Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 Lookin' forward to a great week (:‏

How are you doing?? :)
Well this week is going to be very exciting!!! I will tell you why in a minute. First of all, this last week was a great week. I honestly wish I could explain all the lessons that I learn every day, really every moment, and include everything everytime I write... but it's just not possible :) I am learning SO much! Sometimes I wonder if this mission is really for me to go and teach people what I know or if it is really for God to shape me into the person he really wants me to be. Yesterday was kind of sad. We had so many of our investigators that said they would come to church and then none of them came :( But I guess it is what it is and everyone has their agency right? We will just have to try that much harder to get them there next week or find some who are willing to come. It always amazes me the people we find that are so willing to give up the life they have known and follow Christ. They are few and far between but when you find them it truly is a miracle and so worth it. We have a few people who are getting close to where they could be baptized. Hermana LeBaron haven't had any baptisms together so we have been praying that we can get someone ready to enter the waters :) If you could, keep Lili y David (the engineers) in your prayers. They are so great and I want them to be baptized so bad!! Really and truly... all of our investigators. They're the nicest people. There really is some sweet Southern hospitality down here in Texas :) So I don't think I have talked about Angelica. We met her outside one night in the parking lot. She actually lives right next to where Helma, Roger, and Meagan live.(The ones who were just baptized about a month ago.) It's the funniest thing because I am pretty sure she is my height or taller than me... (Usually I am a giant here. I am taller than 95% of the men we teach.) Then her husband and his brothers are all far above 6 ft!!! It's the weirdest thing ever :) I've never seen a 6 5" Hispanic. The guys haven't been too interested in the message when we have gone over there but she seems to be really sweet and willing to listen. So we are going to keep working with her... I think we actually have an appointment tonight :) and then hopefullly we can get the rest of her family more involved. One night we stopped by and all of the brothers were outside playing four-square. I developed a love for 4 square in the MTC. We always played at gym time and it was such a blast!! But they were so intense... but I think if I practiced a little I'd be able to play with them ;) Nah, they're pretty good! It was too funny to watch though. This last week I went on an exchange with Hermana Ostler! She's my old companion. It was really fun :) We talked all about baseball and she caught me up on everything, haha. She and I both love it so much! I got to go to her area and work and we ate at In-N-Out! That was my first time eating there for a while. It was sure good :) Most of the time, I eat Hispanic food with all of the people here. We met the most incredible lady while we were on exchanges as well. Her name was Maria I think :) Just like everyone here... hahaha. Most of the women are Maria and most of the guys are Juan ;) No seriously though. We are teaching multiple Maria Hernandez's. Anyways... she was a referral from the English Elders I think. We knocked 3 times and she didn't answer. Then as we were about to write a note to leave on her door and leave she opened the door! We went in and started to teach her and she said that the light of God was in our faces. When we told her that we were going to invite her to be baptized she said she wanted to be :) And she meant it!!! She asked how  she could be baptized... she was even willing to take public transportation to church!!!! and she wanted to bring her friend too! I wish I could keep teaching her :) But Hermana Ostler will love it none the less. We seriously left that lesson just skipping... we were waiting for the angels to descend from the ceilings. I guess she had just gotten out of a really bad relationship. We meet a whole ton of people with some pretty crazy stories to go behind it. A lot of the time it breaks my heart to see what the people have gone through... I can't begin to express how blessed I am to have what I have. But God brings the poor and the meek and the lowly of heart unto Him. When we are humble, we are willing to accept and make the changes that we need to. We always fight it... but we always end up happier in the end when we do what's right :) Then on Wednesday this last week we had Sister's Conference. It was so good! I think it's something we have like twice a year when a lot of the sisters get together and we have a speaker and just a little meeting together. It was awesome :) We had Sister Brown, one of the older senior couple missionaries talk to us. She was a GORGEOUS model back in her day. She gave it all up and decided to be a mom and have a family instead. She said that years later she was talking with one of her directors who had won some award of the year and was doing really well in the business. She had her baby with her and looked really frumpy... then they were talking about all of their dreams from back when she was a model. The director started to cry and said she would give it all up for what she had as a mom and a wife. She said that getting to the top wasn't all that itw as cracked up to be. That taught me a lot :) I know it sounds really cheesy but sometimes I look out in the world and for a split second catch myself thinking what it would be like to be with all of my friends swimming and doing whatever I wanted... Then I realize that I am on the greener side of the grass :) That I truly am EXACTLY where I need to be. God is shaping me into the person he wants me to be and what I do now will affect my own future family and the family and friends I already have! David and Lili are still doing great! They couldn't come to church this week because they had to help their dad fix a car or something like that but they said they will be there next week! They always fix us the best food when we go over. It was too funny... they have a big brown lab that I LOVE and play with him whenever we go. His name is Choco and during the lesson last time we heard some noise and realized that he was eating the rug under the table :) Hahaha! David got mad at him and he got the saddest puppy eyes and just like ok, I'm sorry :( All David had to do was barely raise his voice and tell him to lay down in another spot. It was too funny :) Well.... ready for the exciting news?!?!? We have a family of 13 and they're all getting baptized next week!!!!!!! NAH!!! Just kidding :) Estoy bromeando. Pero, this Wednesday Elder Neil A. Andersen is coming to our mission and Elder Tad R. Callister!!!! Isn't that so exciting!!!!!!!????? So in the little time I have been on my mission I will have the opportunity to see all of the 12 apostles. He was the only one that was missing during the world wide broadcast. I am the luckiest sister in the world :) Well my dearest family and friends.... there are truly miracles to be seen every day :) Look for them. I know life is hard... pero, podemos hacerlo! (We can do it!) I mean come on... I have just about made it through a summer in Texas ;) That is a miracle in itself. It's still in the 100's just about every day with humidity. But they say by October it should start to cool down. I love you all more than I can say and hope all is well!!!
I sure love ya!!- Hermana Jenny Hadlock

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