Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 Conference, conference, conference!!! :)‏

Hey Y'ALL!!!
Honestly, I don't even know where to really start. What an INCREDIBLE week!! It's so funny... because it seems that here on the mission and in life that some of the hardest weeks can be the sweetest as well. All depends on how we look at them. Monday night, we had a family home evening with La familia Caceres. They are so AWESOME!!! We did the egg lesson with them... (I love object lessons) and I still forgot to take pictures. I'll get that at some point or just show you when I get home, promise :) But it went really well. They both served their missions in Argentina and they have the cutest kids in the world. They had a less active girl over for the lesson. Her name is Amanda and I think her and I are really close to the same age. It was fun to talk with her and she actually said that she would come out with us so we are excited for that!! :) There was one night this week... I think it was Monday or Tuesday night that for some reason I couldn't sleep at all. I woke up about 2 or 3 times and was WIDE AWAWKE! So at 3:00 in the morning I ended up getting up and just reading scriptures and writing in my journal. I had me a bowl of chocolate cheerios and it made for a pretty good breakfast ;) I think the lack of sleep hit me a couple days later. I was tired and just way too stressed and worried about everything. I have an awesome compa though and talked it all out with her and got back on my feet again :) After the trial always comes the sunshine because this last weekend was INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait to tell you all about it :) P.s. I forgot last week to tell you... During service Tuesdays we serve at this little place that is like a food pantry. We had a guy come through that we were helping and he told me that one day he was going to be a famous country singer. We ALL know how much I love country music :) So I asked him what his favorite is to sing and he started in with Joe Nichols- Brokenheartsville. Joe Nichols was my first concert and I LOVE his music. It was my very favorite back in the day :) Too funny. So when we were helping him out to his car he gave me a signed picture of him and told me to hold on to it. That one day, it'd be worth somethin' :) too funny!! His name is Robert Hawkins. You can look him up on facebook. He was pretty awesome. We had an awesome zone meeting Tuesday! We have a goal as a mission to find 1500 new investigators this month as a mission!! To answer some of your questions Dad we find people both through referrals and through tracting. I have done my fair share of walking out in the heat and knocking doors. But they have asked up to start steering away from that as much as we can and working through the members. So that's what we have been trying to do!! It's hard work.... but so worth it! But with this goal of finding 1500 new investigators we have been talking to SO many people!! We go to the lavandaria (laundry matt) and just talk with people in the streets. Yesterday, we had a goal to contact 50 people to make our goal for the week. It was too funny... we got 29 in between conference sessions and then I was talking to Hermana LeBaron and I was just like well... it's gonna be tough if all of our appointments are there.... how are we gonna do it? We'll figure it out :) then she says, we just need to find a fiesta in stone creek (these appartments where I am positive only 3 americans live ;) ) and contact everyone there! Well sure enough... we needed 21 after conference... we were walking and see all these pink balloons!! There was a fiesta in STONE CREEK! God answers prayers. We ended up getting like 52 contacts for the day :) All from the help of above. The weather here sure has cooled down!!! The other day it was like 55 degrees and raining and I was FREEZING!! haha. Nah, it wasn't too bad but it sure was cold :) Sister Whitley says it goes really back and forth though. She said don't be surprised if in 2 days it's back to 90's. But I sure am lovin it :) Lili y David are doing GREAT!! They said that they think they want to get baptized. But they want to wait until after their engineering test on the 25th of Oct. So hopefully by the end of Oct. or The beginning of Nov. they will be baptized! They made us tostadas for lunch the other day! I should've taken a picture. It was delicious :) I love their dog Choco and it makes me miss my pets! But it's fun to play with him :) That same day we had a lesson with Heidi y Angel and Ruben. Heidi y Angel I'm a bit worried about because they didn't come to any of conference and haven't been reading much :( But I have faith in them! So keep them in your prayers. We're gonna have a lesson with them tonight I think :) I was really worried about Ruben because he said that he is starting a new job and will have to work sundays... but the new job didn't work out so him and Lili y David ALL CAME TO CONFERENCE!!! They looked so good :) I was so stinkin' happy they came. I think they really liked it and it was so awesome to see the change in Ruben in his white shirt and tie! Lili y David already have such a light about them :) Ah man, I just love them all! It's amazing though... because you get such a love for the people you teach that when they choose not to follow what we teach them or choose other things it absolutely breaks your heart. You want them to understand SO badly!! It makes me think of how a parent feels about their kids. I can't begin to imagine the love a parent has for their kids. Then that also made me think about our Savior and Father in heaven. How much they want us to just put our trust in them. If we will, even if it makes NO SENSE in our minds... we'll be happier and have what is better for us. I like to think of it with the analogy of an airplane. I can't tell you how an airplane works... but I have trust enough to get on it. It's the same. Sometimes we don't always understand how God's plan works... but we KNOW it does. We're gonna get a lot farther and a lot faster in the airplane than we are trying to go our own way with a crazy map and our own 2 feet. Anyways, Ruben's job ended up falling through and he came both Saturday AND Sunday to the morning session!!! :DI'll send pictures. Thursday night I met the cutest little girl in the world... her name is Micah. We found her in a trailer park where we have started working more the past few days. She drew us a picture :) I'll try to send it. We also found a part-member family there while we were knocking! She grew up Mormon but left it when she moved out of the house. We had a good lesson with them last night and she started to cry :) Man, I love the Gospel! So we are going to start working with them as well. She sent us home with a lemon cinnamon roll thing too... man, I've gained a little weight and honestly it's because people are always feeding us!! On Friday, which was also Jackson's birthday( happy birthday to him!! and thanks for my package mama!! I love any chance I get to hear from home! (letters all that godo stuff ya know ;)) we had the lesson with Lili y David. It was with our new ward mission leader who is a family that just moved here from Argentina like a month ago! Their spanish is so different and hard to understand but I like it! Then on Saturday we had conference... I can't even begin to say all the things I loved about conference. President Uchtdorf of course is always one of my favorites :) When he said the 3 hours about church we were dying laughing because Ruben was there and that was exactly his reaction... WHAT?!? Too funny :) I loved Elder Holland's Elder Oaks... Elder Dube? Something like that :) and of course, President Monson's :) I told my companion how I would be the happiest girl in the world if we had conference every day!! That night we also were knocking and this girl comes out of the apt. (we were talking with her friend's roommate) and brings us chocolate chip cookies with an oreo inside!! Could you say my favorite thing in the world??? I think so :) There really is southern hospitality here. There are some people that are really rude of course... We actually met a guy who told us that Joseph Smith never even lived and that he really wanted me to discover the truth for myself. It was sad... but what can ya do? We just bore our testimonies and left. Saturday conference was truly amazing again and I already told you about the 52 contact story!! The one last thing that I want to talk about is how grateful I am. I realized that exactly one year ago yesterday was the day they announced the mission age change. It was the day I decided to go on a mission :) Here I am one year later in the heart of TEXAS and couldn't be happier. I have to say it is one of the hardest most trying things I have ever done in my life... but with that comes some of the greatest joy I have ever had as well :) I couldn't be happier than to be part of the 80,000 missionaries that are all over the world right now and serving with so many of my friends. A mission makes you grow in ways you can't imagine... and blesses you in more ways than are explainable :) The church is true. Jesus Christ LIVES. He loves you. Get involved in missionary work. Have courage to open your mouth. One of my favorite quotes that goes something like this... "Share your testimony ALWAYS. Use words sometimes."
Until next week, Hermana Jennay Hadlock :)

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