Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 In love with FALL!‏

Buenos tardes familia y amigos! Como estan ustedes? Espero que todo esta bien :) Estoy bien contenta y feliz aqui en mi mision.
There ya go! you can read a little Spanish :) I love Spanish. I still am no where near perfect but people can understand me and for the most part I can understand them! It's crazy to look back and think how much I have learned!! So Fall is finally in the air here. Honestly, when I sit down to write these e-mails I never know where to start. I think back to the last week and can't even remember what has happened. I guess it is a good thing I am keeping a journal everynight :) Honestly, the mission just seems like one on going day forever... it's kinda crazy. Pero, me encanta mi mision! As I was saying it is finally really cooling down here. I think today it is going to be in the low 60's. There have been a few days where I have been really cold. I don't even know how that's possible when I think back to the summer and I think back to where I was living in Rexburg last Winter at -18 degrees and sometimes even colder! It really is a different kinda cold though with the humidity. The last few days have kinda felt like Utah and I have been loving it :) To start off the week... last Monday was a fun one! We ended up in the Lavandaria talking to Taryn and her fiance. They are something like youth misisters at another church. We struck up a conversation and the fiance ended up asking us how and why we are converted and what made us believe. I think he wanted to know because he wants to know how to better help his teenagers they work with. We all ended up sharing our conversion stories and why we have faith and believe in Jesus Christ. Sadly, they spoke English so we won't be able to continue teaching them :( But they truly were amazing and we are going to try and get the english missionaries over there!!! At the end of the conversation I was telling Taryn how cute her style was... she holds up one of the sweaters out of the laundry she is folding and says, "Ya want it? :)" With a big old grin! I said no a few times and then finally agreed. IT'S SO CUTE! It's the white, blue, and yellow one (hey, my school colors!) that I am wearing in the pictures for this week. The people here in Texas are so nice!! Southern hospitality is real y'all :) Yes, there are some not so nice... but ah well! There's good and bad everywhere ya go. Just gotta look for the good. TUESDAY: Drum roll please... LILI y DAVID are getting BAPTIZED on November 10th!! :D I couldn't be more excited!! I will send the pictures of our reactions when we came out of the appointment!! I have never been so happy :) They are incredible. This will be the first people that I have found, taught, and have decided to get baptized all together!! Such an incredible feeling :) And they are super solid! I have no doubt that they will do incredible things with their lives. So thank you for the prayers :) God really does prepare people and I know that thanks to your prayers and a lot of work we can find people like them and bring them to the Gospel! Service later that day was pretty funny...  Remember the saying EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS? Yeah, it's true. Last Tuesday at service we about died when we saw the cabbage. I am going to send home a picture that the lady took of us holding it!! You won't believe it!! It was so crazy :) Wednesday was a rougher day.. all of our appointments fell through and now that it's getting dark early it's hard to get people to let us in when it's night time and we don't find as many people outside. During the summer it's like 9:00 and people will let you right in and now at like 7:00 they're like what're you doing out?? It's so dark! Y'all should be careful! We ended up having one lesson in another laundry matt we found called coin laundry. We had a return appointment with the guy but haven't been able to find him since :( We've been working really REALLY hard to find new people to teach! Thursdays we had interviews with President Durrant. Can I just say how awesome he is?? I love him so much!! Everytime we are together as missionaries for a meeting like that and we sing an opening hymn or really anything the Spirit is so strong. I realize how powerful the Spirit is and that it truly is the real teacher of truth. P.s. Did you know he spoke in General Conference? I watched it the week of General Conference and it's awesome. Just look up Devin Durrant and take a look :) Friday we had an awesome day!! We got to go to the Dallas Temple with Lili y David! They loved it. I will send some pictures of that as well. We had a lesson about eternal families and told them about how in a year from their baptism they could be sealed together. I don't know if it'll happen... but if they get sealed a year from their baptism, it'll be the week I am coming home from  my mission. How incredible would that be? I told them about it and they said they'll have to see :) Haha, I love them! Saturday we went and helped Rosa paint her house! We were going to tear out some carpet but she decided not to do it so we just painted. We painted the room red like Lightning McQueen red from cars for her son Eduardo :) I absolutely adore him! He reminds me so much of Keaton Jackson's little brother. Rosa is a sweetheard and I want so badly for her and her kids to have a life in the Gospel. Normally Saturdays are pretty busy days for us but again our appointments fell through and we were having a really hard time finding new people. President has asked us this month to not do stop by's and to only go to appointments that are set up at least one day in advance. People can be incredibly hard to get ahold of sometimes and so it's been a little tougher not being able to drop by and catch them home. Nevertheless, we had a good day again yesterday :) Angel and his little girl Heidi ended up coming to church along with Lili y David! :D Rosa didn't end up making it but hopefully next week :) Angel leaned over to me during Sunday school and said this is exactly what I have been thinking about (talking about the lesson..) it's amazing how many times that has prabably happened to each one of us as church isn't it? Hermana LeBaron loves soccer and yesterday she played around with a couple kids and their dads for a few minutes. We ended up getting some return appointments so that was awesome! It was fun to watch her. The people you meet on your mission are incredible. I'll never forget them! Last night we had a lesson with the Juanitos. Remember them?? They are so nice but it's so sad because we can't really teach anything without getting into a Bible bash and so we just have to sit there patiently and try to get them to listen while we listen to them as well. He told us he was worried about us because he knows we're good people but that we don't believe in the word of God. (Meaning the Bible) All we could do was share our testimonies. They really are good people and I think one day they will come around :) We ended on a good note though! They fed us some of the most delicious tomales I have ever eaten!! They were pretty spicy but I am getting more and more used to it every day :) I am going to miss Mexican food so bad when I get home from my mission! It's delicious :) Also this Saturday are transfer calls!! I am SUPER nervous. When I think about it I start to go crazy so I am just trying not to think about it. I think there is a real good chance I am out of there this time. But ya NEVER know. So I just gotta have faith and know that wherever I go it will be for the best no matter what :) I gotta choose, faith or fear. Fe o miedo. Tengo fe! So next time I e-mail I can let ya know if I'm out of here or not. I am going to enjoy my week here as much as I can in case it is my last :) I love Sister Whitley and can't imagine not living there now but no matter what happens, I'll choose to be happy :) I am coming up here on my 6 month mark here next month on the 15th! Can you believe it?? When I think about all that I need to do and accomplish in the rest of my mission I get overwhelmed. But again I am learning (along with a lot of other life lessons... too many to count) that you just gotta have faith and press on and all works out :) If we're trying our hardest and playing on the Lord's team we are going to come out on the winning end! With Him we can. I also want to say how important member missionary work is! If you don't know the missionaries in your ward, GET TO KNOW THEM! It can seem like too much to handle or you don't have time to help them... but even for 1 referral we are incredibly grateful whether it works out or not! Share your testimony ALWAYS and use words SOMETIMES :) One of my favorite quotes. The love of Christ and our Father in heaven is more powerful than you can imagine. Show the ones around you how much you genuinely care and love them :) You'll have greater effect that you can comprehend. Do what's right and you'll be blessed. That's that :) And happier. The people here are incredible. I love them. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! HAVE a great week :) Go eat some Mexican food... haha and watch out! Sometimes it's a little rough on the stomache ;)
LOVE Y'ALL!! Until next week, Hermana Jennay Hadlock
p.s. The picture with my BYU Idaho shorts... remember when we were painting the red room?? RED paint got right over the top of the BYU!! I was so angry!! Haha. Then there was this little boy outside of our car Saturday night. We looked up when we had finished praying and he was standing there with a stern look! It's his halloween costume :) HILARIOUS! when we drove away he was on TOP on the car directing us where to go.Kids are too funny :)

Our cute sweaters and again...  

When they said they'd be baptized!! :D
Hope they weren't watching this outside their appartment ;)

My favorite cheesecake on the planet that our family made for us.

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