Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 Brr... (: An 18 degree week!‏


Ya know, I don't actually know if I have had anyone say howdy to me here in Texas :) How are y'all doin'? This last week was such a good one! So last Monday was really busy! We headed out at 5:00 (we usually end preparation-day at 6:00) for our appointments. We had 5 pretty solid appts. in the next few hours and they were all a pretty good distance away from each other. We also had LTMP (which are lessons taught with members/friends as Pres. Durrant likes to say present) which meant we had to go and pick them up as well. We weren't sure how we were going to do it and we were literally running everywhere (in and out of the apts and such)... it was hilarious and all we could do was laugh and be grateful that we had the problem of being too busy!! We had an awesome lesson with Xiomara's daughters! Honestly, we are in love with them. They understand it so well. Stephanie is 9 and has a baptismal date for the 8th of March and Lizzy is only 6 so she will have to wait a bit :) We are so excited about them though. We taught her the 1st lesson and she understood it way better than a lot of adults usually do. It's amazing how much kids really can learn and understand :) We have also found a new lady named Irma. She seems like she really has a desire to know. It's really new for her but she has a really open heart and we are excited to see where it goes. It's sad because her family doesn't really want to learn anything about it... it makes it so much easier for the people when their family is willing to support them and learn with them. Anyhow, we'll see what happens :) We have also been teaching Ramon. He is Xiomara's boyfriend. He is really awesome and has been coming to church and we have been teaching him the lessons. The only problem is he is really stubborn with the old doctrine he has learned. I just pray that he will be willing to have an open heart and ask God. God is the only one who can answer him. If we want truth, we can't seek it from man... we must ask God. Wednesday was so AWESOME! We had a lesson with Norman at Alma's house. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. He had a lot of really good questions. He had read and is progressing right along. We found out that Alma and Norman had never had S'mores before so after the lesson we made S'mores for them really fast on Alma's fire. They were so delicious :) It made me die laughing because Norman said, "I've never tried s'mores. But I know what they are!" He then proceeds to pull out his phone and find a clip of the Sand Lot where they are making s'mores. Too funny :) They both loved them! On Thursday we had a zone meeting. I love our meetings. I always learn so much and walk away feeling like ..."Bring it on!!! With help from above we can take on the world :)" Not in any cocky way of course... hahah. Like Ammon that says he will not boast of himself but he will boast of his God :) I know that we are on God's team. I know that His team is the winning team. We just have to make the decision of what team we are on. I know which team I want to be on :) What about you?? Thursday  morning when we went out to our car to leave for the meeting there was... SNOW!!! Yes, SNOW on the ground and on the cars and it was still snowing!! I hear it's a grand privilege to see it snow here in TEXAS. When we got in the car we were both laughing and making sounds like "WWwwwhoooooooo!! It's freezing!" We looked on the dash and there it was... 18 degrees. I couldn't believe it! During the summer if I remember right we got to 112 or maybe even higher. It may have been 116. Basically... 100 degrees difference. Turns out TEXAS has bipolar weather just like Utah does :) Just more extreme. The cold here is different as well. It's colder. Hahah. Because of the humidity it goes straight through you. No worries though. I have plenty of coats, gloves, and cute fuzzy socks to keep me warm :) I think here within a month or so it should get a lot warmer. On Friday my compa and I made posters real fast. I will send pictures next week! We are making posters to put all around that say CLASES DE INGLES GRATIS! (Free english classes) It's a way for us to find new investigators and get them to the church for the class :) They look pretty good if I do say so myself. It's funny how creative you have to get sometimes as a missionary to find new people. I have learned how to be a better member missionary for when I get home now that I have been a full -time missionary. I want to help them out all the time! :) On Saturday we got the chance to see a baptism. She was a cute old lady the elders had found. They asked us to sing for them :) We all know I love singing. My compa and I sang it a Capella. It sounded really good. When we got in front of everyone I got super nervous and came in way off key! I fixed it pretty fast but oh man it was embarrassing :) We sang Nearer My God to Thee in spanish. It was good to see a baptism and feel the Spirit strong :) We are hoping to get some of our people to the water soon! There are so many blessings waiting for them. Sunday was great!!! We had 4 investigators in church. Ramon, Norman, Douglas, y Arelis. We were so excited! Norman came rushing in the second hour with his work clothes still on but the important part was that he made it! It showed me how humble his heart was. Even though it was a big struggle for him to make it from work and even though he was in his work sweats he wanted to come and with God's help he made it here. God can work miracles through us when we give Him a humble willing heart to work with. We got a referral from a member and visited them yesterday. We were so excited for the referral!!! We stopped by and it turns out she had gone to church for 4 years but never been baptized. We hope to change that and that it is her time now :) They seem like a really awesome family. Funny story of the week... Hermana Moore wanted me to check her head for lice. So I was checking her head and gasped super loud!!! There was nothing but I thought it would be funny :) She screamed and was wailing around for a few seconds :) Ah man, she puts up with so much!! Haha. This week is Valentine's day as a missionary. As a missionary valentine's is the best... not one missionary will be alone on Valentine's day :) hahah! I also complete HALF WAY!!!!!! I have NOT AN IDEA where the time has gone. Last night I had a dream I was home again and it scared me so bad. I realized how much I love my mission :) On the 12th marks 9 months 'til I'll be home and on the 14th is the half way and the 15th is my official 9 months in the mission. It's crazy loco I know :)  I want to leave you with my testimony of the Book Of Mormon. I am going to finish it all the way through in Spanish for the first time this week. In Mormon 6 he talks about the thousands and thousands of people that gave their lives defending The Book of Mormon and their beliefs. In the following chapter... Mormon invites them to believe in Christ. I invite all to believe in Christ. Cherish the Book of Mormon. Countless people have given their lives so that you can have it today. Love it. Use it. Live its' teachings. I love you all!!!!! Jesucristo vive. Vamos a vivir juntos siempre un dia. Hasta luego :)

Les quiero bastante y estoy tan agradacida que soy misionera y que tengo ustedes en mi vida. ANIMO!!! 

Also thank you to everyone of you. I feel your prayers. I feel your support. I couldn't do it without you. Thanks for all you do for me.

People you can pray for : Norman -that he will be able to come on Sundays. 
Adrianna: she will come to church. 
Ramon:that he will pray about the Book of Mormon.
Maira:she will get an answer to her prayers that this Gospel is true. 
Xiomara y her girls: that they will stay strong in the church and keep progressing!

-Hermana Hadlock (or Hot Dog as la familia Chequer say :) ) 

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