Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Howdy from GRAND PRAIRIE!!!

I gotta say... it was sure a long week but it sure was a great one!!
:) I think it was so long because we were all getting used to
everything. Honestly, now that I am more adjusted I think the time
will start to fly by again. It was funny, I was talking to my compass
(yes, I am in a trio now and loving it!) about how change is really
hard for me. I am not sure why but I think I just like to know my
surroundings and have things stable. So being on a mission has taught
me a lot. One second, you feel like you have started to get things
figured out and then the next you are in an entirely new area with
entirely new people. You have no idea where you are going to live or
who you are going to be around. It is the CRAZIEST thing!! You
honestly don't know a single person. Then before you know it, you feel
like you are at home again. There are 3 things I have learned from the
changes in the mission though... 1.Change is the only thing that is
constant in life. So make the best of it and be flexible. Decide to be
happy :)There will always be opposition, so make it work. 2. I got a
blessing from my dad just over a year ago now when I was moving to
college for the first time. In it, he said that I would grow more over
the next year than I ever had before. That scared me to death. Where
there is growth, there is struggle and change and progress. One of my
favorite quotes from my high school coach, Coach Richards"Where there
is no struggle, there is no progress." I can look back and truly say
that I have grown so much. I can't believe how far I have come and all
of it is thanks to the help of my Heavenly Father and Savior. 3.
Wherever the Gospel is... is HOME. It doesn't matter what else changes
in life. I remember being in Rexburg, ID and thinking what in the
world am I doing here so far away from everything I know?? I took a
drive to the temple and was sitting up there thinking. I remember at
that moment realizing it didn't matter where I was in life or what
changed but that if I had the Gospel in my life, that was my home.
There's some food for thought :) Now to catch you up on my new area!
First off, we all know how much I love mail... my address is 3001 S.
Carrier Parkway Apt. 2304 Grand Prairie, TX 75052. I would love to get
mail from anybody and everybody!! :) Oh and my golden birthday 20 on
the 20th is coming up ;) Cough cough. Only joking!! Also, thanks for
the mail that I have received :) Being in a trio has been fun. We can
definitely talk to a lot more people all at the same time! Lessons
have been a bit harder to adjust to only because there are three of us
trying to talk but honestly it has not been bad at all. I LOVE MY NEW
COMPANIONS!! I have been so lucky. Everyone always talks about "that
one" companion and I guess we will see if I get one by the end of my
mission but honestly I would be happy to serve with anyone.
Nevertheless, I have been SO grateful for the amazing companions I
have had and have!! These two Hermana McDaniel and Hermana McDonald
are ALWAYS making me laugh! I'll probably have a six-pack by the end
of this transfer :) Oh and I am also most definitely going to get in
better shape! Well, I hope :) We have been going out on really good
runs every morning. Maybe I'll loose the freshman fluff I gained at
college ;) Ha, we'll see! It's a workin' progress. Monday I spent
saying goodbye to a lot of my families. I gotta say Lili y David were
some of the hardest. By the end we were all crying!! All of us except
for David. It was too good :) I sure miss Choco, their chocolate lab
too, but all is well here in Grand Prairie!! I will get to go back to
their baptism on the 24th of November :) They told me if I didn't have
a ride, they would come get me!! Tuesday was transfers and it was sad
to say "see ya later" to the Whitley's and Hermana LeBaron but I got
all my stuff moved and got moved into my new apartment! Wednesday was
amazing. We taught this guy named Juan and we challenged him at the
end of the lesson to dump out his beer he had in the fridge. He
hesitated at first and then got up and dumped it down the drain. We
were cheering so loud and we were so excited!! Then we sang a hymn for
him. He started to cry and just kept saying, "Mi Corazon, mi Corazon."
It was incredible. That night we also ate papusas with a family! They
are one of my new favorite foods :) We also met a lady named Bonnie.
She has cancer and basically says she is just waiting to die. We had a
prayer with her and all gave her hugs. She said the English sisters
could come back and visit her but it was amazing to see how she opened
up to us and really how the knowledge of the plan of salvation can
change people's lives. Thursday was a good one! I was thinking about
faith a lot. I was thinking how most of us want to be the leader.. we
want to be the Nephi or the Moroni (the power house in the group that
leads everyone to a victory) but I was thinking about how each one of
us has our roles. I was thinking about how much faith it must take to
be someone like Nephi or Moroni and be a leader. Then I stopped and
thought about how much faith it must also take to be a follower. How
much faith does a follower need to put in his leader? Who would the
leader lead without the followers? We all have a purpose in this life
and everyone of us needs faith to fulfill our purpose. Just another
cool thought :) I am learning my role in God's hands every day.
Saturday was incredible! I got attend a baptism of my two compass :)
It was awesome! But there were also two other really great things.
First, we got a call from President Durrant the other day and he was
inviting us to come to a meeting with all of the stake presidents in
our mission, himself, and a member of the 70, Elder Hanson. It was my
companionship and a companionship of Elders that had been invited.
What an incredible experience it was!! Elder Hanson told us how proud
of us he was and how the leaders of the church reverence our service
as missionaries. It was such an incredible experience to be apart of
and the Spirit was there SO strong. What an honor and privilege it was
to be there. Then the funniest thing of my life happened that night...
We were going to visit a less active lady in our area. We knocked and
she asked who it was.. we said, "the missionaries!" She said, " I
thought I told you never to come back?? What are you doing here?? We
don't want you here!!!" We were all startled and just looking at each
other. Then one of my companions asked if we could leave a card on her
door... She responded with" You can take that card and (a few other
words...) " We were all so startled and at that comment I had both my
hands covering my mouth trying so hard not to die laughing!!! We
started to walk away and were most of the way down the side-walk when
she came out and was like, "come back!! Come back!" We were all
hesitant and scared at first.. then we went back and she told us she
thought it was her daughters playing a trick on her. She didn't know
it was actually the sister missionaries! She was crying she was so
embarrassed. We ended up having and awesome lesson with her! :) She's
super nice. Too hilarious right?? Church yesterday was awesome. We
received something like 22 referrals from the ward this last week.
THAT NUMBER IS unheard of!! But it's true. They are working so well
with us right now :) There are so many that are willing to help. It
blew my mind. I am doing well :) The area is great! It's been a little
hard to adjust at times but I honestly love it. I hope all is well at
home :) Pray tonight and ask God how He feels about you. Then ask Him
for His help and where you could do a little better in life. I
promise, you'll feel his love :) Y'all are great!!!! Thanks for
everything :)

Con Amor, Hermana Hadlock :) Oh yeah, and on Halloween we couldn't be
out for lots of reasons but one because people would think we were
trick or treaters so we got to have a party as a zone! :) It was
awesome :) Love and miss y'all :) Stay happy!!

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