Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 Ah man... an emergency transfer!!!‏

So this last week was such a WILD one!!! I honestly don't even know where to start. Usually, I use my journal. But seeing as how I haven't even had time to get it all down in there... I can't use that this week to refer back to. Wow, wow, wow. So we had lots of lessons one night so we decided to go on missionary exchanges with the members. It went really well :) It's sweet being in a trio because two of us (Hermana McDaniel and I ) went to a few lessons while Hermana McDonald went to a few others. It's hilarious... when we are introducing ourselves at the door they go first and say, " Hi, I'm Hermana McDonald... and McDaniel... " then I started saying Hermana McHadlock :) It was super funny and we were all laughing!! This last week we set a few more baptismal dates. I am so excited!! We have one super solid guy whose name is Rodrigo. He always had wanted to know why there are so many churches. He didn't come to church but he was really sick and he said that he would come the next week. He came to a member dinner with us and that was awesome. Here in this area we are doing something right now where we only eat dinners with the members if they have one of their friends that isn't a member or if we can bring an investigator. It is definitely a lot harder and we don't have as many dinners but how it has been working and getting the members involved is incredible. We also use a question our mission president came up with... "Would you be willing to listen to a brief presentation of my ... faith, church, about Jesus Christ." We have the members ask it and then invite people over and we go! It has been working really well and we love it. The members are getting excited about the work :) So this last week was seriously SO eventful. This next coming one will be too!! On Thursday I think it was we got home and I realized that my wallet was gone... Surprise surprise right?? :) I don't lose things all the time or anything ;) Well, we searched and searched for it all over the apartment and in the car! We couldn't find it anywhere. I thought for sure it was stolen. We decided to kneel down and pray and while we were praying I had two different ideas come to my head. I knew they weren't my own. One was the lavandaria and the other was in the gutter on the street where we had parked. We decided to go to the lavandaria first... we were all in our pajamas and searching. We didn't find it there but Hermana McDaniel contacted a family outside. They said that they were going through a really hard time and could really use some help right now. They spoke english so we won't be teaching them but we gave them a card and all of us knew that was why we had to go to the lavandaria was to know them. Then we decided to go to the street where we had parked...sure enough!!! As we're pulling up we're all like no way... my compa jumps out and there is my wallet in the street!!! Right in the gutter. It must have fallen out of my back pack when we were getting out. I couldn't believe it. We started to cry because the Spirit was so strong. We knew that I had lost my wallet so that we could find that family at the lavandaria. Miracles happen every day on a mission :) Then we got home and it was already past bed time when Hermana McDonald starts yelling.. sure enough... there's a NASTY cockroach the size of TEXAS in our kitchen!!! It was quite the event trying to kill it. While we were trying to kill it... we found more!!! It was so nasty. I was screaming and we were all freaking out trying to get them. None the less, we ended up killing them all and all ended well :) We saw one on the ceiling again the next night but we killed that one too and haven't seen another one since. Also this last week we ran in Long John Silver's to go to the bathroom really fast. As we are leaving my compa turns around and starts talking real loud and tells everyone in there we have a very special message for them and that we are missionaries!!! :D I was shocked to say the least. So we went around and gave everyone cards. I seriously love my companions. They are the greatest :) Well now for the other shocking piece of news... we got a call last Saturday night that Hermana McDaniel was getting emergency transferred to Rowlette. They told her another sister was going home for an emergency and she had to go and take her place. We were all crying. They told her she would be leaving the next day (which was yesterday). We drove her to Rowlette yesterday. I honestly miss her so bad!! Our little trio doesn't feel complete without the other McD. But all is well. We have confidence in the Lord that everything will work out for our good :) I am still super excited to be here with Hermana McDonald!! She is awesome and I have a lot to learn from her :) This area is honestly amazing. We have so many people we are preparing for baptism. My companion told me you can change an area by what you say and what you believe about it. She said a year ago... this was one of the slowest/toughest areas in the missions. The work has changed here :) We are now doing SO well!! The work is hard but so worth it :) While I am here trying to help others I realize how often God is helping and building up me personally. No matter what comes in life... have faith in God and follow what he would have you do and you will never come out with the short end of the stick. So I can't believe it... this week on the 15th I hit my 6 month mark!!! And.. one year from tomorrow, November 12th, I'll be coming home! How nuts is that??? Time passes SO FAST!! I'm going to be an old geezer here soon on the 20th :) Oh yeah... one last thing. Too funny! So the other morning we were running and I trip... it looks so funny that my companions thought I was doing it just to be funny :) NOT!!! I had really fallen. So then the next morning... my companion biffs it as well. Ah man, it was hilarious :) Well, all is well here in Texas. God is working with me slowly to make me into the person He would have me be. My companion is amazing. The work here is incredible. I love Spanish and I love the people!! We are never alone in this work. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Savior Himself. Oh yeah... and Wednesday I get to go to the temple for the 1st time!!! :D WHHOO!! Hope all is well there at home :) I love y'all!! 

Until next week, Hermana Hadlock :) 

Lili in my last area drew this :)

Downtown Dallas last night

 The last picture with my trio!!! 

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