Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 I love being a missionary :)‏

I know I say it all the time... but everytime I sign on to write y'all an e-mail I have try so hard to remember what happened in the last week because last Monday seems like it was an ETERNITY ago but at the same time the weeks fly by like crazy!
Last Monday we had a really good lesson with Gregorio and Hector. With Gregorio, we went over his questions for his baptismal interview. He is definitely ready :) Hector is going through a lot of hard stuff with his cancer... but accepted a baptismal date and said if he's not sick and feels ready he will be baptized this next month :)
Tuesday we had a huge miracle. We got a referral a while back from the English Elders. Turns out she is a member and was baptized a long while back but has been in-active for more than 6 years. We had an incredible lesson with her about our worth to God. We used the $20.00 bill lesson to explain that it doesn't matter what we go through in this life... we are still worth the same to God. We truly are priceless to Him. Everysingle one of us was in tears by the end. I love when the Spirit helps us to know exactly what we need to say and when we need to say it.
Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Ricardo. We are really excited about him because not only is he learning about the Gospel but he is bringing his less active neighbors to church with him. Pretty good deal, aye?? :) That night we went to "El Rancho" to go contacting. It's a Hispanic store and it's where we can find loads of people. We had lots of success and before you know it out walks one of the workers from the store to tell us we have to have a license to be out there and tells us we have to leave. I thought about arguing but then decided it was probably not the best idea at the time :) So we got kicked out. I am going to figure out the details and maybe we can go back and contact in the parking lot again sometime because it is seriously a mini Mexico :)
On Wednesday we also had interviews with President. He is INCREDIBLE. I love President Taylor!!! During the interview he took a few minutes to tell me "what my Heavenly Father wanted me to hear" at that time. It hit me right at the core. It is amazing to watch the new President and how the Spirit truly does guide him to guide us here in the missionary work. I'm the luckiest girl alive getting to serve with 2 BYU basketball studs as well :) I learn more from them than I could ever say.
Thursday we had a really neat experience. My compa and I were able to deal with some things here that brought us a lot closer together :) I really do love working with Hermana Moss. She is awesome!!! We also had a fast as a zone that we could come together as one in the mission and do what the Lord would have us do. Our mission president is always talking about the power of "Becoming and working as one."
Friday was great!! We woke up early and got the opportunity to go through the temple :) When I go home I am for sure going to go through the temple every week. I love it there. There's nothing like it. If you haven't been for a while.. GET THERE!!! :) You'll never regret it. We also had Gregorio's bap. interview. He had to have an interview with someone in the mission presidency and so we have to postpone his baptism a little bit but the following week he should be able to get baptized :)
Saturday was one of those rough days when everyone cancels. Let's be real... it happens a lot :) But you just have to keep truckin' and trust that if those people cancelled there are other people out there you've got to find. So we did some finding and found some good people :)
Sunday Teresa came back to church for the first time in years!!! We couldn't have been more excited :) We also went and saw Hector at the hospital. He has been there since Thursday. We took him and his family some no bake cookies that we had made for our investigators and members. It's so funny to watch their faces because most of them have no idea what a no bake cookie is :) They seem to like it though!
Honestly, all in all it was a good week :) We are doing a crazy contacting competition where we get points for certain things like "telling 5 people in a row you love them" or stopping a car to contact them. It has definitely jazzed up the work a bit! I love being a missionary. It's hard work... but it's worth it :) Somedays ya laugh, some ya cry, but in the end ya wouldn't have it any other way!!
Love y'all, until next time :) - Hermana Hot Dog :)

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