Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 65 Degrees... I could live with that :)‏

Quierdo Familia!!!!

How in the world are you doing??? I might as well get it out of the way first thing in the e-mail... this last week was the Holy War. I couldn't take it anymore and so when we were eating with some members yesterday I asked them if they had heard the score or seen the game. The son looked up the score on his phone and they were all dying laughing at my reaction when I found out that my team lost!!!!! :( Ah man, God does always answer prayers. I guess sometimes the answer is just NO ;) Nevertheless, I still wore my team's colors proudly on Saturday. I'll send some pictures :) I also stood in a good 'ole Y stance for my COUGARS!  So last Monday after I e-mailed was funny. Remember the crazy tall Hispanics that I talked about?? We're talking around 6 5" or taller? We played 4-square with them on Monday night. We have been teaching the wife but we wanted to see if there was some way we could get them more involved and so when we walked up they were playing and we played for a bit!! It was really fun :) Hermana LeBaron and I won ;) Not! They were going easy on us. But hopefully they'll be a little more open to our message now. Then on Tuesday we got to teach the engineers Lili y David :) They are SSOO awesome! I honestly can't even begin to say how much I love them. When we went over there they had us try a cactus fruit and also fed us homemade orange marmalade they had made. It was DELICIOUS :) They are progressing so much and got to see 3 baptisms yesterday! I think they really liked it. I sure love their dog. I'll send a picture home of him :) Then we got to teach Aydee that night as well. She is a part-member family but her husband works all the time and so he never can come to church. She has been investigating for about 10 years and wants to get baptized but wants her husband to be able to do that so we are working on getting him re-activated. They are so cute! Mom, remember that S'mores stuff you sent me? First, it was delish. Second, we made some with them and their 3 daughters and had a lesson about how sometimes it's hard work to do what's right but it's all worth it in the end and they got to eat it! The little girls loved it :)  Then on Wednesday we had a really neat experience. We took Heidi y Angel to the temple. We had a lesson with them and walked around the outside and talked about how the temple is a place where we can be sealed for time and for all eternity. They have been struggling to keep the committments like reading, praying, and coming to church but I think they really liked the lesson at the temple :) I hope it motivates them! We have to get them married first and then maybe they will get baptized! I pray so :) But the lesson at the temple really was incredible.  Well for all of you that read Sister Whitley's blog ( and have read about Hermana Pineapple.. she died. So mi compa and I went and bought another one and tried to re- plant one with David y Lili who told us about it in the first place. We had a lesson on faith. They are now taking care of Hermana pineapple for a bit ;) Hahah. It was great!! This last Thursday or something like that it PPPOOOUUURREEEDDD!! I don't know that I have ever seen rain like that in my life. I was driving home and I won't lie it was actually a little scary but don't worry, all is well :) Sister Whitley was waiting with umbrellas and towels when we got home. I sure love her :) Brother and Sister Whitley are the best! I will be so sad when I have to move out from their house.  For the first time on my mission this last Saturday we had 6 lessons in one day!!!! It was so awesome :) If only we had that every day ;) Nah, sometimes we have to struggle to really appreciatte things :)  RUBEN came to CHURCH!!! We have been teaching Ruben since I got here. He is the one who I passes out during the lesson with. Super embarrassing and funny. He finally came to the church for the 1st time yesterday!! He liked it :) He is still a bit uncomfortable but he came in his nice clothes and tie yesterday and I couldn't have been more happy. Apparentlly he used to have piercings all over and long hair but you would never know it now. It shocked my compa and I when he told us last night because he loooks so clean now. He said he wants to change and really does have a lot of faith. The elders in our ward had baptisms last night :) There were 3 total. Right now there are 4 companionships in my ward. 2 sets of Elders and 2 sets of sisters. They were incredible and Lili y David came!!!! :) Maybe I already said that?? I think they really liked it. I sure love them!! Well... I sure love you!!!!!! Tomorrow marks 3 months for me here in Texas. Can you believe it? Pretty soon here, I am 1/3 of the way down with my mission. OH! and the other thing, the other morning when we got up to run it was 65 degrees! I about had a heart attack. I am SSOOO grateful the weather is starting to cool down. Love you all!!!!!! :) Have a fantastic week!!
-Hermana Jenny Hadlock :)

 Heidi y Angel and their little girl :)

Lili y David

Choco :) Lili y David's doggy!!

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