Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 A whole not to say and not a whole lot of time :)‏

So I pretty much have 5 minutes on the computer today :) The library is closed because of Memorial Day so they gave us special permission to e-mail on a member's computer real fast. 

So here's what happened this week... We had a baptism :) Gilbert was baptized. The little brother of Suzeth and Lizeth. We got transfer calls. I am staying here and tomorrow I am getting a brand new missionary. For my first time ever I am training. I don't think she speaks Spanish so that will be an adventure! :) Hermana Asay is going to my very first area in Lewisville/Carrollton :) She is back up training. On Sunday, I was asked to give a talk in church and Hermana Asay and I also sang in church. I love you all :) I really have no idea how this next transfer is going to go... all I know is that I am going to work the hardest I can work and pray that God will guide me :) I know He will. I know He lives and He loves me. I love YOU so much :) I am SO grateful for all you have done for me in my life :) Pray for me, okay? :) I'm sure gonna need it :)

-Hermana Hadlock 

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