Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Wow... :)‏

Ya know... today is one of those days when I couldn't be happier :) As missionaries... (just like everyone else) we have days that are so amazing you could scream like the little girl from Despicable Me "It's so AMAZING I'm gonna die!!!" :) and then there are others we are struggling to take the next step. The important part is though, we keep going. Heavenly Father knows we will fall. The important part is standing back up. :) 

Last Monday I think I got to tell you about how we went to Suzeth's graduation from the 5th grade. Her older sister who isn't a member was going to we got permission to go :) Later that night we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Luiz and Jacqueline Loya. They are Suzeth's cousins. We hadn't really gotten the chance to teach the brother before. As we were ending the lesson he looked me dead in the eye and asks, "You really believe we can become completely clean from our sins?" I looked him right back in the eye and told him I knew with all my heart that through Jesus Christ every single one of us could be forgiven of our sins and become completely clean and white again. He then proceeded to say.. "I haven't been the person I want to be. I'm not the person I want to be. I want to change." Both of us had tears in our eyes. Those are the best words a missionary could ever hear :) I love being a missionary!!! :) 

Tuesday we had a zone meeting. I always learn so much from the other missionaries. Have you ever had something on your mind and when you get to the meeting it is the exact topic that they are teaching that day? It seems to happen to me a lot. With God, there are no coincidences :) Only little miracles that let us know He loves us and is aware of us. 

On Wednesday we got to teach Claudia. When we stopped by she was looking very frazzled. I guess her husband had been in the hospital and a whole bunch of other crazy things had been going on and she hadn't slept in forever. It was so interesting to me to see the difference in the look in her eyes from the time we got there to the time that we left. There was a peace :) It's amazing what the Spirit can do. Claudia has a ton of friends that are members of the church. They have been a really good influence on her and that has helped us so much as missionaries. It's funny... coming on my mission I have learned how to be a better member missionary. I thought it was the missionary's job to find, teach, and baptize people. In some ways that is true... but honestly the best way to find is through members. They know the area, the people, they have a friendship already established, and they know what people are going through and how we can help them. We as missionaries are here to teach those the members need us to teach :) I want to be better at that when I go home. 

On Thursday we had 2 really awesome lessons. The first one was with the Ajuero's. Naeda is still dying to get baptized but hasn't gotten her mom's permission who is currently in Mexico. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and you could tell it hit them really hard. Many times people, including me, don't really understand all the sacrifices people have made for the Gospel. People have sacrificed so much because they know it is Christ's true church. It hit us all pretty hard to watch some of their stories :)

Then we had Karen Vasquez. She is the part member family. We had an AWESOME lesson where we used cupcakes and taught the Plan of Salvation. Her kids loved it and might I add we made some stinkin' delicious cupcakes :) Not to brag or nothin ;) Only joking. I couldn't believe it though because it was the first time Karen or her kids had EVER, I repeat EVER made cupcakes :) Karen and her kids seem to be doing really well with the things we are teaching them. Her husband is really nice and we are hoping to get him more involved :)

Friday was a rough day. We came home without a single lesson. I was pretty distraught when my companion (Sister Allen) looked at me and started laughing and said... "Now it's my turn to welcome you to the life of an English missionary!" :) We both got a pretty good kick out of that and had to chuckle :) Since she has served in English her whole mission until now, the work we are used to can be pretty different sometimes. 

Friday we also did service at Chestnut Square. They are getting ready for their annual "Ice Cream Crank Off" so it was fun to help out! It's an event where a TON of people come and they make homemade ice cream the old fashion way and then people go through and taste all of the different flavors. We are going to try and help out with it next Saturday so if I am lucky I will get to taste some ;) 

Oh YEAH!! Also, it turned out to be a blessing we didn't have lessons because Verenice had her baby :) We got the chance to go to the hospital and see her and her cute new baby :) It was bittersweet because she is only 16. I know it will be hard for her raising a baby at only 16. It made me grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel I was raised with and happy for her that she has the desire to be baptized and start a family on the right path :) 

Saturday a huge miracle happened! The Elders introduced us to a family they had found. I think there are a total of 8 or more in the family that could get baptized. IT IS A HUGE FAMILY! And all of the kids are above the age of 8 :) Pretty much every missionary's dream. We haven't got to teach them a ton but the oldest son seemed really sincere and interested so I am excited to see what happens! Keep them in your prayers :) 

On Sunday we were kinda sad because we had a ton of people that said they would for sure be at church this week but all of them ended up falling through. But Heavenly Father never lets us down :) Remember Dariela? She is a recent convert. I guess her cousin just barely got in from Honduras and she brought her to church with her. She was teaching her all about it during church :) I am so excited to start working with her and really feel like she could be baptized! 

Also funny story... we had to make a few changes with the missionaries and how they did dinners in the ward. With that and a recent change of our relief society presidency we haven't really gotten hardly any dinners from the members lately. We were running low on groceries so my compa and I got creative :) We made pork and beans with Spaghettios :) Hahah!! Don't worry, we are honestly fine :) We just had a good laugh about it. I am sure the dinners will pick up again here soon. So I'll send you a picture of our gourmet dinner ;) 

I love you and I am SO grateful to be a missionary at this time! My compa and I listened to the conference where they made the announcement of the age change the other day and it hit me once again how grateful I am to be out here :) TEXAS is amazing and I can't lie... a little Texas pride is rubbin' off on this gal ;) This morning there was a HUGE storm enough to wake both my compa and I up! I love the rain :) It reminds me of the country song there's holes in the floor of heaven. Heaven truly is close :) Thanks for all you do to support me and my dorky self :) Thanks for loving me even though I can be a little crazy! 

Love y'all! -Hermana Hadlock :) 

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