Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor :)‏

Ya know... sometimes I get really worried for when I am old :) Because right now, my mind is almost exploding trying to think of all that happened in the last 2 weeks. The funny thing is.. I'm pretty sure I've said that before and don't remember saying it :) So I guess when I'm old, I'll just have to make lots of new friends all the time so when I share the same stories over and over they'll still be fresh and funny :) Ha!

How are y'all doing?? Man, do I have news for you :) So...  not to shatter all of you being so proud of me... but remember how I was supposed to be training? Well, we got to transfers and I was shakin' in my boots from being so nervous. Sister Larsen, one of the senior missionaries asked me where I was going. I told her I was staying and training. She then told me there was no Sister Allen coming in as a new missionary. I couldn't figured out what had happened. Turns out, the Assistants who made the call meant to say I was training in Spanish instead of training a brand new missionary :) Hahaha! So I got Sister Allen :) She has been out 1 transfer longer than I have but has been serving as an English missionary the whole time. So we have been practicing her Spanish! I am so proud of her :) It has definitely been an adventure for both of us... but we are making it work! :D 

I'll start with this last week and then try to remember what happened the week before that to get y'all caught up :) Monday, Hermana Asay and I went and had lots of lessons and she said her "see you laters" to a lot of people. We were both crying and laughing pretty much for 3 days :) It was so bitter sweet. 

Tuesday we drove down to Dallas and I picked up my new compa Sister Allen :) She is awesome! It is also so hard for me to switch companions because I love them so much but this time I did a lot better. I decided faith not fear and Heavenly Father truly has been guiding me. We had a lot of lessons on Tuesday and a lot of people that committed to come to church! It was fun translating in the lessons. We got to teach Karen Vasquez. She is an absolute sweetheart and is a part member family. It was funny because Sister Allen actually found her in English and referred her to us and now we are teaching her again together. Too funny :) 

Wednesday we had district meeting! I always love our meetings. I learn so much every time. We learned about the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion. It truly is so powerful!  

Thursday we went down to Allen and we got to teach the Ajueros. Remember Naeda?? She still is DYING TO GET BAPTIZED but we haven't gotten permission from her Aunt and Mama.Keep her in your prayers. I really know that one day she will be baptized :) I feel like she will serve a mission as well. You can just see it in her eyes. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and was like Hermanas? I finished the other stuff you gave me to read... what else should I read?! :) She also watched the Restoration like 5 times by herself. She is a sweetheart :)

That night we also had a lesson with Jose Rios. He is a really nice guy and actually stopped to help the Elders helping someone with a broken down car. During the lesson he didn't really want to listen though and is so so confused about who God is and why we are here. It makes me so sad to see good people who are so confused and can't find the truth. That is why I love being a missionary. We are here to help as many as we can. And the best part is, we aren't the real teachers. The Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father are. We're just here as instruments in His hands. 
I've got to say we're pretty good lookin' instruments ;) Nah, just kidding!

On Friday we got to go to service. I LOVE service. We got to set help them set up for a dinner they were having for Farmers Market. I guess all the farmers provide the food and then the chefs prepare it and they get to come and eat what they've grown. I want to bring y'all back to Chestnut Square and downtown McKinney one day. It is SO STINKIN' CUTE :) 

Saturday morning we had the opportunity to take Dariela and Hector to the temple. It never ceases to amaze me the Spirit you can feel there. The flowers are all in full bloom so it was a gorgeous day. We talked about eternal marriage and invited them to get their recommends so they could come and do baptisms and eventually be sealed together forever. There was a  couple that had just gotten sealed so that was fun for them to see :) 

Sunday we didn't end up having anyone at church... but we will next week! Last night we taught the Restoration to Karen Vasquez and her husband. I really see him having a lot of potential. He is shy right now and hasn't really had to much of a religious back ground but I can see that he has a good heart. So keep him in your prayers :) When we got there they had gotten us pizza! We haven't taught the Sabbath Day yet. Even though it was a Sunday, it was so nice of them :) 

This morning we got to go to Suzeth's 5th grade graduation! It was the cutest thing ever. I can't believe I graduated high school 2 years ago. Where has the time gone?!? I really do want to enjoy every minute of every day because it goes way, WAY TOO FAST. We got to go with Lizeth. She is slowly but surely progressing. Keep her in your prayers as well :) That she will have the courage to do what she knows is right and be able to recognize her answer is from God. 

I love you all :) Sometimes I feel like I can't take another step forward or that I have come to the end of the rope and I don't know what else to do... then I realize Heavenly Father is always here for me and He will never let me or you down :) I may not know everything that I need to be and do in this life... but He does :) Follow Him. Give it all your heart. In that lies your greatest joy :) A joy that will last for eternity. I am learning and growing so much every day. It's hard... but as always, worth it! And I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel your prayers. I thank you for everything :) Hay que seguir adelante!

Les quiero con todo mi corazon :) Son los mejores en todo el mundo!

-Hermana Hadlock 

Also, how awesome is this?!? 
This picture is of Hermana Gibson's (my MTC teacher) mom! 
I found her here in Allen and she went to a lesson with us :) 

(These are the other English sisters. We went and got sno cones together one day! :) 
Reminded me of the good ole' Tropical Sno days :) )

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