Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Lovin' Rowlett!!!‏

Howdy from Rowlett!
It seems like a million years ago that I was in my old area... Seriously. I am not sure why but the first week in a new area always seems like a lifetime. After that, the whole rest of the transfer FLIES by though!!! I am so excited to be here :) For a few days I missed my old area... but I have already started to fall in love with my new area.
My compa is amazing :) Hermana MOSS!! Want to know something funny?? We went to school together! When I was in 8th grade she was in 7th grade at South Jordan Middle School. Crazy, aye?? We have loads of the same friends in common. I am really excited to be with her because she is fun and a really hard worker. I think her and I are going to work harder this transfer than either of us have worked our whole missions. Might I add... that's pretty hard to top :) Truly, I have given it all my whole mission... but we have made a lot of goals together and we are gettin' to work! By the end of the transfer... we want to be so tired we can hardly move. Here goes nothin' :)
What a crazy week it was. Monday, I spent saying goodbye to investigators and members in my old area. I won't lie.. it was really hard because instead of us saying "Don't worry, I am staying and the new hermana will be great" we were telling them... "Don't worry, the elders will be great! They will take care of you" I can't tell you how many people grabbed me and pretended to lock me in their closets :) They just kept telling me... "We'll just report you as missing and you can live here with us :) " Done and done!!! That night we got home and packed EVERYTHING and cleaned our little pool house. I wonder how my doggies are doing? Pirate, Lucy, and Chloey. They are too cute :) I am sure they are still enjoying the pool.
Tuesday morning we made sure everything was packed, loaded, cleaned up, and we headed out. It was sure hard to say bye to McKinney but I know I will be back one day :) It's funny... here lately people have been starting to talk to me about when I get home. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited... but at the same time, I want to be a missionary forever! It's hard to leave home, but I knew that I would return and see the same people again. The hardest part about the mission is that I am not sure I will see some of these people again in this life. That's why this work is so important. So that I can see them for sure again in the next.
Funny thing that happened Tuesday morning... I still have "Hermana Pineapple" from my first area and my converts. The plant was sitting in the front middle. Once we got to transfers we were unloadding everything and I knocked the plant over. Dirt went EVERYWHERE!!!!! All over the just cleaned car :) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... so I just laughed :) Hermana Allen and I dove into the car and went to the nearest car wash. While there... it was all Hispanics working. I told them what had happened and they felt bad so they vacuumed our car for free!! Then I contacted them about the Gospel and gave them cards :) Too funny!!
When I got here to Rowlett we unloaded my stuff and headed to service. I already love it! It's a type of food/clothing place where people can come that need it. Wednesday I got to meet Gregorio. He has a baptism scheduled on August 25th. He is SSSOOO cute!!! Don't know if y'all knew this... but I LOVE old people :) After our lesson, he was walking home as fast as he could because he cooks for all the people he lives with. He is the most humble genuine person I think I have ever met. I am so grateful I get to be part of his baptism :) Plus, it has always been a goal of mine to baptize an old person and an ice cream man ;) God answers prayers.
Thursday we had a HUGE miracle. We had a lesson with someone named Ricardo. He is the next door neighbor to some of our very less actives. His dog got out and I guess they got into a fight. When they brought the dog over they ended up talking and we ended up getting him as a referral. He is SO ready for the Gospel. He really wants to come closer to God and has been going through a really hard time. He told the less active family if they went to church.. he would go too!!! So guess who came to church on Sunday :) That's right. La familia Argueta and RICARDO!!! We were so stinkin' excited!!! It has been like years since he has come. What a miracle :)
On Friday we had a pretty fun adventure... we were knocking when both my compa and I heard a "meow". We looked around and sure enough... there was a kitty. It was SO HOT outside and this poor thing was sick and locked in a bird cage. It had no food and no water. Naturally, you know what we did. We knocked on the door and convinced the two little girls this kitten was going to die if they didn't help it. In the end, they told us we could take it. So Hermana Moss and I loaded it up and put it in the car :) We drove to the Dollar Store and bought food for it. We figured it would be a perfect gift for Ricardo since he recently lost his dog and was really sad about it :( It was pretty gross looking so we went to a Fabi's house and washed it in a bucket. The kitty didn't really even mind getting a small bath. Well... my compa and I only came out with one or two scratches. But the cat really needed it! As missionaries... we save people... and cats :) Ha!
Saturday we had another miracle. The English Elders here are awesome and are always giving us referrals. I think they gave us like 8 this last week! One of the families we found is a grandma, daughter, and grand daughter. The grand daughter, Isabelle, is 16 years old and has cancer. She is such a sweetheart. Real shy... but I think we can get her to open up :) I can't wait to teach them and see how the Gospel will bring more hope into their lives!
Sunday was yet another day of miracles. I know right?? You wish you were a missionary here with me :) Well come on! I've been in a trio before :) We went by another one of the Elder's referrals. It was STINKIN' hot and we were both really tired :) When we pulled up the guy saw us and went inside. It was our 3rd time stopping by and we were going to drop him after that because we could never find him. As we walked up.. he come out from around the side of the house again. He looked at us 2 white girls and said, "Do you speak Spanish??" Well yes sir, WE DO! Ha! We had a good 30 minute conversation with him. He is one of the NICEST people I have ever met. Not just on my mission... in my LIFE! He asked us for our number, asked when we could come by, and told us HE would call US ONE DAY BEFORE to CONFIRM the appointment. SAY WHAAATT?? :) I'm used to people hiding behind doors from me. So this was a nice refresher :) He can't wait for us to meet his wife and kids. We are so excited!!!
Sunday we also had 3 people at church :) Gregorio, who sang hymns with me all of sacrament, Ricardo, and Hector. Hector has cancer as well. We had a lesson with him last night and brought some peole who were just baptized a couple weeks back. The man is blind and he lost his sight about a year ago. Within 2 hours at work one day... his sight was completely GONE. They have no idea why. Can you imagine?? It was a really powerful lesson. We are hoping that Hector and some of these other families will also be baptized this transfer. I am SO excited!! Y'all are the best :) It has been an awesome week! The Texas heat is comin' on strong. This last week the highest our car said was 119 degrees. NOMBRE!!!! That's hot. Hijole, I love being a missionary :) I love y'all!!! Have a good week :) Until next time...
Hermana Hadlock :) Tu favorita!!
p.s. these are chicarrones :) My compa and I made them with some Valentin on top! Sure makes your mouth on fire :) I'll make them for ya someday!

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