Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 Is it really August!?!?‏

I can't believe it is August!! All I can say is I am one grateful girl :) This summer hasn't been nearly as bad as the last. If people out there don't think God answers prayers... He is sure answering mine! :) Hahah. Everyone says this is the mildest summer they have ever seen. Granted, it is still super hot and everything but it isn't even comparable to my last. For that, I am grateful :)
This last week was a good one! On Monday we taught our cute Yolanda and Hector. I don't know what it is about this area... but we are teaching so many cute old people. It's really a blessing because everyone who is around me knows how much I love old people. My goal is to be the cutest old lady that has ever lived :) I want to run a marathon when I am over the age of 60!! We'll see what happens :)
On Tuesday my compa and I woke up and ran 3 miles! It nearly killed us :) We have gotten out of shape with all the Hispanic food we are eating. Ha! :) We also got to teach Teresa. She is the one that hadn't been to church in about 6 years or more. She had a lot of questions and doubts but we are working through them! Later on that day we had service. I want to find places like this when I go home becaue it is amazing how much fun it is to do service where you can help so many people. A lot of times during service as well they will call us over to translate. When I was nearly failing 8th grade Spanish I never thought I would see the day that I would become an effective translator. MIRACLES HAPPEN :) Ha!!! Later that night we saw Hector and Yolanda again. I don't remember if I have told you about Melissa. She is 17 and we found her and her mom in the street the same night. They are an awesome family and I think they have TONS of potential.
On Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Hector. Earlier in the week he doesn't feel as sick from his chemo treatments and so we can get more lessons in with him. Consuelo and David came with us again. They are the ones that the husband went blind one day at work. Everytime I see them it is a reminder to me of how grateful I need to be for the body I have and all the things I can do!
Thursday was planning day. My compa and I have been trying to figure out how to better work with the members. Our mission President is AWESOME. He really wants us to "BECOME ONE" with the members and as missionaries. We really can be so much stronger if we are all working together. It makes sense... all I have to do is think back to sports. A team that works together, wins.
Friday I went on exchanges. Hermana Warmbier came here. She is from Germany but is half hispanic. She speaks Spanish, German, and English. Crazy, aye??? I made her speak Spanish to me. It was crazy to listen to :) It was a busy, busy day. We got back... had a little studies and then went out to work. We went to Teresa first :) We did the lesson with the fire and the tea bag. I was worried it wasn't going to work because her dog was inside and it slobbered all over the tea bag. It was a HUGE dog and it had an even bigger bark. Hermana Warmbier was pretty scared of it :)
We ended up finding some new people. Some that wanted to listen and others who well.. didn't  :) When people start bible bashing we normally try to get out of there pretty fast. That night we wer teaching Melissa and her family and the coolest thing happened. Her boyfriend along with their cousin were there too! And throughout the whole lesson more kept coming! We ended up with a lot more new investigators by the end of the lesson :) We find them... or God will bring them to us!
We also had Gregorio's interview that night. We have to get his baptism cleared through the first presidency so we have to wait a while but I think that we are going to be able to get him baptized eventually. Keep him in your prayers :) While we were waiting during the interview Hermana Warmbier started playing the piano and I was singing. It made me miss singing and Madrigals from high school. I want to get voice lessons when I get back and who knows... maybe one day I can sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. That'd be fun wouldn't it??
Saturday was fun. Teresa wanted to take us out to eat! I got fajutas and man were they delicious :) I hear there is an El Rancho in Utah and I am for sure going there and getting fajitas and carneasada! YUM! :) Tacos are my favorite thing ever on the mission. A little avacado and lime. Delicious :) We also had a really good lesson with Jose. We talked about the importance of coming to church and did a really cool object lesson. He said he would come :)
Sunday was awesome! We had Jose and Gregorio at church :) Jose didn't stay for all three hours but he stayed for 2! That was a huge improvement! It was too funny.. in the Hispanic culture it is a regular thing for people to kiss people on the cheek. So when Jose was getting ready to leave... he leans over, puts his arm around me, and kisses me on the cheek! He wasn't being creepy at all it's just tradition in their culture... but man, I FROZE STIFF AS A BOARD! I was dying laughing. I am going to be so awkward when I get home :) Ha! The things that happen on a mission :)
Well, I hope y'all are doing well! I am loving it here in Garland :) We work in some pretty rough areas sometimes but we are working hard and doing our best to be smart and work with the members. If I am learning anything on my mission it is that obedience brings blessings, hard work pays off, and that of course, the Gospel is TRUE :) I love my Savior. Even though I mess up all the time He is willing to love me and forgive me, brush me off, help me up, and let me start over again.
I hope y'all have a good week! I'll be seeing you way too soon :) Oh, and crazy fact.. my compa and I were in the same dance concert in Jr. High!!! Too crazy :) Gotta love it!
Have a good week!! Love y'all! -Hermana Hadlock :)
This is a dog that reminds me of Joker, Jyllian's dog :) And this is me and my compa!

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Happy 24th of July :)‏

Hey there everyone :)
Even though no one celebrated the 24th of July here in Texas I was sure glad to get a package from my mama! I tried to explain to people that the 24th of July in Utah is sorta like a 4th of July :) We go all out! They just didn't seem to get it.
It's crazy how fast the weeks go by. I can't believe I am already here e-mailing again!!
This last week was a week of miracles :) It was definitely a week of finding. Monday night we spent our time finding and found some pretty good people :)
Tuesday we had district meeting. We have really focused on "becoming one" with the members. We want to work together because we know if we do... we can accomplish so much more. It's really interesting... being a missionary, I have learned what it means to be a member missionary as well! I want to do a lot better when I get home than what I did before my mission :) I know life is crazy... but get to know your missionaries and ask what you can do to help or tell them about your friends and what they can do to help you :)
We also had service that day. It's amazing the people you meet! We have found a few new investigators through our service. It's a food pantry/ place where they can get clothing that a guy started on his own one day. It's pretty amazing how much it has grown!
Wednesday we had a lesson with Gregorio :) He is still waiting on the mission presidency to get an ok to be baptized but we are hoping that it will come soon :) I will try and get a picture with him this week so you can see him! He is such a cute old guy :)
Thursday was a lot slower and once again we spent a lot of time looking for people. It had been a bit of a rougher week until the weekend came.
Friday we got to go and visit Diana for her birthday and teach her a quick lesson! The Elders used to visit them a few years back and they almost got baptized. We are trying to figure out what happened and help them to be baptized :) She just turned 17 and seems pretty excited about the Gospel.
Saturday was a day of MIRACLES!!! We prayed, looked at the map, decided where to go, and got to work!!! :) We had 4 lessons that night in just a couple of hours!!! It was incredible! We found Melissa knocking who was a teenager and told us that she was interested and wanted us to come back. Afterwards we found Regina and Yolanda. Yolanda is the cutest little old lady :) She's actually not even that old. In her 60's I think. She loved our message and even though we got a million mesquito bites talking to her outside it was worth it because she is such a sweet heart!!!
As we were just about to leave the neighborhood.. we saw 3 hispanic ladies by their car. We live in a pretty white area... so everytime we find Hispanics we are sure to talk to them :) They were selling fruits and vegetables out of their car. I bought some limes for really cheap from them and Hermana Moss bought some peppers. It was a good deal and we wanted to get on good ground with them!! It worked :) Hahah. They opened up to us a ton!! Two of them were sisters and from Peru. The other one was actually Melissa's mom (the teenage girl we had met earlier that day) and they loved us :) Melissa's mom said she saw us walking down the street and could feel the goodness coming from us. She told us she has a pretty rough situation with her husband and so we are going to try and help them get their family back together :) Mean while... this guy walked up and gave us some free coffee samples :) It was sure nice of him... we just definitely aren't the people he is looking for to sell to :) hahah.
Sunday was another really good day. We had church in Heath because they had to close our building down to fix something. That was hard because the hours were different and a different location no one ended up coming to church. Next week :) We got to teach Yolanda before church. She thought we weren't coming because we were like 15 min. late :) It's so nice when you have people that actually remember you are coming and wait for you! Ha :)
Later that night we taught Paloma and Maira. They are 2 teenage girls that go to church every week by themselves because their family doesn't want to. Amazing huh?? We taught Maira the 1st lesson and she loved it :) They want to come to mutual and all that good stuff!!! We couldn't be more excited :)
So my companion and I have been working out a lot harder in the mornings. Got to look good before we go home ;) Only Joking... but seriously. Hahah! All the Mexican food has been a little rough on Hermana Hadlock. We ran 2 miles this morning and we decided tomorrow we are going to run 3. It just about kills me ;) Which is funny because I used to run a lot more... needless to say I am happy and healthy and loving my mission :) I really can't imagine myself as anything but a missionary. I love y'all :) Stay cool! I know we are trying to do the same here in Texas :)
Love, Hermana Hadlock :)
We made these cupcakes for the members we live with! It was their birthday and anniversary. These are our feet after a long days work :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 I love being a missionary :)‏

I know I say it all the time... but everytime I sign on to write y'all an e-mail I have try so hard to remember what happened in the last week because last Monday seems like it was an ETERNITY ago but at the same time the weeks fly by like crazy!
Last Monday we had a really good lesson with Gregorio and Hector. With Gregorio, we went over his questions for his baptismal interview. He is definitely ready :) Hector is going through a lot of hard stuff with his cancer... but accepted a baptismal date and said if he's not sick and feels ready he will be baptized this next month :)
Tuesday we had a huge miracle. We got a referral a while back from the English Elders. Turns out she is a member and was baptized a long while back but has been in-active for more than 6 years. We had an incredible lesson with her about our worth to God. We used the $20.00 bill lesson to explain that it doesn't matter what we go through in this life... we are still worth the same to God. We truly are priceless to Him. Everysingle one of us was in tears by the end. I love when the Spirit helps us to know exactly what we need to say and when we need to say it.
Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Ricardo. We are really excited about him because not only is he learning about the Gospel but he is bringing his less active neighbors to church with him. Pretty good deal, aye?? :) That night we went to "El Rancho" to go contacting. It's a Hispanic store and it's where we can find loads of people. We had lots of success and before you know it out walks one of the workers from the store to tell us we have to have a license to be out there and tells us we have to leave. I thought about arguing but then decided it was probably not the best idea at the time :) So we got kicked out. I am going to figure out the details and maybe we can go back and contact in the parking lot again sometime because it is seriously a mini Mexico :)
On Wednesday we also had interviews with President. He is INCREDIBLE. I love President Taylor!!! During the interview he took a few minutes to tell me "what my Heavenly Father wanted me to hear" at that time. It hit me right at the core. It is amazing to watch the new President and how the Spirit truly does guide him to guide us here in the missionary work. I'm the luckiest girl alive getting to serve with 2 BYU basketball studs as well :) I learn more from them than I could ever say.
Thursday we had a really neat experience. My compa and I were able to deal with some things here that brought us a lot closer together :) I really do love working with Hermana Moss. She is awesome!!! We also had a fast as a zone that we could come together as one in the mission and do what the Lord would have us do. Our mission president is always talking about the power of "Becoming and working as one."
Friday was great!! We woke up early and got the opportunity to go through the temple :) When I go home I am for sure going to go through the temple every week. I love it there. There's nothing like it. If you haven't been for a while.. GET THERE!!! :) You'll never regret it. We also had Gregorio's bap. interview. He had to have an interview with someone in the mission presidency and so we have to postpone his baptism a little bit but the following week he should be able to get baptized :)
Saturday was one of those rough days when everyone cancels. Let's be real... it happens a lot :) But you just have to keep truckin' and trust that if those people cancelled there are other people out there you've got to find. So we did some finding and found some good people :)
Sunday Teresa came back to church for the first time in years!!! We couldn't have been more excited :) We also went and saw Hector at the hospital. He has been there since Thursday. We took him and his family some no bake cookies that we had made for our investigators and members. It's so funny to watch their faces because most of them have no idea what a no bake cookie is :) They seem to like it though!
Honestly, all in all it was a good week :) We are doing a crazy contacting competition where we get points for certain things like "telling 5 people in a row you love them" or stopping a car to contact them. It has definitely jazzed up the work a bit! I love being a missionary. It's hard work... but it's worth it :) Somedays ya laugh, some ya cry, but in the end ya wouldn't have it any other way!!
Love y'all, until next time :) - Hermana Hot Dog :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Lovin' Rowlett!!!‏

Howdy from Rowlett!
It seems like a million years ago that I was in my old area... Seriously. I am not sure why but the first week in a new area always seems like a lifetime. After that, the whole rest of the transfer FLIES by though!!! I am so excited to be here :) For a few days I missed my old area... but I have already started to fall in love with my new area.
My compa is amazing :) Hermana MOSS!! Want to know something funny?? We went to school together! When I was in 8th grade she was in 7th grade at South Jordan Middle School. Crazy, aye?? We have loads of the same friends in common. I am really excited to be with her because she is fun and a really hard worker. I think her and I are going to work harder this transfer than either of us have worked our whole missions. Might I add... that's pretty hard to top :) Truly, I have given it all my whole mission... but we have made a lot of goals together and we are gettin' to work! By the end of the transfer... we want to be so tired we can hardly move. Here goes nothin' :)
What a crazy week it was. Monday, I spent saying goodbye to investigators and members in my old area. I won't lie.. it was really hard because instead of us saying "Don't worry, I am staying and the new hermana will be great" we were telling them... "Don't worry, the elders will be great! They will take care of you" I can't tell you how many people grabbed me and pretended to lock me in their closets :) They just kept telling me... "We'll just report you as missing and you can live here with us :) " Done and done!!! That night we got home and packed EVERYTHING and cleaned our little pool house. I wonder how my doggies are doing? Pirate, Lucy, and Chloey. They are too cute :) I am sure they are still enjoying the pool.
Tuesday morning we made sure everything was packed, loaded, cleaned up, and we headed out. It was sure hard to say bye to McKinney but I know I will be back one day :) It's funny... here lately people have been starting to talk to me about when I get home. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited... but at the same time, I want to be a missionary forever! It's hard to leave home, but I knew that I would return and see the same people again. The hardest part about the mission is that I am not sure I will see some of these people again in this life. That's why this work is so important. So that I can see them for sure again in the next.
Funny thing that happened Tuesday morning... I still have "Hermana Pineapple" from my first area and my converts. The plant was sitting in the front middle. Once we got to transfers we were unloadding everything and I knocked the plant over. Dirt went EVERYWHERE!!!!! All over the just cleaned car :) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... so I just laughed :) Hermana Allen and I dove into the car and went to the nearest car wash. While there... it was all Hispanics working. I told them what had happened and they felt bad so they vacuumed our car for free!! Then I contacted them about the Gospel and gave them cards :) Too funny!!
When I got here to Rowlett we unloaded my stuff and headed to service. I already love it! It's a type of food/clothing place where people can come that need it. Wednesday I got to meet Gregorio. He has a baptism scheduled on August 25th. He is SSSOOO cute!!! Don't know if y'all knew this... but I LOVE old people :) After our lesson, he was walking home as fast as he could because he cooks for all the people he lives with. He is the most humble genuine person I think I have ever met. I am so grateful I get to be part of his baptism :) Plus, it has always been a goal of mine to baptize an old person and an ice cream man ;) God answers prayers.
Thursday we had a HUGE miracle. We had a lesson with someone named Ricardo. He is the next door neighbor to some of our very less actives. His dog got out and I guess they got into a fight. When they brought the dog over they ended up talking and we ended up getting him as a referral. He is SO ready for the Gospel. He really wants to come closer to God and has been going through a really hard time. He told the less active family if they went to church.. he would go too!!! So guess who came to church on Sunday :) That's right. La familia Argueta and RICARDO!!! We were so stinkin' excited!!! It has been like years since he has come. What a miracle :)
On Friday we had a pretty fun adventure... we were knocking when both my compa and I heard a "meow". We looked around and sure enough... there was a kitty. It was SO HOT outside and this poor thing was sick and locked in a bird cage. It had no food and no water. Naturally, you know what we did. We knocked on the door and convinced the two little girls this kitten was going to die if they didn't help it. In the end, they told us we could take it. So Hermana Moss and I loaded it up and put it in the car :) We drove to the Dollar Store and bought food for it. We figured it would be a perfect gift for Ricardo since he recently lost his dog and was really sad about it :( It was pretty gross looking so we went to a Fabi's house and washed it in a bucket. The kitty didn't really even mind getting a small bath. Well... my compa and I only came out with one or two scratches. But the cat really needed it! As missionaries... we save people... and cats :) Ha!
Saturday we had another miracle. The English Elders here are awesome and are always giving us referrals. I think they gave us like 8 this last week! One of the families we found is a grandma, daughter, and grand daughter. The grand daughter, Isabelle, is 16 years old and has cancer. She is such a sweetheart. Real shy... but I think we can get her to open up :) I can't wait to teach them and see how the Gospel will bring more hope into their lives!
Sunday was yet another day of miracles. I know right?? You wish you were a missionary here with me :) Well come on! I've been in a trio before :) We went by another one of the Elder's referrals. It was STINKIN' hot and we were both really tired :) When we pulled up the guy saw us and went inside. It was our 3rd time stopping by and we were going to drop him after that because we could never find him. As we walked up.. he come out from around the side of the house again. He looked at us 2 white girls and said, "Do you speak Spanish??" Well yes sir, WE DO! Ha! We had a good 30 minute conversation with him. He is one of the NICEST people I have ever met. Not just on my mission... in my LIFE! He asked us for our number, asked when we could come by, and told us HE would call US ONE DAY BEFORE to CONFIRM the appointment. SAY WHAAATT?? :) I'm used to people hiding behind doors from me. So this was a nice refresher :) He can't wait for us to meet his wife and kids. We are so excited!!!
Sunday we also had 3 people at church :) Gregorio, who sang hymns with me all of sacrament, Ricardo, and Hector. Hector has cancer as well. We had a lesson with him last night and brought some peole who were just baptized a couple weeks back. The man is blind and he lost his sight about a year ago. Within 2 hours at work one day... his sight was completely GONE. They have no idea why. Can you imagine?? It was a really powerful lesson. We are hoping that Hector and some of these other families will also be baptized this transfer. I am SO excited!! Y'all are the best :) It has been an awesome week! The Texas heat is comin' on strong. This last week the highest our car said was 119 degrees. NOMBRE!!!! That's hot. Hijole, I love being a missionary :) I love y'all!!! Have a good week :) Until next time...
Hermana Hadlock :) Tu favorita!!
p.s. these are chicarrones :) My compa and I made them with some Valentin on top! Sure makes your mouth on fire :) I'll make them for ya someday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 Bitter-Sweet :)‏

Hey there family!

Man, I have sure got a lot of emotions going through me today. I'll go throughout the week and explain as I go. 

Last Monday was full of miracles. For about 3 days I had been feeling like we should go and knock in Arely's apartments. She is one of the girls in our ward that comes out with us a lot :) She is actually preparing to go on a mission herself. Anyhow, Monday night we headed over there. The first people we see are some outside working on a car. We asked if they needed help. The lady looked over, said no, and then proceeded to ask us a bunch of questions. For example, who are we, where are we from, what do we do? We ended up talking to our good friend Karen for over an hour! She has had a really rough life and could really use the gospel. At the end, she even asked us for our number and if we could come back. It was awesome! She is English so we will have to hand her over to the sisters. I couldn't help but laugh... she couldn't remember my name so she said, "I will just call you Haddy. How does that sound?" It sure brought a smile to my face :) 

As we were leaving we saw the English sisters pull up. We said hi to them real fast and told them we had an INCREDIBLE referral for them! Then we asked who they were visiting. They showed us the apt. number and sure enough... it was KAREN! They had an old investigator in that house that they were coming back to see if she still lived there. Crazy, right?!? All I can say is that God REALLY wanted to get a hold of  Karen that night :) He truly is in the details of our lives. 

That same night we stopped by another referral. The two men we were looking for weren't there... but we ended up finding a really nice lady named Anna. She had 4 little boys that are too cute :) She was super willing to listen and told us that she would be at church that next Sunday. Miracles are happening right and left!

Tuesday was really good. Dariela came with us to teach her cousin Gelin. She is the one from Honduras who is just about ready to pop with her baby :) She loves church and was able to come with us again yesterday! I really think she will progress and be baptized here in the following weeks!
We also stopped by with La Familia Gomez. We are starting to visit all the families in our ward, show them a short missionary clip, and then invite them to invite others to listen to the missionaries. It has been awesome so far! :) 

Wednesday we got to go back and teach Anna and her family. You could feel the Spirit really strong in her home. You can tell she is a real good mom and takes care of her kids well. I have learned so much about how I want to run a home when I am older and have a family just by watching so many others do so. They're an awesome family :) Later that night we tried to show Katalin the Testaments movie to help her understand the Book of Mormon a little better. It was a HILARIOUS experience. After trying to show the movie for 15 minutes and failing because the DVD player wouldn't work... they were all starving and bored. So we decided to make dinner for them! They said they wanted American food. We didn't have much to work with... so we made them Maccaroni with hot dogs in it, broccoli, and corn :) HA! The only thing they liked was the corn. They said the rest was "delicious" but their faces said otherwise :) 

Thursday we got to see Karen Vasquez again! She has been down on vacation in Florida at Disneyworld. I told her to take me with next time :) They are the part member family. Honestly, they have so much stinkin' potential! With a little more work, I believe they will be a strong family in the Gospel!

Friday...was THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! :D The 4th of July is my favorite holiday apart from Christmas. They are a tie. I love it!!! It was my second and last 4th of July here in Texas. We tried visiting a lot of people but a lot of them ended up cancelling as you can imagine because they wanted to be with their families. So we got creative :) We found a place here in downtown McKinney where they were doing a huge car show and had loads of people there. We dug up all the bravery we had in ourselves and started talking to people :) We actually found 3 or 4 families that were members and one even had a daughter serving on Temple Square! I told them I would look for her when I got back to Utah :)  It was also fun to look at all the cars while we were contacting all the people! I was sweating bullets. My nasty sweat mustache has made a comeback! Gross? I know :) My compa thinks so too ;) I just wipe it off and keep going!

We ate dinner with Sandra that night. Her new husband made us dinner. It was pretty good :) Rice, meat, and tortillas. That night... we got creative again! We had to contact 19 more people to reach our goal for the day. We found a place in Allen called Craig Ranch where they do a HUGE celebration. It seriously took all the courage I had to get out of that car and start contacting people!! But we did it and actually contacted more than our goal!!! :) Since fireworks are one of my favorite things in the world... I was hoping to see some before we headed out. But they didn't start on time :( So we headed home. When we got home... we watched some of the fireworks from the Ragsdale's porch :) It was crazy too ..... because earlier that day my compa found a nail in our tire. It kept pressure and all the places were closed to we had to keep driving on it for 3 days. Miraculously enough... it kept air the whole time and never went flat! We went and had to get a new tire early this morning. Talk about miracle :)

Saturday we met our new mission President. All I can say is WOW. His whole message was focused on "Becoming One". He talked about how as a mission, members, leaders, and really everyone in the church and eventually the whole world needs to become one. We need to have each other's backs, serve one another, and love one another. There's no way I could explain all that we have already learned from them :) They told us there was no way they could fill the shoes of the Durrant's... size 14 shoe is was too big to fill ;) But that they would continue walking in their footsteps. I love them already and feel privileged to serve under them. 

Saturday night is where the emotional roller coaster came. We got calls. I thought for sure I would have one more in McKinney and that they would be sending Sister Allen back to English work. They told us first that Sister Allen would be going back to English work with Sister Hone. Afterwards... they told me I would be leaving McKinney as well. Because we are losing Spanish sisters this transfer and not getting anymore we don't have enough. So they are giving my area to the Elders and putting me in a more Hispanic concentrated place. To say the least... I cried. Maybe a lot :)  I couldn't imagine leaving these families I have come to love so much. Just when I felt like the work was really really rolling forward. Not to mention, I'm still not sure I can part with my queen size bed and pool house ;) Nevertheless, "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord." I always pray that He will put me exactly where He needs me. I am moving to Rowlette tomorrow with Hermana Moss. I stood and bore my testimony yesterday to my little branch :) Man, they sure have big hearts :) We may be little... but we're strong. As I bore my testimony, I knew with every fiber of my being... this church is true. It was restored through Joseph Smith. We have a modern day prophet. We have the Gospel in its fullness. Families CAN be together FOREVER. Jesus Christ lives. I love Him. This work is hard... but it is His work. And He will help us. We need to become one :) And help each other out! Share the love!!! Hahah. 

Yesterday we had 2 investigators at church. Juan Salgado and Gelin. I couldn't have been happier :) I will send you a few pictures from my little branch. Keep me in your prayers :) Changes are always hard for me. But I know I can do it. It's real weird to think.. .this may be the last time I pack my bags 'til I pack for home. The difference between 1st and 2nd place is the last 100 meter sprint. Here I go :) I'm going to work my heart out! Pray I don't die in the Texas heat and that we can find those who are prepared and work together with the members. 

I love y'all :) As Texans would say.... HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!!! :D 

Love ya always :) - Hermana Hadlock 

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 It's been a traumatizing/ petrifying week :) I'm becoming pretty tough!!! ;)‏

Hey y'all :) 

So first matter of business. I'm going home. Let me explain. Before my mission... I told my family many, many times... the FIRST time I see a tarantula will be the ONLY time I see a tarantula because after that I am packing up my bags and I am HEADING HOME!!! Hahaha :) Well, it finally happened!!! (see picture below) I'll write about the story a little later in the e-mail :)
And yes, I will be coming home... but y'all will have to wait 'til November 12th for that :) 

First off... God answers prayers. He sends us little miracles every day to let us know He loves us :) Last Monday, I was filling out a college application and needed President Durrant to do an endorsement on one of the applications. I knew he was leaving last Saturday and couldn't think of any way for him to do it before he left because normally you need an interview. Well... after e-mailing last Monday I got in the car and we see President Durrant come up on the Caller I.D. My heart stopped of course. I answered and he said he needed to talk to Sister Hadlock :) Right then and there he gave me my interview! I got to complete that part on the application and I got one last chance to talk to President Durrant! I truly LOVE him and his family!!! 

That night we got to teach Dan and Gelin. Dan is an english investigator and we will be handing him off to the english elders soon. We found him outside in his yard and I can tell he is SO ready for the Gospel. Gelin is a cousin of Dariela. She is about to have a baby here in July and just got here from Honduras. The last time we went there she told us about how she had NEVER felt what she felt when she walked into the church. I don't remember if I told y'all about that last week or not. It was amazing :) 

Tuesday we had our first coordination meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader. I am excited to work with him. He is very strong and has a lot of really good ideas that I think are going to help us grow our little humble branch :) We may not be great in number here in our small branch... but man these people have got some big hearts :) 

Wednesday we had a lesson with Claudia. It was really good in some ways and really heart breaking in others. She told us all the things she loved about our faith and the people in it and then told us that she didn't have time to go to church right now. It is so hard when I see people feeling the Spirit and then choosing to walk away from it. I just want everyone to make it back one day and really enjoy the happiness that everyone can receive if they will just be obedient to what God would have them do. 

On Thursday we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Catalie. She is Dariela's cousin as well :) Honestly, she amazes me. She is only 14 but has been through SO much in her life. She just got here from Honduras and is working more hours than a full time job. She has a heart of gold. When we were talking to her on Thursday you could see the understanding coming. She loves the Gospel and I really wouldn't be surprised if she serves a mission herself one day :) I want to be friends with her for now and eternity. I can't wait to see all that God has in store for her. We shared Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-9 with her and it nearly brought her to tears. You should read it too :)  Man, I love the Gospel. 

So Thursday night after the lesson with Catalie... we came home SO STINKIN' HAPPY! We were cruzin' down the road and I was singing to one of my favorite missionary songs when all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see something black in the road start moving. Sister Allen has NO IDEA how I saw it because I was the one driving... but I guess I have eagle eyes or somethin' ;) With my jaw dropped... I shined the brights on whatever was moving... my terror became a reality. IT WAS A TARANTULA!!!!!! I thought it was .... but when I shined the lights on it and confirmed... man... me and my compa were almost dying!! Picture it. 2 sister missionaries who are both PETRIFIED of spiders. EEWW! I decided if I didn't take a picture no one would believe me... so I gathered up my courage and got out of the car and snapped a couple quick pictures. A few cars pulled up behind us on the road and I am pretty sure one of them ran over it because when we went back it was nothing but a gross smashed mess on the road. Needless to say... I almost died of a heart attack :) But no worries... I am still alive and breathing :)

Friday we got to do our usual service at Chestnut Square! I sure love that place. One day, y'all will have to come and visit :) 

Saturday the Elders in our ward had another baptism that we got to go too! It's 2 sisters. They are too stinkin' cute :) When we got to the church that morning to help clean... the members were laughing because we had just rolled out of bed and came straight over because it was really early in the morning. They laughed and said it looked like I was still sleeping!

That night we had a really good lesson with Verenice's dad. It was good to teach him because we normally can't catch him home! He agreed to come to church with us on Sunday :) We also had a really good lesson with the family that the Elders referred to us. They are a family of about 8 who could all get baptized. The little girls agreed to come to church if we bought them watermelon. that night we went and bought them a watermelon! A huge one :) I told them if they didn't come to church... I would have to enjoy the whole thing alone ;) 

Also, Saturday President and Sister Durrant and their family headed back to Utah. I just want to thank them for all they have done. Honestly, I will remember the things they have taught me and their example will impact me forever. They're the best of the best :) We are excited to meet President and Sister Taylor this upcoming Saturday!! :)

Yesterday we had one of our investigators come to church :) Our family didn't come... so I followed through on my promise and ate a whole lot of watermelon by myself yesterday :) Ha! Of course I'd rather have them come to church but the watermelon helped make up for us missing them at church :( Yesterday while we ate dinner with the Garcia's she told me something really awesome. I talked to her about how our investigators were struggling coming to church. She told me maybe it would help them to understand WHY we come to church. 

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He came to this earth and suffered and gave His life for us so that we might be forgiven of our sins and live again one day with our families and the ones we love forever. Every week, we have the opportunity to go to church and remember that sacrifice He gave for us and show our love and gratitude for Him. It hit me hard :) I know it's simple doctrine we hear all the time... but really take a min. to think about that. 

After dinner with the Garcia's we stopped by with Catalie to see how she was doing and set up another lesson. While there, they tried to feed us dinner AGAIN :) Hahah! Hispanics are very good with sharing and it is evident with the weight I have gained on my mission. But that's alright... :) I'll get it off with some nice long running! And when I get back.. some nice longs swims in the pool :)

God truly does have a sense of humor. Yesterday when we got home... my compa and I were just talking when I looked behind her and started screaming!! She jumped and looked behind her... sure enough :) ANOTHER GIANT SPIDER!!! I'm pretty sure this was the tarantula's baby coming back for revenge. Y'all can look at the picture. Needless to say, we beat it real good with the broom all while screaming and jumping all over! Honestly, if anyone else could see us they would die laughing :) I guess living in a nice pool house comes with it's set backs as well. 

The two things I have really learned this week... Love people like the Savior would. No one is perfect. You're not, I'm not. But we can love them with Christ like love and we can all become better together. Second, no matter what is going on... try to be grateful through the trials and stay happy :) 

I love y'all!! We will see if I make it through another week with this Spider madness! Maybe next week I'll send a picture from the inside of the tarantula. They keep getting bigger and bigger so the next one will probably just eat me :) 

The church is true! Have a good week :) I love y'all!!

Love, Hermana Hadlock :) Cuidate! TE QUIERO! 

The watermelon and a sunset here in Texas :) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 I couldn't be happier ( :‏

Hola, hola, hola!!!

Man, what a week!!! I know every single week I say it can't get any crazier... but I really think the mission is like a roller coaster... and I still haven't even hit the top!!! :) It just keeps gettin' better :)

This last Monday we had a lesson with some of our recent converts. We got to teach Sandra a little bit :) Her mom and one of her daughters (Lizeth) still aren't members. But we are working on that! Afterwards... something awesome happened. We pulled up to Verenice's house and they were outside cleaning up the yard. She left the mower for just a sec and I couldn't resist. I grabbed it, started 'er up and off I went!! Skirt and everything :) Verenice's dad was dying laughing. He couldn't believe we would mow the lawn in a skirt. I couldn't resist! I sure love mowing the lawn. It was the 2nd chance I've gotten on my mission. I was grateful... because this time there was actually grass. The last time is was mostly dirt and beer bottle caps so I was a little afraid to lose a toe :) The grass here in Texas definitely isn't like our lushish green stuff back home! But I love it just the same.

On Tuesday we stopped in for our daily visit with Lizeth. She is still doing really good with keeping her commitments. I couldn't be more proud of her! It's amazing how you grow to love the people you teach so stinkin' much. I really feel like I would give anything for them. I can't imagine having my own kids. Afterwards we got to teach her grandma with Suzeth. Suzeth is such a strong girl. She was the first to be baptized in her family and because of that 2 others have been baptized and 4 others have baptismal dates. MIRACLE!!! Honestly, many times on my missions children have been the ones who understand the doctrine most clearly. No wonder Christ tells us to become as a little child :)

Later that night we got to teach the new family that Sandra introduced us to at the hospital. They sure live in humble circumstances... probably the most humble I have seen on my mission. But ya know what she said to me the other day? Something like this, "Ya know, I may live in humble circumstances. But I am happy. I have a husband who loves me and my kids and I am happy." All I can say is, well said. We don't need the things of the world to make us happy. We also got to teach Luiz that night. He has got such a good heart. He definitely has a rough past but I can see the light coming into his face more and more every week. It's amazing to see how the Gospel changes people's lives. There's a quote by Elder Packer that I love that goes something like this.. "The study of true doctrine will change behavior faster than the study of behavior will change behavior." The Gospel changes peoples lives.
Wednesday was INCREDIBLE and sure bittersweet. We had our LAST specialized training with President Durrant and his family. I LOVE THEM. I love them so much. I truly believe one of the biggest reasons I was sent to the Texas Dallas Heaven was because of President Durrant and his family. I have learned more than I could ever begin to express. He made us work... WORK HARD!! And I am so grateful for it. He looked at us the other day just as we were wrapping up and said.. "Ya know, sometimes I think to myself, Man, I sure ask a lot of my missionaries. Then I think... No, I don't. The Lord requires EVERYTHING." I know he loves us because he has taught us how to work and he always wants us to keep working harder and growing more. I hope one day to have a family just like his! I was talking to Sister Durrant afterwards and she gave me some of the best advice I have probably ever gotten. She told me, "Find a man who puts God first. Even before you. If he puts God first, you will never have to worry." It sure hit me hard :) This Saturday is President's last day here in Texas. I am sure going to miss them but I can't wait to meet our new ones. I will see them soon again in Utah! It's not goodbye, it's see you later :) 

Later that day we had a lesson with Blanca's (lady from the hospital) neighbor. At the end we invited her daughter to pray. They asked us exactly what is prayer and told us they had NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. So for the first time, her little girl got to pray :) I can't tell you how neat of an experience that is to be there when someone prays for the very first time. I love being a missionary :) 

Thursday a HUGE miracle happened!! After our lesson with Lizeth, we invited her to be baptized on the 2nd of August. She accepted and said she would prepare for baptism!!!!!!! :D :D :D Please, please, please keep her in your prayers :) My companion and I were watching the Joseph Smith movie with some investigators the other day and there's a line that says, "When we are doing the most good is when we are faced with the most opposition." Man, ain't that the truth. So please keep her in your prayers that she will be strong enough and be protected to make it happen!  

Friday we had an awesome lesson with Catalie and Dariela. I  can see Catalie getting baptized here soon :) We are going to try and set a date with her this week. She has come to church the last 2 weeks and LOVES it. This last week they also brought her dad and her other cousin. They are on FIRE!! :) After such a high with that lesson and Lizeth... the saying applied to us as well. We had to go through a few hard things. I won't go into details but there was a big misunderstanding with some of our members and it made for a rough couple of days. I went to service in tears that day but ya know... Heavenly Father doesn't only promise us that He will be with us during the good times... but also during the bad. After eating some humble pie we were able to work everything out :) The adversary will always throw things in our path.. that's not the question. The question is... how will we react? Brush yourself off... get back up... and keep fighting! :) So that's what we did :) 

Saturday morning we got to go and participate in a baptism that the Elders had. My compa and I got to teach. She was really nervous to teach in Spanish in front of the whole ward but it all worked out just fine :) That night we were able to have a quick lesson with Luiz! He said he would be at church on Sunday with his girlfriend so we were pretty excited for that!

Sunday we had 2 investigators in church!! :) We actually had 4 people come but 2 of them didn't count as investigators yet. We couldn't have been more excited. All I can say is God answers prayers :) We also got a new Ward Mission Leader! I am excited. I think he is going to be a really good guy. Later that night we finally got to see Verenice again. She still wants to be baptized and is still reading out of the Book of Mormon. Our battle is just getting her to church! Please keep her in your prayers and that her and her family can make it to church :) I love you all!! 

President Durrant taught us something really neat at this last training. He compared our mission to a concert. He described it as the best concert to ever be played. He described four people. All of them had brought front row seats. One of them... was sitting front row, enjoying every second :) The other had for some reason moved to the back of the auditorium. The third, was outside eating hot dogs. And the fourth, was wandering around the grounds not doing much of anything. He then said... this concert is your mission! Where are you sitting?? 

I believe this applies to every one of us. We all came to this earth on a mission. Where are you sitting?? :) He said, " You ALL bought front row tickets! You've sacrificed a lot to get here. Now work hard and enjoy it :) " Missionary work, takes work. When we are obedient and do that work, it brings blessings and happiness. I know it's hard... but get to work :) We're happier that way. I love you all!! Thanks for your prayers. I feel them :) I also love your mail ;) Hahah! But really, it's nice getting mail :) LOVE YA!!

Cuidate :) -Hermana Hadlock

P.s. this week I totally saved a drowning rat from the pool at the member's house where we lived. Hilarious?? :) Yes, I thought so. I just couldn't let him drown :) Ha!  

This is President Durrant's daughter :) 
We have a movie night planned on my return to Utah! 

It poured rain this morning! 
WE got caught running in it! We were soaked :) 

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 One good week :)‏

Hey there :) It is getting stinkin' hot here in Texas! :) What about in Utah? I'm not complaining though... :) It could always be worse. I'll have a nice tan when I come home ;) 

Monday night we had SUCH an indredible lesson with Luiz and his girlfriend. He had told us that his girlfriend would probably be interested in the message we share as well. When we got there they didn't have a lot of time because it was late. So we shared Joshua 1:7-9 and we talked about how the Lord is always with us and He will never leave us alone. When we were sharing his girlfriend started to cry. I can't even begin to explain it :) Looking at both of them I could see they were feeling the Spirit so strong. They really weren't even hearing our words. You could tell the Spirit was saying to them exactly what they needed to hear :) 

We also had a really good lesson with Catalie. Have I told you about her? She is Dariela's cousin that just got here from Honduras. I have been praying so hard lately that God would lead me to the people we need to find or that they would be led to us. I truly feel that He has led her here to us. She is SO ready for the Gospel and more mature than I think any other teenager I have ever met. I see her having SO much potential. It's amazing the love you have for those you serve. I would truly give anything for the people I am serving now to receive eternal life one day. 

Tuesday we started something awesome with Lizeth. She has a true desire to be baptized but it has been a struggle for her. So we made a journal for her to write what she learns after every lesson and also keep track of her "homework" or the committments that we leave her every time. We promised her if she does enough of her homework that we would have a small party :) So far... she has kept every, I repeat EVERY commitment we have left her!!! It truly is a miracle :)

Wednesday was a real adventurous day! At 9:00 am we went down to Allen to help the Elders move a family in. They are an INCREDIBLE family from Mexico. They just moved up here from Arizona and the missionaries helped them move down there. They don't know too much about the church but they have sure been grateful for the help. They are going on a trip to Mexico for the summer but they will be coming back and said we could come over when they get back. So as you can imagine.. while we were moving their stuff it was SUPER HUMID and hot. I was sweating like a little piggy :) But that's alright, it was good for me! In the middle I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD. But I didn't want to go with everyone in the house. So my companion and I went down to the front to see if they had a bathroom... on the way I stepped in dog poop :) And we never ended up finding a bathroom. We were dying laughing :) And of course... she lived on the 3rd floor :) Let's just say I have ROCK SOLID calf muscles!! By the end, all of our legs were wobbly. But we were sure glad to help! 

Even though we were hot and sweaty we figured after a quick shower we'd be fine. We got home.. showered, ate, etc. After a few minutes Hna. Allen was feeling super sick and ran for the bathroom. Let's just say the rest of the day she became real good friends with the toilet :) The poor girl was throwing up for hours. I made her a bed on the bathroom floor and when I went in she was trying to tell me if I had a weak stomach to get out when she threw up just as she finished telling me :) Good thing I don't have a weak stomach. The poor girl :( We think it was just a mixture of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Needless to say, she is feeling a lot better now :) That night the English sisters didn't have appointments so they came over and brought Gatorade and saltines and Sister Wyss and I went out to a few of our lessons. It all ended up working out! And she feels totally fine now so that's the good part :) 

On Thursday we got to visit La familia Ajuero. Neida is such a sweetheart. If you will, keep her in your prayers :) She wants to be baptized SO BADLY but needs the permission and support of her family first. So if you will please keep her in your prayers :) 

On Friday, Hermana Moore (my old companion who is now a sister training leader) came here on exchanges with me. It was a BLAST :) She goes home on July 9th so it was fun to spend one last day with her. It blows my mind because when I was with her she had 3 transfers left. Now she is going home and I have 3 transfers left. It makes me realize how fast it is going to go. I want to enjoy every second :)

It was a crazy surprise and Hermana Moore's aunt lives in my area so we ended up eating dinner with her. Hermana Moore had no idea! It was too funny her reaction :) That day we also had a really good lesson with Catalie. She had never heard of Joseph Smith or any of it. She said it would be a hard change for her because she has grown up without it. But she promised us she would pray :) She said it all made sense and that if she had faith God would answer her. She is amazing :)

Saturday we had a really fun lesson with some less actives. We did the tea bag lesson :) The kids loved it! I'll show you when I get home. It was really awesome because on Sunday they came back to church! The little girl is adorable :) She was doing my hair all of sacrament :) i will try and get a picture of her the next time I see her! 

Sunday was really good! We didn't have any investigators but we had that less active family come to church and that was really good. By the way...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :) I hope everyone had a really good day :)
There have been a lot of changes in our little branch lately. We are hoping to see a lot of progress with the changes that have been made. Yesterday we got to go to the hospital and see another new baby! Our recent convert told us there was a family who needed a lot of help and we got to go to the hospital and meet them and share a little bit of the Gospel with them. We are hoping to be able to teach them and get them baptized :) 

This morning was fun! The members we live with have a tennis court. So for exercise this morning we played tennis :) Hermana Allen didn't have her contacts in so that was pretty funny! Oh yeah, and all week we took care of the Ragsdale's dogs while they were on a trip. It was a blast :) I felt like I had my own doggies back! Almost :) We were dying laughing because one of them jumped in the pool after the ball. Too funny :) I'll send a picture!
Well, I hope y'all had a good week :) Thanks for everything you have done for me!!! I know this work truly is the work of the Lord. It's not easy... but it brings true joy. I truly know that one day all of our sacrifices will be made up! Every day, wake up and choose to be happy. Choose to serve the Lord. Just trust in Him :)

Until next week, love y'all!!

The one and only Hermana Hadlock :) 

My companion when she was sick.

Me and Hna. moore :)

Pirate and Lucy :)