Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Happy 24th of July :)‏

Hey there everyone :)
Even though no one celebrated the 24th of July here in Texas I was sure glad to get a package from my mama! I tried to explain to people that the 24th of July in Utah is sorta like a 4th of July :) We go all out! They just didn't seem to get it.
It's crazy how fast the weeks go by. I can't believe I am already here e-mailing again!!
This last week was a week of miracles :) It was definitely a week of finding. Monday night we spent our time finding and found some pretty good people :)
Tuesday we had district meeting. We have really focused on "becoming one" with the members. We want to work together because we know if we do... we can accomplish so much more. It's really interesting... being a missionary, I have learned what it means to be a member missionary as well! I want to do a lot better when I get home than what I did before my mission :) I know life is crazy... but get to know your missionaries and ask what you can do to help or tell them about your friends and what they can do to help you :)
We also had service that day. It's amazing the people you meet! We have found a few new investigators through our service. It's a food pantry/ place where they can get clothing that a guy started on his own one day. It's pretty amazing how much it has grown!
Wednesday we had a lesson with Gregorio :) He is still waiting on the mission presidency to get an ok to be baptized but we are hoping that it will come soon :) I will try and get a picture with him this week so you can see him! He is such a cute old guy :)
Thursday was a lot slower and once again we spent a lot of time looking for people. It had been a bit of a rougher week until the weekend came.
Friday we got to go and visit Diana for her birthday and teach her a quick lesson! The Elders used to visit them a few years back and they almost got baptized. We are trying to figure out what happened and help them to be baptized :) She just turned 17 and seems pretty excited about the Gospel.
Saturday was a day of MIRACLES!!! We prayed, looked at the map, decided where to go, and got to work!!! :) We had 4 lessons that night in just a couple of hours!!! It was incredible! We found Melissa knocking who was a teenager and told us that she was interested and wanted us to come back. Afterwards we found Regina and Yolanda. Yolanda is the cutest little old lady :) She's actually not even that old. In her 60's I think. She loved our message and even though we got a million mesquito bites talking to her outside it was worth it because she is such a sweet heart!!!
As we were just about to leave the neighborhood.. we saw 3 hispanic ladies by their car. We live in a pretty white area... so everytime we find Hispanics we are sure to talk to them :) They were selling fruits and vegetables out of their car. I bought some limes for really cheap from them and Hermana Moss bought some peppers. It was a good deal and we wanted to get on good ground with them!! It worked :) Hahah. They opened up to us a ton!! Two of them were sisters and from Peru. The other one was actually Melissa's mom (the teenage girl we had met earlier that day) and they loved us :) Melissa's mom said she saw us walking down the street and could feel the goodness coming from us. She told us she has a pretty rough situation with her husband and so we are going to try and help them get their family back together :) Mean while... this guy walked up and gave us some free coffee samples :) It was sure nice of him... we just definitely aren't the people he is looking for to sell to :) hahah.
Sunday was another really good day. We had church in Heath because they had to close our building down to fix something. That was hard because the hours were different and a different location no one ended up coming to church. Next week :) We got to teach Yolanda before church. She thought we weren't coming because we were like 15 min. late :) It's so nice when you have people that actually remember you are coming and wait for you! Ha :)
Later that night we taught Paloma and Maira. They are 2 teenage girls that go to church every week by themselves because their family doesn't want to. Amazing huh?? We taught Maira the 1st lesson and she loved it :) They want to come to mutual and all that good stuff!!! We couldn't be more excited :)
So my companion and I have been working out a lot harder in the mornings. Got to look good before we go home ;) Only Joking... but seriously. Hahah! All the Mexican food has been a little rough on Hermana Hadlock. We ran 2 miles this morning and we decided tomorrow we are going to run 3. It just about kills me ;) Which is funny because I used to run a lot more... needless to say I am happy and healthy and loving my mission :) I really can't imagine myself as anything but a missionary. I love y'all :) Stay cool! I know we are trying to do the same here in Texas :)
Love, Hermana Hadlock :)
We made these cupcakes for the members we live with! It was their birthday and anniversary. These are our feet after a long days work :)

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