Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 Finalmente hace mas fresco afuera :)‏

Quierdo Familia!!
Como estan ustedes?!? Espero que todo esta bien. Pensaba que estaria divertido para escribir un poco en espanol hoy. Yo se, mi espanol no esta perfecto. Pero cada dia trato para mejorar lo. Entonces, nadie puede reir cuando leen este si hablan espanol ;)
You can put this in google translator and see if it works! Quien sabe? Who Knows? Hahaha. Things are great here in TEXAS!! I think (okay, lets be honest. I know...) I am starting to develope a little Texas pride myself! I couldn't love my area where I am serving anymore than I do. My companion is great. The Whitley's that we live with are amazing. Our investigators are incredible. Just like my President Durrant (mission president) says, we are in the TEXAS DALLAS HEAVEN. We are TEXAS DALLAS HEAVENARIES :) Not just missionaries. Haha :) But President Durrant also said in our specialized training this last week, "There will always be opposition." I loved when he said this to us. We had a specialized training this week that was so good. He was talking about the work and how great it was. He was talking about all the miracles. He was also talking about how we can ALWAYS always work harder and become better. Then he said that nevertheless, there will always be opposition. I thought to myself, "How true is that?" Sometimes, as a missionary I find myself looking at other areas, missionaries, investigators, and think wow, if only I could speak spanish like them, if only I could be teaching that person, if only our area had as many hispanics as them... then I find myself realizing... Wait, you have everything :) I couldn't be more happy where I am. Yes, there are some days when I get upset when we are wandering around lost, late for appointments, the people are hiding behind the door and won't answer... but I also see that I have a companion who is willing to give her time to serve the Lord. The weather is cooling down. The fact that even one person is willing to listen to us and let us in their house :) Because lets be honest, two young girls, sweating, and speaking funny spanish has got to be pretty funny to the people we talk with. I know I've rambled on but I just want to say that yes life is hard... but we can turn it into what we want no matter the conditions :) It's something I am learning over and over again here in the mission. One of my favorite quotes lately... " You don't find the happy life, you make it." This morning while we were running I was thinking... people don't just wake up one day as one of the great and noble. Ordinary people do simple good deeds everyday... and over time it is realized that one good deed every day has developed into something extraordinary :) Enough of all my thinking and into what happened this week! :) For those of you who read Sister Whitley's y'all already know about this. But I think it was Tuesday morning when I was upstairs studying and I hear Sister W. squeeling and then the door shuts hard and I was like what in the world is going on??? We had a BIRDIE in our house!!! I decided it was an emergency and put studies on hold for a moment :) Hahah. After many attempts, we saved the little birdie and set it free in a tree of paradise away from Bell our cat :) This week we also had 2 hilarious days! It seemed like every little thing that could go wrong was... but we could either laugh or cry so we just laughed! Tuesday after the training our ride was late and so we were in a rush. When we got to the house the little girl that was the niece of the member that was giving us a ride said she had to go to the bathroom... so we said she could come in and use our bathroom. When mi compa looked at me and said you have the keys? I was like no, do you have them?? We realized we had forgotten the keys!! This poor little 2 almost 3 year old had to go to the bathroom... so we ran around back to check if the door was unlocked. Nope. We were locked out. This also meant that we were locked out of our car and couldn't go to any of our appointments. We came back around front and I saw that the drive way was wet. It was right under the front of the car so I figured it was water from the AC or something. Then right when the member is about to leave she says sorry... she couldn't hold it anymore. I realized what the wet spot was!!! Hahah, so there we sat on the porch locked out and dying laughing. While we were waiting for someone to come home we washed it off with the hose :) Of course the Whitley's noticed the drive way was wet so we told them what happened and we all laughed! When we finally got back in our car we headed for our appointments. We have a really cool lesson we do with a hard boiled egg and a glass jar. The glass jar is from Starbucks and so they are rare here in the mission but work PERFECTLY for the lesson. I'll take pictures when we do it this week and show you why :) Anyways, we were out in the street and I opened up my back pack forgetting the jar was in the pocket... and SHATTER!!!!! All over in the street. It was like a half hour before the lesson we had that we had planned to use it. I couldn't belive it!!!!! So then we were frantically calling the other missionaries to see if they were close and happened to have theirs. They didn't :( But one elder told us we could buy them at QT (a gas station here). So that's what we did!!! We ran in and bought one and I was talking loud about where we were going to DUMP IT OUT and we were dying laughing the whole time. The lesson went well and they loved it :) But there's a part where you have a bowl of water and of course... the WHOLE BOWL dumped in my lap and it looked like I peed my pants!! Too stinkin' funny :) Heidi y Angel were dying laughing. Lili y David are doing great!! :) Honestly, every time we talk with them I am amazed! They are studying to take their engineering test here on Oct. 25. They were already engineers in Mexico but moved here to take the test so that they could work! Their faces have so much light in them. Lili has read like 140 pages of the BOM and David is reading The Principles of the Gospel book like crazy too. We had a fun lesson with Lili y David! We taught them tithing and then used coke and mentos. We gave them 10 mentos and said here is your money. Then we told them to "pay" one and drop it in the coke! We all know what happened :) It turned into an exploding coke fountain! We said it's the exact same when we pay tithing! When we do, the blessings of heaven pour out!!! :) Haha. It was really fun and they liked it! That same morning I had gotten woke up at like 5 because I rolled over and hit my eye on the door knob again :) I am the only sister that has done it and it's because I am so weird in my sleep! I have a tiny black eye :) I'll send pictures. It's too funny :)  On Saturday we had TONS of rain again! I'll send you pictures. We were teaching Ruben outside and then all of the sudden it started POURING!!! That night we got to go to the Relief Society Broadcast because Lili came with us :) It was so good and it was so cute... when they said the prophet would be speaking she turned to me with this huge excited grin like really?!? It reminded of what a huge blessing it really is that we have a modern Moses or Abraham in our day :) Saturday... Lili y David AND HEIDI y ANGEL came to church!!! We haven't been able to get Heidi y Angel to church in forever and were thinking about dropping them because they haven't been keeping any committments. They promised us they would come to church and when they didn't answer that morning we were really nervous so we drove to their house and started knocking to wake them up... Angel answered the door and I was like WHY DIDNT YOU ANSWER? :D He started laughing and said, "We were going to surprise you!!!" :) WE WERE SSSOOO EXCITED!! We have to get them married but honestly they are SO close to being ready! They know it's good and I believe they know it's true they just have to really take it in. they said they are just scared of having to change everything. So keep them in your prayers :) The work here is going great. I still absolutely love when people think I am from Mexico!!! hahah. It happens when I get really tan. Sometimes it's hard... pero todo esta vale la pena :) aka It's all worth it. You're all in my prayers and I love Y'ALL EEESSSSSTTTTTTEEE GGGRRRRAAAANNNDDDDEE! :D (THIS BIG!!) Oh, also!! Yesterday was testimony meeting. I decided with all of our investigators there it was the prime opportunity to bear my testimony. There were SO MANY people there!! I was shaking like crazy but I did it :) I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only church with the fullness and authority of God. Joseph Smith was a prophet. President Monson is a prophet of God. We have the opportunity to listen to them this week :) SSSOOO EXCITED!!! Enjoy Conference! Soak it up!!
Les Quiero MUCHISIMO!!! Hasta Luego :) I hope that some of my stories made you laugh. Keep doing the little things. Read your scriptures. Pray. Remember, little things when done consistently.. become extraordinary :)
Never doubt the effect of living the Gospel and loving people can have on others lives.
Con Gusto- Hermana Jennay Hadlock!!! :)

President Durrant's daughter... Dianna Durrant :)

Our recent converts Megan, Helma, and Roger are fans of Duck Dynasty :) They knew I was too so they bought me this shirt!!! :D SO SWEET!!

 I also bought this calendar :) Haha, too funny!!

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