Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 Another transfer here in Grand Prairie :)‏

Bueno, bueno, bueno!!!
... That's how I answer the phone just about every time ;) Sorry this week I forgot my converter to send pictures so I will get pictures to you next week! So to start off I forgot a couple things last week. First off all... LA FAMILIA CHEQUER gave up coffee! It was so fun! We taught the lesson and then I asked them somewhat jokingly if I could take their coffee. They all started laughing and then they pointed to the cupboard. I was like WHA HOO! So I got up and started raiding their cupboards. I found 2 jars of coffee and 1 thing of tea. So we took them out and threw them away!! I was so proud of them. It feels so good to help someone keep the commandments because you know they are going to get so many blessings! Also a few hilarious stories... so first of all last Monday we were at the Lavandaria. Lots of things always happen to me there :) We were walking outside to put all our stuff in the car and I dropped my journal. All the papers fell out including my blessing and a whole lot of other important papers. They started flying everywhere with the wind! My compa like a champ starts running after them! One goes around the corner of the building so we both took off. When we got around the corner we realized that it was in the street!! We waited til there weren't any cars and then she ran and grabbed it in the street. We here a lady yell cuidado! Which means careful! She grabbed the paper and all ended well. We were both in such shock that we just let this cute little Hispanic lady walk off. When we got in the car we couldn't believe what we had done! So then we decided to go and find her. We started driving down the street the direction we thought she went and we eventually found her. We got all her information :) It's going to be the best conversion story ever ;) Haha! Also... last Sunday I had to go to the bathroom really bad! Let's just say it wasn't #1 :D Ha! So I told her we had to go back to the apt. really fast. I ran in and went to the bathroom. I finished and we were on our way back out. When we were just closing the door I realized that the phone was on... it said Hermana Buchannan 2:30... OH MAN!!! I had called the member in our pocket and it had been recording the ENTIRE TIME I was in the bathroom!! I was devastated needless to say. I thought about sending her a text telling her not to listen to the voicemail but I figured that would just make her curious and want to listen to it more. Ah man... so embarrassing right? My compa and I got a pretty good laugh out of it :) This last Monday we had an incredible lesson. There is a family here... La Familia Hernandez. They were less active but now they are pretty active. I think Hermana Schulte from Taylorsville even worked with them?? They said she may have been here during their sealing in the temple. Anyhow, their son was just baptized when Hermana McDonald was here so we were teaching them some of the recent convert lessons and the daughter told us she had a boyfriend that might be interested in the Gospel :) Last Monday we finally were able to have the first lesson with him. He looked like he wasn't paying attention for part of it and wasn't really talking so I was a bit sad. Then after he asked if he could walk with us outside and ask us a few questions. He told us about the entire time he wasn't talking too much because he was trying to focus so hard and learn as much as possible. He has somewhat grown up as a Jehovah's Witness but has never been baptized. He wants the truth SO BAD!! He said ever since he has met Abish and has been listening to what she has said about our church his life has gotten SO much better. He said the best times in his life have been when he is letting go of the reigns and let God take over and simply had complete faith in Him. He is SO ready and we are so very excited to teach him! I believe we have another lesson with him tonight and I couldn't be more happy! So this last Thursday and Friday we went on intercambios. Hermana Ostler came here to my area and we worked together. ALL of our appointments cancelled that day and NO ONE was home. Hahah... the back up of the back up of the back up plans had fallen through... I was started to get discouraged and just started to pray :) Then we decided to go and knock one more door before we headed back to Dallas to change back. They let us in and they were awesome :) Their names and Aydee, David, and Elizabeth Chavez. They accepted a baptismal date and seemed to really like the first lesson! We are so excited to have found this family and start teaching them :) It truly was a miracle and an answer to my prayers. Also this last week we had a lesson with Maria Sanchez. She's always offering us a cup of coffee so we decided it was time to teach her about the Word of Wisdom. We taught her and we had an incredible member there with us. When we finished she told us how she knew it wasn't good for her and she would stop right then. SAY WHAT?!? :) We were so happy for her. She is also so ready for the Gospel. P.s it helps SO MUCH to have members in the lessons. I know... life is crazy and none of us think we have time but seriously... call the missionaries and ask when you could go to a lesson with them. It helps us so much. More than I could ever explain :) Lessons with members= more baptisms. So Saturday night we got the transfer call! Drum ROLL....
I am pretty stinkin' excited!! She is awesome and I love this area. Lesson I have learned of the week.... (one of the countless.. I am constantly learning here on the mission. I am very humbled.) Let go of the reigns just like Robert said and have faith in God :) Maria told us about a really interesting dream she had. She has been praying to receive an answer... it turns out that she had a dream where she saw a bright white path. It was really long and really BRIGHT white. Along the path there were little white rocks. She said to walk on them hurt her feet a little but the path was so pretty. This symbolizes the Gospel. The path is not easy. But it is worth it. There may be little rocks along the way... but if we are obedient I can promise you a life with the Gospel is easier than a life without hands down. He never said it would be easy... only that it would be worth it :) Let go of the reigns. Give your will up to God :) Trust in Him. He will make a masterpiece for you :)
EVERYTHING is GREAT here in Texas! Go buy a street taco :) They are delicious and they are my favorite!!
P.s. 1 year ago yesterday I opened my mission call... HOW NUTS IS THAT?!? Also, this transfer I am hitting the big 9 month MARK!!! I'll be more than half way done. From Feb. 12 it's 9 months 'til I come home and on Feb. 15 I've had 9 months!! I don't know where the time is going. I am trying to enjoy every minute :)
I testify Jesus Christ lives. He loves YOU!! So do I :)
LOVE YOU!!! - Hermana Hadlock tu favorita ;)

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