Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 Another week here in Texas (:‏

Can I get a HOOOOOWWWWDDDDYYY familia? :)
How are you doing? :) This week was sure a whole lot better than last week. I guess it's after the darkness comes the light right? I realized too how much more we appreciatte the good times when we have had to work through the bad as well. Where to start? I don't remember if I told y'all about the Juanitos or not. They are a family that we recently found and they are such good people. They're also hilarious and always good for a laugh :) I think we had our first lesson with them last Tuesday. The dad had loads of questions about the Bible and things like that.... but it ended up being a really good lesson :)  Anyways... this last week we were knocking doors in a trailer park and there was a guy that walked really fast past us so we gave him a pass along card really fast and he had his Bible in his hand so we figured he was probably going in for a Bible study. We looked at each other... figured why not?? :) And we headed towards the door. A nice lady answered and we were talking to her for a bit we hear Hermana's!!! We turn around and here comes "Los Juanitos"!! The parents names are Juan y Juanita so we call them "Los Juanitos" It turns out that the dad, Juan, was TEACHING the Bible study. He invited us to come in and we figured that if we want him to listen to us than we should listen to him as well. So we went in :) There were lots of Hispanics there and so we decided it was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to them as well! It went really good. They defnitely do things a lot different than us but all of the doctrine they were teaching was good. How funny is that though?? My awesome companion shared a scripture with them as well when he was asking everyone what they thought hope meant. It was awesome of her. We had a lesson with Los Juanitos again today. It went pretty good but it was hard to not let it turn into a 5 hour session of Bible bashing. But they told us we are always welcome and that their home is our home. I know that if they keep reading and praying that they will get their answer that the Book of Mormon is true. Before my mission I never realized how much depended on the Book of Mormon. We also met Patrick and Betty this week. It's too bad that the both speak English because I want to keep teaching them but I know that eventually we will have to give them over to the English elders. I can't tell you how many people here really are Christians and are very good people. Of course there's always the ones that don't like us but oh well. Someday, hopefully they will see :) About Patrick and Betty. Patrick was great. He is a black man that is into music and Jesus :) We prayed with him and he wouldn't let us say the prayer without joining hands. So all of us were standing in his front yard joining hands and praying. He is so awesome and has so much faith :) I don't have too much time this week but I want you all to know that I am doing A LOT better and we have seen a lot of mircales this week. We have a few people that are so close to baptism and just need to take that leap of faith and trust in the Lord. That's all anyone really needs to do in life really... trust in the Lord :) I hope y'all are doing great!!!
I love and miss you all!!! -Hermana Hadlock

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