day just as we were wrapping up and said.. "Ya know, sometimes I think to myself, Man, I sure ask a lot of my missionaries. Then I think... No, I don't. The Lord requires EVERYTHING." I know he loves us because he has taught us how to work and he always wants us to keep working harder and growing more. I hope one day to have a family just like his! I was talking to Sister Durrant afterwards and she gave me some of the best advice I have probably ever gotten. She told me, "Find a man who puts God first. Even before you. If he puts God first, you will never have to worry." It sure hit me hard :) This Saturday is President's last day here in Texas. I am sure going to miss them but I can't wait to meet our new ones. I will see them soon again in Utah! It's not goodbye, it's see you later :) 

Later that day we had a lesson with Blanca's (lady from the hospital) neighbor. At the end we invited her daughter to pray. They asked us exactly what is prayer and told us they had NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. So for the first time, her little girl got to pray :) I can't tell you how neat of an experience that is to be there when someone prays for the very first time. I love being a missionary :) 

Thursday a HUGE miracle happened!! After our lesson with Lizeth, we invited her to be baptized on the 2nd of August. She accepted and said she would prepare for baptism!!!!!!! :D :D :D Please, please, please keep her in your prayers :) My companion and I were watching the Joseph Smith movie with some investigators the other day and there's a line that says, "When we are doing the most good is when we are faced with the most opposition." Man, ain't that the truth. So please keep her in your prayers that she will be strong enough and be protected to make it happen!  

Friday we had an awesome lesson with Catalie and Dariela. I  can see Catalie getting baptized here soon :) We are going to try and set a date with her this week. She has come to church the last 2 weeks and LOVES it. This last week they also brought her dad and her other cousin. They are on FIRE!! :) After such a high with that lesson and Lizeth... the saying applied to us as well. We had to go through a few hard things. I won't go into details but there was a big misunderstanding with some of our members and it made for a rough couple of days. I went to service in tears that day but ya know... Heavenly Father doesn't only promise us that He will be with us during the good times... but also during the bad. After eating some humble pie we were able to work everything out :) The adversary will always throw things in our path.. that's not the question. The question is... how will we react? Brush yourself off... get back up... and keep fighting! :) So that's what we did :) 

Saturday morning we got to go and participate in a baptism that the Elders had. My compa and I got to teach. She was really nervous to teach in Spanish in front of the whole ward but it all worked out just fine :) That night we were able to have a quick lesson with Luiz! He said he would be at church on Sunday with his girlfriend so we were pretty excited for that!

Sunday we had 2 investigators in church!! :) We actually had 4 people come but 2 of them didn't count as investigators yet. We couldn't have been more excited. All I can say is God answers prayers :) We also got a new Ward Mission Leader! I am excited. I think he is going to be a really good guy. Later that night we finally got to see Verenice again. She still wants to be baptized and is still reading out of the Book of Mormon. Our battle is just getting her to church! Please keep her in your prayers and that her and her family can make it to church :) I love you all!! 

President Durrant taught us something really neat at this last training. He compared our mission to a concert. He described it as the best concert to ever be played. He described four people. All of them had brought front row seats. One of them... was sitting front row, enjoying every second :) The other had for some reason moved to the back of the auditorium. The third, was outside eating hot dogs. And the fourth, was wandering around the grounds not doing much of anything. He then said... this concert is your mission! Where are you sitting?? 

I believe this applies to every one of us. We all came to this earth on a mission. Where are you sitting?? :) He said, " You ALL bought front row tickets! You've sacrificed a lot to get here. Now work hard and enjoy it :) " Missionary work, takes work. When we are obedient and do that work, it brings blessings and happiness. I know it's hard... but get to work :) We're happier that way. I love you all!! Thanks for your prayers. I feel them :) I also love your mail ;) Hahah! But really, it's nice getting mail :) LOVE YA!!

Cuidate :) -Hermana Hadlock

P.s. this week I totally saved a drowning rat from the pool at the member's house where we lived. Hilarious?? :) Yes, I thought so. I just couldn't let him drown :) Ha!  

This is President Durrant's daughter :) 
We have a movie night planned on my return to Utah! 

It poured rain this morning! 
WE got caught running in it! We were soaked :) 

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 One good week :)‏

Hey there :) It is getting stinkin' hot here in Texas! :) What about in Utah? I'm not complaining though... :) It could always be worse. I'll have a nice tan when I come home ;) 

Monday night we had SUCH an indredible lesson with Luiz and his girlfriend. He had told us that his girlfriend would probably be interested in the message we share as well. When we got there they didn't have a lot of time because it was late. So we shared Joshua 1:7-9 and we talked about how the Lord is always with us and He will never leave us alone. When we were sharing his girlfriend started to cry. I can't even begin to explain it :) Looking at both of them I could see they were feeling the Spirit so strong. They really weren't even hearing our words. You could tell the Spirit was saying to them exactly what they needed to hear :) 

We also had a really good lesson with Catalie. Have I told you about her? She is Dariela's cousin that just got here from Honduras. I have been praying so hard lately that God would lead me to the people we need to find or that they would be led to us. I truly feel that He has led her here to us. She is SO ready for the Gospel and more mature than I think any other teenager I have ever met. I see her having SO much potential. It's amazing the love you have for those you serve. I would truly give anything for the people I am serving now to receive eternal life one day. 

Tuesday we started something awesome with Lizeth. She has a true desire to be baptized but it has been a struggle for her. So we made a journal for her to write what she learns after every lesson and also keep track of her "homework" or the committments that we leave her every time. We promised her if she does enough of her homework that we would have a small party :) So far... she has kept every, I repeat EVERY commitment we have left her!!! It truly is a miracle :)

Wednesday was a real adventurous day! At 9:00 am we went down to Allen to help the Elders move a family in. They are an INCREDIBLE family from Mexico. They just moved up here from Arizona and the missionaries helped them move down there. They don't know too much about the church but they have sure been grateful for the help. They are going on a trip to Mexico for the summer but they will be coming back and said we could come over when they get back. So as you can imagine.. while we were moving their stuff it was SUPER HUMID and hot. I was sweating like a little piggy :) But that's alright, it was good for me! In the middle I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD. But I didn't want to go with everyone in the house. So my companion and I went down to the front to see if they had a bathroom... on the way I stepped in dog poop :) And we never ended up finding a bathroom. We were dying laughing :) And of course... she lived on the 3rd floor :) Let's just say I have ROCK SOLID calf muscles!! By the end, all of our legs were wobbly. But we were sure glad to help! 

Even though we were hot and sweaty we figured after a quick shower we'd be fine. We got home.. showered, ate, etc. After a few minutes Hna. Allen was feeling super sick and ran for the bathroom. Let's just say the rest of the day she became real good friends with the toilet :) The poor girl was throwing up for hours. I made her a bed on the bathroom floor and when I went in she was trying to tell me if I had a weak stomach to get out when she threw up just as she finished telling me :) Good thing I don't have a weak stomach. The poor girl :( We think it was just a mixture of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Needless to say, she is feeling a lot better now :) That night the English sisters didn't have appointments so they came over and brought Gatorade and saltines and Sister Wyss and I went out to a few of our lessons. It all ended up working out! And she feels totally fine now so that's the good part :) 

On Thursday we got to visit La familia Ajuero. Neida is such a sweetheart. If you will, keep her in your prayers :) She wants to be baptized SO BADLY but needs the permission and support of her family first. So if you will please keep her in your prayers :) 

On Friday, Hermana Moore (my old companion who is now a sister training leader) came here on exchanges with me. It was a BLAST :) She goes home on July 9th so it was fun to spend one last day with her. It blows my mind because when I was with her she had 3 transfers left. Now she is going home and I have 3 transfers left. It makes me realize how fast it is going to go. I want to enjoy every second :)

It was a crazy surprise and Hermana Moore's aunt lives in my area so we ended up eating dinner with her. Hermana Moore had no idea! It was too funny her reaction :) That day we also had a really good lesson with Catalie. She had never heard of Joseph Smith or any of it. She said it would be a hard change for her because she has grown up without it. But she promised us she would pray :) She said it all made sense and that if she had faith God would answer her. She is amazing :)

Saturday we had a really fun lesson with some less actives. We did the tea bag lesson :) The kids loved it! I'll show you when I get home. It was really awesome because on Sunday they came back to church! The little girl is adorable :) She was doing my hair all of sacrament :) i will try and get a picture of her the next time I see her! 

Sunday was really good! We didn't have any investigators but we had that less active family come to church and that was really good. By the way...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :) I hope everyone had a really good day :)
There have been a lot of changes in our little branch lately. We are hoping to see a lot of progress with the changes that have been made. Yesterday we got to go to the hospital and see another new baby! Our recent convert told us there was a family who needed a lot of help and we got to go to the hospital and meet them and share a little bit of the Gospel with them. We are hoping to be able to teach them and get them baptized :) 

This morning was fun! The members we live with have a tennis court. So for exercise this morning we played tennis :) Hermana Allen didn't have her contacts in so that was pretty funny! Oh yeah, and all week we took care of the Ragsdale's dogs while they were on a trip. It was a blast :) I felt like I had my own doggies back! Almost :) We were dying laughing because one of them jumped in the pool after the ball. Too funny :) I'll send a picture!
Well, I hope y'all had a good week :) Thanks for everything you have done for me!!! I know this work truly is the work of the Lord. It's not easy... but it brings true joy. I truly know that one day all of our sacrifices will be made up! Every day, wake up and choose to be happy. Choose to serve the Lord. Just trust in Him :)

Until next week, love y'all!!

The one and only Hermana Hadlock :) 

My companion when she was sick.

Me and Hna. moore :)

Pirate and Lucy :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Wow... :)‏

Ya know... today is one of those days when I couldn't be happier :) As missionaries... (just like everyone else) we have days that are so amazing you could scream like the little girl from Despicable Me "It's so AMAZING I'm gonna die!!!" :) and then there are others we are struggling to take the next step. The important part is though, we keep going. Heavenly Father knows we will fall. The important part is standing back up. :) 

Last Monday I think I got to tell you about how we went to Suzeth's graduation from the 5th grade. Her older sister who isn't a member was going to we got permission to go :) Later that night we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Luiz and Jacqueline Loya. They are Suzeth's cousins. We hadn't really gotten the chance to teach the brother before. As we were ending the lesson he looked me dead in the eye and asks, "You really believe we can become completely clean from our sins?" I looked him right back in the eye and told him I knew with all my heart that through Jesus Christ every single one of us could be forgiven of our sins and become completely clean and white again. He then proceeded to say.. "I haven't been the person I want to be. I'm not the person I want to be. I want to change." Both of us had tears in our eyes. Those are the best words a missionary could ever hear :) I love being a missionary!!! :) 

Tuesday we had a zone meeting. I always learn so much from the other missionaries. Have you ever had something on your mind and when you get to the meeting it is the exact topic that they are teaching that day? It seems to happen to me a lot. With God, there are no coincidences :) Only little miracles that let us know He loves us and is aware of us. 

On Wednesday we got to teach Claudia. When we stopped by she was looking very frazzled. I guess her husband had been in the hospital and a whole bunch of other crazy things had been going on and she hadn't slept in forever. It was so interesting to me to see the difference in the look in her eyes from the time we got there to the time that we left. There was a peace :) It's amazing what the Spirit can do. Claudia has a ton of friends that are members of the church. They have been a really good influence on her and that has helped us so much as missionaries. It's funny... coming on my mission I have learned how to be a better member missionary. I thought it was the missionary's job to find, teach, and baptize people. In some ways that is true... but honestly the best way to find is through members. They know the area, the people, they have a friendship already established, and they know what people are going through and how we can help them. We as missionaries are here to teach those the members need us to teach :) I want to be better at that when I go home. 

On Thursday we had 2 really awesome lessons. The first one was with the Ajuero's. Naeda is still dying to get baptized but hasn't gotten her mom's permission who is currently in Mexico. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and you could tell it hit them really hard. Many times people, including me, don't really understand all the sacrifices people have made for the Gospel. People have sacrificed so much because they know it is Christ's true church. It hit us all pretty hard to watch some of their stories :)

Then we had Karen Vasquez. She is the part member family. We had an AWESOME lesson where we used cupcakes and taught the Plan of Salvation. Her kids loved it and might I add we made some stinkin' delicious cupcakes :) Not to brag or nothin ;) Only joking. I couldn't believe it though because it was the first time Karen or her kids had EVER, I repeat EVER made cupcakes :) Karen and her kids seem to be doing really well with the things we are teaching them. Her husband is really nice and we are hoping to get him more involved :)

Friday was a rough day. We came home without a single lesson. I was pretty distraught when my companion (Sister Allen) looked at me and started laughing and said... "Now it's my turn to welcome you to the life of an English missionary!" :) We both got a pretty good kick out of that and had to chuckle :) Since she has served in English her whole mission until now, the work we are used to can be pretty different sometimes. 

Friday we also did service at Chestnut Square. They are getting ready for their annual "Ice Cream Crank Off" so it was fun to help out! It's an event where a TON of people come and they make homemade ice cream the old fashion way and then people go through and taste all of the different flavors. We are going to try and help out with it next Saturday so if I am lucky I will get to taste some ;) 

Oh YEAH!! Also, it turned out to be a blessing we didn't have lessons because Verenice had her baby :) We got the chance to go to the hospital and see her and her cute new baby :) It was bittersweet because she is only 16. I know it will be hard for her raising a baby at only 16. It made me grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel I was raised with and happy for her that she has the desire to be baptized and start a family on the right path :) 

Saturday a huge miracle happened! The Elders introduced us to a family they had found. I think there are a total of 8 or more in the family that could get baptized. IT IS A HUGE FAMILY! And all of the kids are above the age of 8 :) Pretty much every missionary's dream. We haven't got to teach them a ton but the oldest son seemed really sincere and interested so I am excited to see what happens! Keep them in your prayers :) 

On Sunday we were kinda sad because we had a ton of people that said they would for sure be at church this week but all of them ended up falling through. But Heavenly Father never lets us down :) Remember Dariela? She is a recent convert. I guess her cousin just barely got in from Honduras and she brought her to church with her. She was teaching her all about it during church :) I am so excited to start working with her and really feel like she could be baptized! 

Also funny story... we had to make a few changes with the missionaries and how they did dinners in the ward. With that and a recent change of our relief society presidency we haven't really gotten hardly any dinners from the members lately. We were running low on groceries so my compa and I got creative :) We made pork and beans with Spaghettios :) Hahah!! Don't worry, we are honestly fine :) We just had a good laugh about it. I am sure the dinners will pick up again here soon. So I'll send you a picture of our gourmet dinner ;) 

I love you and I am SO grateful to be a missionary at this time! My compa and I listened to the conference where they made the announcement of the age change the other day and it hit me once again how grateful I am to be out here :) TEXAS is amazing and I can't lie... a little Texas pride is rubbin' off on this gal ;) This morning there was a HUGE storm enough to wake both my compa and I up! I love the rain :) It reminds me of the country song there's holes in the floor of heaven. Heaven truly is close :) Thanks for all you do to support me and my dorky self :) Thanks for loving me even though I can be a little crazy! 

Love y'all! -Hermana Hadlock :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor :)‏

Ya know... sometimes I get really worried for when I am old :) Because right now, my mind is almost exploding trying to think of all that happened in the last 2 weeks. The funny thing is.. I'm pretty sure I've said that before and don't remember saying it :) So I guess when I'm old, I'll just have to make lots of new friends all the time so when I share the same stories over and over they'll still be fresh and funny :) Ha!

How are y'all doing?? Man, do I have news for you :) So...  not to shatter all of you being so proud of me... but remember how I was supposed to be training? Well, we got to transfers and I was shakin' in my boots from being so nervous. Sister Larsen, one of the senior missionaries asked me where I was going. I told her I was staying and training. She then told me there was no Sister Allen coming in as a new missionary. I couldn't figured out what had happened. Turns out, the Assistants who made the call meant to say I was training in Spanish instead of training a brand new missionary :) Hahaha! So I got Sister Allen :) She has been out 1 transfer longer than I have but has been serving as an English missionary the whole time. So we have been practicing her Spanish! I am so proud of her :) It has definitely been an adventure for both of us... but we are making it work! :D 

I'll start with this last week and then try to remember what happened the week before that to get y'all caught up :) Monday, Hermana Asay and I went and had lots of lessons and she said her "see you laters" to a lot of people. We were both crying and laughing pretty much for 3 days :) It was so bitter sweet. 

Tuesday we drove down to Dallas and I picked up my new compa Sister Allen :) She is awesome! It is also so hard for me to switch companions because I love them so much but this time I did a lot better. I decided faith not fear and Heavenly Father truly has been guiding me. We had a lot of lessons on Tuesday and a lot of people that committed to come to church! It was fun translating in the lessons. We got to teach Karen Vasquez. She is an absolute sweetheart and is a part member family. It was funny because Sister Allen actually found her in English and referred her to us and now we are teaching her again together. Too funny :) 

Wednesday we had district meeting! I always love our meetings. I learn so much every time. We learned about the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion. It truly is so powerful!  

Thursday we went down to Allen and we got to teach the Ajueros. Remember Naeda?? She still is DYING TO GET BAPTIZED but we haven't gotten permission from her Aunt and Mama.Keep her in your prayers. I really know that one day she will be baptized :) I feel like she will serve a mission as well. You can just see it in her eyes. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and was like Hermanas? I finished the other stuff you gave me to read... what else should I read?! :) She also watched the Restoration like 5 times by herself. She is a sweetheart :)

That night we also had a lesson with Jose Rios. He is a really nice guy and actually stopped to help the Elders helping someone with a broken down car. During the lesson he didn't really want to listen though and is so so confused about who God is and why we are here. It makes me so sad to see good people who are so confused and can't find the truth. That is why I love being a missionary. We are here to help as many as we can. And the best part is, we aren't the real teachers. The Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father are. We're just here as instruments in His hands. 
I've got to say we're pretty good lookin' instruments ;) Nah, just kidding!

On Friday we got to go to service. I LOVE service. We got to set help them set up for a dinner they were having for Farmers Market. I guess all the farmers provide the food and then the chefs prepare it and they get to come and eat what they've grown. I want to bring y'all back to Chestnut Square and downtown McKinney one day. It is SO STINKIN' CUTE :) 

Saturday morning we had the opportunity to take Dariela and Hector to the temple. It never ceases to amaze me the Spirit you can feel there. The flowers are all in full bloom so it was a gorgeous day. We talked about eternal marriage and invited them to get their recommends so they could come and do baptisms and eventually be sealed together forever. There was a  couple that had just gotten sealed so that was fun for them to see :) 

Sunday we didn't end up having anyone at church... but we will next week! Last night we taught the Restoration to Karen Vasquez and her husband. I really see him having a lot of potential. He is shy right now and hasn't really had to much of a religious back ground but I can see that he has a good heart. So keep him in your prayers :) When we got there they had gotten us pizza! We haven't taught the Sabbath Day yet. Even though it was a Sunday, it was so nice of them :) 

This morning we got to go to Suzeth's 5th grade graduation! It was the cutest thing ever. I can't believe I graduated high school 2 years ago. Where has the time gone?!? I really do want to enjoy every minute of every day because it goes way, WAY TOO FAST. We got to go with Lizeth. She is slowly but surely progressing. Keep her in your prayers as well :) That she will have the courage to do what she knows is right and be able to recognize her answer is from God. 

I love you all :) Sometimes I feel like I can't take another step forward or that I have come to the end of the rope and I don't know what else to do... then I realize Heavenly Father is always here for me and He will never let me or you down :) I may not know everything that I need to be and do in this life... but He does :) Follow Him. Give it all your heart. In that lies your greatest joy :) A joy that will last for eternity. I am learning and growing so much every day. It's hard... but as always, worth it! And I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel your prayers. I thank you for everything :) Hay que seguir adelante!

Les quiero con todo mi corazon :) Son los mejores en todo el mundo!

-Hermana Hadlock 

Also, how awesome is this?!? 
This picture is of Hermana Gibson's (my MTC teacher) mom! 
I found her here in Allen and she went to a lesson with us :) 

(These are the other English sisters. We went and got sno cones together one day! :) 
Reminded me of the good ole' Tropical Sno days :) )