Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Happy, Happy Monday!

Ya know... in my premission life Mondays were a day no one really looked forward too. Now, Monday is kinda like a Saturday :) Kinda. Hahah... I'll be honest, as missionaries we really don't have a Saturday. I wouldn't have it any other way :) This time is the Lord's. Monday it was POURING :) You haven't seen a rain storm until you have seen a Texas rainstorm! I wish I could go out and dance in it but knocking doors in it is just about the same, right? ;) 

Tuesday we had district meeting and for meeting our goals we got to go and eat at "Mama's Pizza". It was SO good :) Later that day we had a lesson with Claudia. She is doing well. Her son actually has never really been interested in religion and this last time that we went over he told us "you have caught my attention" and wanted to learn more. I am not sure how long he is going to be here before he goes back to Mexico but I am hoping we can help him and his family come to church and be able to feel of the Spirit. It's so interesting... I have met people of all types on my mission... and even the best of the best families.. when I walk into their home  I can feel there is something missing. The Gospel changes everything and makes good things even better. It really is the whole reason why we are here on this earth. 

Wednesday was SO CRAZY LOCO :) A while back Hermana Asay and I had a competition between the Hermanas in our mission. The prize was getting to choose whichever Hermana you wanted and going on an exchange with them for a day. I chose Hermana Kirkham :) So on the 14th we got to spend the whole day together. This is where she started her mission and she actually served here for twice as long as I have been here! So it was fun :) We taught lots of lessons and she even taught me a little more about the area! When we got home we took 1 year pictures :) I'll have to send you a couple. That next morning... we woke up and it was May 15, 2014. Exactly one year before that... was the day we were compas in the MTC. Where does time go?!? That night we had an amazing lesson with Lizeth and Agustin. We set a marriage date for them and they accepted! The 14th of June :) They said they had still been praying and that they for sure wanted to get married in that day! We couldn't be more excited for them :)

Thursday we celebrated my one year mark and worked hard!!! :) Hermana Asay and I were both so stinkin' tired. But we just kept truckin' :) She is the best compa in the whole world... and she took me to Texas Roadhouse. Someone from home had sent her money and told her to go out to eat with her compa so she was super nice and took me out to eat there! It was SO delicious :) My first time eating Texas Roadhouse in Texas :) 

Friday morning we had the opportunity to go to the temple!! I haven't got to go since January so it was a real treat. Honestly, when I get home I want to go to the temple every single week! Maybe even more than that. It is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Every time I go I am reminded of the reason why we are here on this earth and the plan that God has in store for us. Hermana Kirkham and her companion hadn't been in forever either... so they went on the same day for her year mark as well! So I got to see her again :) 

That night we had a ward activity to celebrate Mother's Day! All of the men came and cooked dinner :) I ate some tacos right off the grill! I really am going to have to make you real tacos when I get home :) They are so GOOD! I am pretty sure that and Hispanic cheesecake are my 2 favorite foods I have had in the mission. We had A TON of our investigators that came. They all seemed really comfortable as well and seemed to make really good friend in the ward :) It was the coolest thing ever... for the first time ever in my life I got to see "Fireflies". I didn't know they were here in Texas! Jackie Franco ran up to me and she was like Hermana! There are fireflies :) I didn't believe her until I looked over by the trees and saw them for myself :) They were so cool!! She actually ended up catching one and giving it to me :) It was a good time. Our investigators all loved it :) 

On Saturday we had the chance to go to a baptism down in Richardson. Hermana McDonald is serving there right now and a family got baptized that Hermana Asay and Hermana McDonald found on their exchange. So we got to go for Hermana Asay :) It was one of the most powerful baptisms I have ever been too. It was a mom (that was actually a less active) and her three boys that were baptized that day. Theit testimonies were SO INCREDIBLE!!!! It's honestly the best feeling in the world and makes every second as a missionary worth it :) We also celebrated Gilbert's birthday :) He is the little brother of Lizeth. He is getting baptized this next Saturday :) We couldn't be more excited! 

Sunday was awesome!! We had Lizeth, Agustin, and Irma in church :) I was so happy to see all of them there! They all really seemed to like it :)

Missionary work can be hard.... but there's a reason over 80,000 young men and young women and countless others in the world give up time of their lives to serve.. because it's worth it! We are affecting eternity :) Even when it seems like there is no progress... keep working :) The Lord can work miracles through you.

-Hermana 1 year old Hadlock :)

This is Lizeth making the face :) Too funny! 

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  1. Love the picture with Sister Kirkham near the bottom! Where has all the time gone??