Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 The Spirit will guide you!!!‏

Such a good week! It never ceases to amaze me how fast and yet how slow the time goes as a missionary. Also... how tired, happy, sad, spiritual, exhausting, exhilarating, etc. a mission is. A mission is like a mini lifetime :) And it is so much all at the same time because you are so involved in so many aspects of so many different peoples' lives. It's incredible! Monday was great! We got to go and play sports again with a few people from our zone. My compa and I both went up for the ball in soccer. We both hit heads and neither one of us hit the ball! Hahaha. It hurt SO BAD! I had a small black eye from it but you couldn't see it after I had put a little make-up on. I was just impressed because she is 5 2" and made it all the way up to my  head when we were jumping :) Too funny! Don't worry... all ended well! That night we got to teach Lizzy and Stephy. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We used a really cool egg lesson to do it. We were talking about repentance and the little 6 year old says... When you repent you have to say sorry and give them a hug like this :) Then she gave us a huge hug! So stinkin' cute :) On Tuesday we had a lesson with Alma our recent convert and then we went back to her house later that night to have a lesson with Cecilio at her house. He is incredible!!! We have only taught 2 lessons with him and before we had even taught all about the Book of Mormon he had read the whole introduction and knew and understood SO much! We are really looking forward to teaching him :) That night we also had one of the most incredible lessons I have had on my mission. We went over to teach Adrianna. She had been avoiding us a bit and we couldn't figure out what was going on. We intended to teach the plan of Salvation but ended up teaching something completely different. You could tell the Spirit was guiding the lesson. I was bearing my testimony and telling her that God will guide us when we go to Him with a broken heart and a contrite Spirit. Right when I said that she broke into tears... she said she had been so CONFUSED! Ever since she had been talking with us she had felt more peace in her life. But then her family was telling her that she shouldn't be listening to us etc, etc, etc. So it was causing a lot of doubts. She had been praying to find the truth and found a scripture in the Bible about a broken heart. She knew it was God talking to her she said. When I said that in my testimony to her (Honestly, I never say that. It was completely the Spirit.) She said she knew it was God talking to her. Her prayers are so sincere and you can tell she has such a strong desire to find the truth :) IT was SUCH A POWERFUL lesson! She committed to read and to come to church. The next appointment when we went back she had read all we left and had been praying. This last Sunday she came to church and she loved it :) The members were so good to her and sat with her and made her feel comfortable :) We ended up playing with her 1 and a 1/2 year old in the hall during sacrament because he was crying and she couldn't listen :) It made for a good time! Wednesday was so hilarious!!! We had another lesson with Stephy and Lizzy. We have been trying to make it really fun for them because we are teaching a 9 and 6 year old. This time we were talking about the Word of wisdom. We got a brand new white shirt and put it on Stephanie. The white shirt symbolized our clean body. Then we put black paint all over it to symbolize the effects of breaking the word of wisdom. It was an awesome lesson until we took the Shirt off of her in the end of the lesson. Underneath she had a sponge bob shirt... it was SO STAINED!!! The black paint had gone through and then the little girls were running all over the house and so there was black paint everywhere :) Needless to say we were all dying laughing and cleaning up quite a bit of paint :) Don't worry... Xiomara their mom thought it was pretty funny too!  Thursday was another good day. We ended up teaching an english class. It was a blast! Some of our investigators came and it was so fun to be able to help them with their english :) That night...we also had another crazy thing happen. I forgot to tell you last week... 2 sundays ago we were knocking trying to find a referral. When we knocked.. this hispanic looking lady answered. Her face grew more and more puzzled the more we talked. Turns out
she was from Iraq!!! She hardlly speaks a lick of English. Anyhow... they invited us in. The kids spoke english and were translating for us. They asked if we could help them. They needed a baby sitter. Not 30 minutes before we had met Naomi who said her mom was looking for work and she had worked for 10 years taking care of kids. PERFECT!! So we set up an appointment with all of them. It was so insane because Naomi's mom doesn't speak english. Only Spanish. So we were translating from Spanish to English and the kids were translating from English to Arabic. It was so crazy :) But it all worked out and she is going to take care of the kids. Miracle! That night we also had possibly our last lesson with Norman :( He was progressing so fast!!! Turns out he had to move to Dallas this last weekend :( So we will get the missionaries to him there. That's alright... because when the Lord takes something away He will always bless us with more. Thursday we also had Elder Ellis from the 70 come. He has given a talk in General conference! It was SO incredible. God has been trying to talk to me a lot. I have had so many people tell me here lately not to waste my time with people that aren't progressing. As hard as it is for me to leave them and find those who are praying and waiting because I love them so much.... I know that God has others waiting for me. That has been so clear. I have wasted some precious time on my mission visiting those who I loved but that weren't ready for the Gospel. So please keep me in your prayers that we can find the people that are being prepared and that are waiting. I am going to need it :) I will talk more about what he taught us next week. It was such an incredible experience!!! Friday another incredible thing happened. We found a really less active named Elizabeth. We caught her in the drive way so we got a chance to talk to her :) She invited us in and immediately started to cry. She said how weird it was because on her drive home she had actually been thinking... "Maybe I should go to church this next week?" Then we showed up. Here's your SIGN!!! :D She said we told her exactly what she needed. IT really is incredible how the Spirit works. Saturday I was so stinkin' happy. Not really sure why... it was just one of those days when I was on a cloud :) We taught Lili who just lost her husband in September. The plan of salvation brought her a lot of peace we could tell :) She's too funny! I will tell you more about her next week. Also this week I got a letter from Lili y David :) David just got the opportunity to baptize a family!!!! And Lili goes out with the Hermanas all the time :) So awesome!!! Well I love you all :) It was an incredible week and I am learning so much! Keep up is your prayers!! You are in mine :) Love you all!!!!!
-Hermana Hadlock :) 

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