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June 23, 2014 I couldn't be happier ( :‏

Hola, hola, hola!!!

Man, what a week!!! I know every single week I say it can't get any crazier... but I really think the mission is like a roller coaster... and I still haven't even hit the top!!! :) It just keeps gettin' better :)

This last Monday we had a lesson with some of our recent converts. We got to teach Sandra a little bit :) Her mom and one of her daughters (Lizeth) still aren't members. But we are working on that! Afterwards... something awesome happened. We pulled up to Verenice's house and they were outside cleaning up the yard. She left the mower for just a sec and I couldn't resist. I grabbed it, started 'er up and off I went!! Skirt and everything :) Verenice's dad was dying laughing. He couldn't believe we would mow the lawn in a skirt. I couldn't resist! I sure love mowing the lawn. It was the 2nd chance I've gotten on my mission. I was grateful... because this time there was actually grass. The last time is was mostly dirt and beer bottle caps so I was a little afraid to lose a toe :) The grass here in Texas definitely isn't like our lushish green stuff back home! But I love it just the same.

On Tuesday we stopped in for our daily visit with Lizeth. She is still doing really good with keeping her commitments. I couldn't be more proud of her! It's amazing how you grow to love the people you teach so stinkin' much. I really feel like I would give anything for them. I can't imagine having my own kids. Afterwards we got to teach her grandma with Suzeth. Suzeth is such a strong girl. She was the first to be baptized in her family and because of that 2 others have been baptized and 4 others have baptismal dates. MIRACLE!!! Honestly, many times on my missions children have been the ones who understand the doctrine most clearly. No wonder Christ tells us to become as a little child :)

Later that night we got to teach the new family that Sandra introduced us to at the hospital. They sure live in humble circumstances... probably the most humble I have seen on my mission. But ya know what she said to me the other day? Something like this, "Ya know, I may live in humble circumstances. But I am happy. I have a husband who loves me and my kids and I am happy." All I can say is, well said. We don't need the things of the world to make us happy. We also got to teach Luiz that night. He has got such a good heart. He definitely has a rough past but I can see the light coming into his face more and more every week. It's amazing to see how the Gospel changes people's lives. There's a quote by Elder Packer that I love that goes something like this.. "The study of true doctrine will change behavior faster than the study of behavior will change behavior." The Gospel changes peoples lives.
Wednesday was INCREDIBLE and sure bittersweet. We had our LAST specialized training with President Durrant and his family. I LOVE THEM. I love them so much. I truly believe one of the biggest reasons I was sent to the Texas Dallas Heaven was because of President Durrant and his family. I have learned more than I could ever begin to express. He made us work... WORK HARD!! And I am so grateful for it. He looked at us the other day just as we were wrapping up and said.. "Ya know, sometimes I think to myself, Man, I sure ask a lot of my missionaries. Then I think... No, I don't. The Lord requires EVERYTHING." I know he loves us because he has taught us how to work and he always wants us to keep working harder and growing more. I hope one day to have a family just like his! I was talking to Sister Durrant afterwards and she gave me some of the best advice I have probably ever gotten. She told me, "Find a man who puts God first. Even before you. If he puts God first, you will never have to worry." It sure hit me hard :) This Saturday is President's last day here in Texas. I am sure going to miss them but I can't wait to meet our new ones. I will see them soon again in Utah! It's not goodbye, it's see you later :) 

Later that day we had a lesson with Blanca's (lady from the hospital) neighbor. At the end we invited her daughter to pray. They asked us exactly what is prayer and told us they had NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. So for the first time, her little girl got to pray :) I can't tell you how neat of an experience that is to be there when someone prays for the very first time. I love being a missionary :) 

Thursday a HUGE miracle happened!! After our lesson with Lizeth, we invited her to be baptized on the 2nd of August. She accepted and said she would prepare for baptism!!!!!!! :D :D :D Please, please, please keep her in your prayers :) My companion and I were watching the Joseph Smith movie with some investigators the other day and there's a line that says, "When we are doing the most good is when we are faced with the most opposition." Man, ain't that the truth. So please keep her in your prayers that she will be strong enough and be protected to make it happen!  

Friday we had an awesome lesson with Catalie and Dariela. I  can see Catalie getting baptized here soon :) We are going to try and set a date with her this week. She has come to church the last 2 weeks and LOVES it. This last week they also brought her dad and her other cousin. They are on FIRE!! :) After such a high with that lesson and Lizeth... the saying applied to us as well. We had to go through a few hard things. I won't go into details but there was a big misunderstanding with some of our members and it made for a rough couple of days. I went to service in tears that day but ya know... Heavenly Father doesn't only promise us that He will be with us during the good times... but also during the bad. After eating some humble pie we were able to work everything out :) The adversary will always throw things in our path.. that's not the question. The question is... how will we react? Brush yourself off... get back up... and keep fighting! :) So that's what we did :) 

Saturday morning we got to go and participate in a baptism that the Elders had. My compa and I got to teach. She was really nervous to teach in Spanish in front of the whole ward but it all worked out just fine :) That night we were able to have a quick lesson with Luiz! He said he would be at church on Sunday with his girlfriend so we were pretty excited for that!

Sunday we had 2 investigators in church!! :) We actually had 4 people come but 2 of them didn't count as investigators yet. We couldn't have been more excited. All I can say is God answers prayers :) We also got a new Ward Mission Leader! I am excited. I think he is going to be a really good guy. Later that night we finally got to see Verenice again. She still wants to be baptized and is still reading out of the Book of Mormon. Our battle is just getting her to church! Please keep her in your prayers and that her and her family can make it to church :) I love you all!! 

President Durrant taught us something really neat at this last training. He compared our mission to a concert. He described it as the best concert to ever be played. He described four people. All of them had brought front row seats. One of them... was sitting front row, enjoying every second :) The other had for some reason moved to the back of the auditorium. The third, was outside eating hot dogs. And the fourth, was wandering around the grounds not doing much of anything. He then said... this concert is your mission! Where are you sitting?? 

I believe this applies to every one of us. We all came to this earth on a mission. Where are you sitting?? :) He said, " You ALL bought front row tickets! You've sacrificed a lot to get here. Now work hard and enjoy it :) " Missionary work, takes work. When we are obedient and do that work, it brings blessings and happiness. I know it's hard... but get to work :) We're happier that way. I love you all!! Thanks for your prayers. I feel them :) I also love your mail ;) Hahah! But really, it's nice getting mail :) LOVE YA!!

Cuidate :) -Hermana Hadlock

P.s. this week I totally saved a drowning rat from the pool at the member's house where we lived. Hilarious?? :) Yes, I thought so. I just couldn't let him drown :) Ha!  

This is President Durrant's daughter :) 
We have a movie night planned on my return to Utah! 

It poured rain this morning! 
WE got caught running in it! We were soaked :) 

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