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October 28, 2013 Off on a new adventure...‏

Hey there y'all :)
So... transfer calls came last Saturday night!! Turns out, I am off to Grand Prairie, TX!!! My new companions will be Hermana McDonald and Hermana McDaniel! Can you believe it?? I am going to be in a trio!!! I was sure surprised when I got the call. I would be a mentirosa (liar) if I said I wasn't nervous. To be honest, it doesn't seem real because up to this point in my mission this is the only place I have known. I sure will miss the Whitley's, Hermana LeBaron, all the people in my ward, y claro todos de mis investigadores :) I sure have grown to love all of them so much. It will be weird not living with members anymore. I think I have been spoiled getting to live with them! This last week I spent saying goodbye to everyone because we were pretty sure I was getting changed. Hermana LeBaron thought she would be staying at the Whitley's but it turns out that she is actually moving over to Lewisville where we normally work (right now we are living outside of the area where we work. I know, it makes no sense.) But I guess they will be putting 2 more hermanas in the Whitley's and Hermana LeBaron and I are moving out. We have spent most of the morning packing and cleaning. I sure will miss Bell (the Whitley's cat) :) Haha. But I am sure I will find many more people to love over there in Grand Prairie! Friday morning was fun. We had exchanges and Hermana Ostler decided to come back here for them. So for 1 day it was kinda back to the way it was in the first part of my mission! We visited some of our old investigators and that was a good time. Hermana Ostler asked when Heidi y Angel were going to get baptized and he said hopefully before Christmas!! I sure hope he meant what he said :) Hermana LeBaron is going to continue working with them so I know that all of our people are going to be in good hands. Some of the hardest to say goodbye to are Lili y David... and their chocolate lab named Choco :) Yesterday, we got to eat tres leches with them in celebration of finishing their test and it was delicious. They were excited to be done and I am sure both of them passed! They said they felt pretty good about it but will continue to study in case they have to take it again. Rosa and her cute kids are doing well. She has a hard time with the authority in the church and doesn't see the need to baptize her children again when they have already been baptized. She is so awesome though and I love her family so much! Also, for the first time they came to church on Sunday!!!! :D I didn't even get to see them because they came a little late and left after the first meeting but she promised she'd come for my last time there and did :) We are going to go visit them tonight so I can say goodbye. It really isn't good bye... it's just see you later :) That's what I have to keep telling myself. It's interesting, there's a quote by President Hinckley that says something like "You will cry more when you leave to go home for your mission then you did when you left for your mission." I am starting to see how that is going to be true. I have grown to love the people here so much. I sure am going to miss Carrollton but I know that there are many more things that await me in Grand Prairie. This last week we got an award for the cleanest car! :) That was pretty exciting. Hermana LeBaron and I both just know how to clean a car I guess! We also got to eat dinner with 2 of my favorite families this week! La familia Garibaldi and La Familia Curiel. They are such good people and sure do take good care of us as missionaries! Hermana Garibaldi is the one who made us a whole cheesecake and Hermano G. was our old ward mission leader. They are actually the ones who know the Schulte family. (I went to school with a couple of their kids. Their daughter served here.) Hermana Curiel wants to take us to the Dominican Republic someday with her to where she's from. She's too cute. Ruben has said that he wants to get baptized! Honestly, we just need to find him somewhere where he doesn't work on Sundays, which is really hard, and a way to get to church every week. But I know that sometime he will be baptized! We found a cute new family last night as well. We taught them for the first time and I am excited to have Hermana LeBaron update me on them. Really every week when I sit down to write these e-mails I am always a tiny bit overwhelmed because I think of all that has happened in the week and all that I learn everyday. A mission in hard... but worth it!! Just like everything in life that is good right? It takes work. I remember a story they told us from the MTC. A missionary sat down with the president of the MTC and said... "If I don't go on a mission, I can still get married in the temple right?" He replied, "Yes." The missionary started again... " I can still..." He went down the list and the president answered yes to all of them. Then the missionary asked, "Well then what am I going to miss if I don't go on a mission?" The president responded, "You are going to miss YOUR mission." As missionaries we go out and say we are giving our lives up to serve others... I believe that is true with all of my being. But I also believe the blessings we receive and the people we will become if we are doing what we need to do far out weighs the sacrifice we give. We get so much out of it. More than we could ever give. I am so proud of all of my friends and all the people I know that have made the decision to serve missions. You will never regret it. Members can also be a part of the work. Get to know your missionaries and ask them what you can do for them and tell them how they can help with your friends and family as well. I love this work. Tonight, I'll be going to say "see ya later" to Lili y David and... Choco. It sure makes me miss my black lab Dipper :) I am sad to leave but so excited all at the same time! I just gotta have faith that everything will work out. The language is still coming along. I am starting to notice that I can speak and listen without focusing so much on it anymore. It is starting to become a lot more natural! I can even joke around in Spanish and most of the time people get it. There are still loads of people that think I'm Mexican. It's hilarious :) A scripture I have loved here lately... John 16:33. We need not fear, Christ has overcome the world :) I sure love and miss you all and hope you are doing great!! I am now enjoying lovely weather here in Texas :) They said I'll be lucky to see a day of snow!! Love and miss you all!!
Su favorita-Hermana Hadlock :)
This is chair volleyball we play at the senior center :) 

Our certificates and La Familia Garibaldi

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