Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 Huh- huh-huh- HOWDY Y'all! :D‏

How are you doing this week?? :) It has been a great week here in the land of Texans! It has been quite the eventful week here in the mission. On Tuesday morning we had OLYMPICS!!!! It's where a bunch of the zones get together in different parts of the mission. IT WAS A BLAST!!! I'm not kidding. One of the funnest days on my mission so far. But don't worry... it wasn't just to get together and play sports. My mission President, President Durrant is all about the work :) So it all was focused on that. During the olympics we had just about every other activity that was things we had memorized out of Preach My Gospel or foul shots or quoting scripture or speed walking :) Hahaha. I am proud to say that my compaion and I won the Bronze medal in speed walking and I made the most foul shots out of any girl there I think. ALSO! I have to have a small glory moment ;) So President Durrant was in the NBA right? So at the end... he asks who all wants to be in a big game of lightning?!? :) I was so happy. I jumped right in line. There was about 30-40 Elders and two Hermanas. The two Hermanas were Hermana Kirkham (My MTC compa) and myself! Haha. Well, I made it to the FINAL 3!!! I was hitting 3 pointers that were coming out of no-where. I am convinced that Michael was helping me out there :) If ya know what I mean. The Elder that was behind me was Elder Chappell that ended up winning the whole game! I missed my 3 and went for the lay-up and HE DUNKED ON ME!!!! How rude ;) But it was such a blast and all the Hermanas were going nuts!! President walked up to me afterwards and he said, "Bien Hecho." With a big grin on his face :) It means, Good Job. Definitely a high light of my mission ;) We learned so much that day about missionary work as well. Every time we have a meeting with President Durrant I walk away feeling like there's nothing in the world we can't do as missionaries. This truly is the work of the Lord. Let Him guide your way and you will always come out on the winning team. You will ALWAYS come out happier. You will always come out better than you would have if you'd done it alone. This week we found some awesome new investigators! I am excited :) We have been needing new investigators for a bit and in all reality we can always use more. We found a couple that are both engineers. They are so awesome! We taught them the first lesson and I guess the husband's mom actually served a mission but he was never baptized. The mom that served married someone who was Catholic or something like that and so they never really went to church or did any of that stuff. They just decided that they would let their kids pick when they got older. Their names are Lili y David. Then we also found another young man whose name is Marcos. He doesn't look like your "typical" Latter Day Saint with his tattoos and such but in all reality what is "typical" anyways? If someone is willing to follow Christ, they are good to me :) He had heard some of the lessons because the missionaries had been teaching the parents of his girlfriend. The parents weren't taking the discussions anymore but he said that he believed that Joseph Smith really was a prophet and that he would be baptized. We still have to work with him because he is now living with his girlfriend but they aren't married. We have our first return appointment with him tonight so if you would pray that is goes well and that their hearts may be open? :) If you are doing what's right, things will always work out. That doesn't mean we'll always have 50 investigators who are dying to be baptized or that everything will be perfect. In fact, I believe in rough times. They shape us into who we need to be. Speaking of rough times and learning from them... I have received so many compliments on my spanish this past week! :) It is still far from perfect and really terrible honestly but it is so much better than it used to be :) I never thought I would make it to this point so I am grateful to be here and grateful to be learning and understanding more every day! I know I couldn't do it on my own so I am grateful for the blessings :) Haha, speaking of which I don't know if I ever sent home the story about my Spanish. It was like my first or second week here in Texas and I was eating at a ladies house. She is from the Dominican and if you think Mexicans are hard to understand Dominicans speak about a 100x faster and leave sounds off of the words. It makes for a fun time! :) But I was saying the prayer to bless the food and I said, "Gracias por este familia y gracias por ellos comiendo nosotros." I was trying to say... thank you for this family and thank you for them feeding us. What I really said was thank you for this family and thank you for them eating us!!! Too embarrassing. But you gotta be careful saying the word embarrassing too because embarasada or something like that is pregnant. We don't have any super solid baptisms here soon but that is okay. I am working my hardest and as long as I am doing that I am okay with the results whether that means 100 baptisms or 0. As you know, I love animals! I have yet to have a dull moment here... the other day when we went for our run we saw a little litter of kittens :) I wanted to hold one but I think they were wild and they all ran away from me and I didn't have the time to chase them :) But they were too cute. We've had a funny week of people as well. For some reason there's been loads of people this week that want to know our first names and we've had a couple guys try to give us hugs! It's always hilarious when you just back out of it or something awkward like that :) It wasn't anything bad just the Christian people of Texas trying to be nice. There really are the best people down here. Of course there are your crazy people and the bad things that happen as well just like any other part of the world but we are always protected :) Keep reading your scriptures and keep doing what's right!!! I testify that Jesus Christ is in reality our Savior and is aware of every detail that happens in our lives. When you are sad, turn to Him. When you need strength, turn to Him. When you are happy and have a grateful heart, turn to Him :)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Have the best week ever :) A quote that I have been loving lately... You don't find the happy life, you make it :)
-Hermana Jenny Hadlock (P.s. I am going to try to get some pictures off but the computers have been being really lame these last couple weeks. If not, double next time!!)

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