Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

FELIZ 5 DE MAYO!!!!!! :D 

I am sure it is quite the celebration in Mexico today :) I haven't seen to many celebrations here but that's because we haven't seen any of our investigators yet today! I am excited to see them tonight and see what they are doing to celebrate. From what I understand... 5 de Mayo is kinda like 4th of July here :) 

So this last week was amazing!! Every week on my mission never fails to teach me something. I don't know that I'll have as much to share this week because I forgot my memory card at the house and that's how I usually remember what happened over the last week :) hahah! Man, I have the memory of a grandma :) I'm scared to see what it'll be like when I really am old. 

I'll start with Wednesday! We had exchanges Wednesday :) Hermana Asay and I had a record high of 20 lessons with members present a while back. (It was a huge miracle and a huge blessing!) Anyhow... because of that the prize was we both got to pick who we wanted to go on an exchange with out of all the hermanas :) Hermana Asay chose hers and so we did that exchange this last Wednesday. I went with Hermana Gubler! She is a brand new missionary! It was the craziest experience for me. It was like I was looking myself dead in the face 1 year ago :) She was telling me her struggles with Spanish... asking questions about how the mission runs... and just being her cute 3 week missionary self :) I was so blown away at how incredible she really was! And I just kept thinking to myself... Just keep going :) You've got this :) You can't imagine all that lies ahead of you. I can't help but think that's how Heavenly Father must feel sometimes... He watches us through our struggles and He thinks... just keep going :) I've been there before! You got this :) You can't imagine all I have in store for you and all that lies ahead :) 

Although it was fun to be on an exchange I am always super happy to get my companions back :) The Lord has blessed me so much with the most amazing companions!! On Thursday, Hermana Asay came back and we got to work. We had a lesson with the Ajuero familia. I haven't talked about them a ton but they are amazing. We found them and they really liked what we were teaching but couldn't seem to give up the Catholic traditions. There was 2 sisters (the moms) and their daughters. One of the moms just went back to Mexico. Her daughter, Neida is still here. Neida texted us after the lesson and told us that she has questions for us but is too shy to ask them in front of her aunt and cousin. She came to church on Sunday and told us she wants to get baptized but her mom doesn't think she is old enough. She is 13 right now. So we are praying that her mom's heart will be softened :) Y'all should pray too! She is the sweetest thing in the whole world and wants it so bad. I could SO see her serving a mission :)

Friday was just pure insanity. We have had a competition between our zone for the last month called "McKinney Madness". There were a ton of events that had to do with missionary work. MY compa and I have been doing SO GOOD!!! Well... we made it to the finals against the Elders in our district. The challenge was "Line in the Water" (aka how much time we are out proselyting.. so studies... eating, etc. doesn't count) and number of baptismal invites. We decided to go 3 for 3!! We were going to wake up at 3 AM for 3 days to beat the Elders and win a trip to the temple. On Friday... the alarm went off at 3 and we were out of bed! It was nuts :) We had a day of miracles and contacted SO MANY people! Nevertheless.. by the end of the day... we were WIPED OUT!! WE decided there was NO WAY we were doing that for 3 days :) Hahah! 

Sunday was awesome! We had Neida, Jacqueline, and Jeffrey at church :) Then after we got to answer Neida's questions and she told us how she wants to be baptized :) It's so funny... I have seen so many times in my mission where a child can understand the Restoration and well-educated adults can't. Children are so in tune with the Spirit. There is good reason why Christ tells us we need to become like them. We as adults become way too distracted sometimes. Anyhow... we are praying she will be getting baptized here soon :)

Later that night we had one of the COOLEST experiences :) Gladys Knight and her choir " SAINTS UNITED VOICES" came and did a fireside here in Dallas. Last night, we got to go with our recent converts!!! I really wish I could just take every single one of you and let you experience it yourself :) Gladys Knight told her story of how she came to know the church. So did her husband :) Her husband is African- American as well and he shared the most awesome story. He said that he wanted to know why God has chosen Joseph Smith. His exact words were... why God had chosen a "Little white boy". He was praying and got the answer... "I didn't choose a little white boy. I chose your brother." We truly are brothers and sisters no matter what race. We are all God's children. They basically taught the Restoration, bore testimonies, and sang! :) It was INCREDIBLE. This Gospel truly is for all people :) There was this cute little old man in the choir as well. He BELTED IT! I've never heard someone sing like that. Afterwards, I got to shake his hand :) It made me remember how much I loved choir and singing in high school. Who knows.. maybe one day I'll go for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir :) I got lots a work to do!!! Hahah :) 

The work here is great :) I have grown SSSSOOOOO much is this last year on my mission. Ya know.. what President Hinckley said was so true. "You will cry more tears leaving to go home from your mission... then you will cry leaving for your mission." Something like that :) Also, "What seems to be one of the greatest sacrifices, will in turn become one of your greatest investments" There are quotes something like that. I thought when I left on my mission I was giving up SO MUCH. There were times... I wasn't sure I could do it. But I put my faith in Him. In this last year...I have seen myself become more of the person God would have me be. I still got a looooonnngg way to go :) Love y'all!!!

Have a stellar week :) tu favorita, Hermana Hadlock 

p.s. I will send more pics next week. I forgot my other memory card. This is Clara and Gilbert :) Clara is getting ready to serve her mission here soon! 

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