Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014 This life truly is a roller coaster!!!‏

So... my brain is in a million places but I will try to pull it together and tell you all that has happened in the last week and a half :) Deal? Deal. So last Monday We had a lesson with Maria Sanchez. It was one of the first times we have seen her almost the whole transfer. I don't know what has been going on with her but it has been nearly impossible to get a hold of her. We will see if she is willing to come back to church and things like that. I love her so stinkin' much :) But as I explained last week... even though I love people a ton sometimes I have to let them go and leave them in God's hands. We also had a lesson with Stephanie and Lizzy that night. I believe we taught them about tithing if I can remember right. Maybe I'm crazy?? It already seems like a month ago. Anyhow, we did a lesson with the coke and the mentos. We taught them how if we are willing to pay 1/10 (or one mentos) that the heavens will over flow (or the coke explodes) with blessings! We always get more than we give :) Tuesday was a roller coaster in and of itself. We met this lady named Lili. I think I talked a bit about her last week. She lost her husband and so we were really excited to teach her about everything to bring her that peace. When we went back the last time it was like she was a completely different person. It was really odd... She ended up deciding that she didn't really want to learn more and so we told her if she ever needed anything she could call us but that we loved her and hoped she would one day be willing to pray about our message. Later that night we had a lesson with Adrianna. It was INCREDIBLE!!! She talked about how when she had come to church she had felt peace so strong. She also said something like this... "Maybe I'm crazy but there were a few times I had to close my eyes because people were GLOWING! They were glowing so bright!" We couldn't believe it. She loved church. She loved the members. It was incredible!! She also said that she has problems with anxiety and that she hadn't had it since we had been teaching her. We talked about her being baptized and she said she was ready and that it was something she wanted to do and she felt ready for it. We were in the clouds :) Even though it had gone really rough with Lili... God had completely made up for it with everything that happened that night with Adrianna. Wednesday we had a really powerful lesson with Cecilio. He has been reading and praying. The only thing he need is to get church off on Sundays. That has been his biggest trial but I really think he has a lot of potential :) That night we taught Lizzy & Stephy again as well. They are SO smart. It blows my mind every time we go over there how much Stephanie understands. They have sure been through a lot in their lives. Right now their dad is in jail and their family is struggling in ways but I am always so amazed at how strong the girls and Xiomara are. God is definitely watching over them. Thursday we were supposed to teach the English class again but it didn't end up happening. If I remember right it was pretty cold that day but luckily it was a planning day so we weren't outside a ton. On Friday we were so excited because we had a lesson with Stephy and Lizzy and also with Adrianna. Stephy and Lizzy ended up being out of town with their mom and Ramon so we didn't get to teach them. We stopped by to confirm with Adrianna because her phone wasn't working... when she opened the door we could tell something was wrong. The first thing she told us is that she had received an answer from God and that this is not what God wanted her to do. For a good amount of time my companion and I stood speechless. It had only been two days since our last lesson with her. We ended up talking to her for over and hour. It was really rough I won't lie... We ended up leaving her with a prayer and I was crying by the end of it. She decided to let us come back and talk to her about the Bible. When we left from that lesson my companion and I were both feeling really down, confused, etc. We weren't sure what to do. I couldn't seem to shake the bad feelings I had so we ended up deciding we should get a blessing. We went to the Buchannan's house that night and Hermano Buchannan gave us a blessing. It was absolutely incredible. Even though we didn't leave with everything being solved and perfect with Adrianna... we left having peace. More than anything I was so glad to hear in the blessing that God was pleased with the work I was doing as His missionary. That I would be led and find those who are elect. Also, more than anything... that He wanted me to be happy. It was amazing. Plus it was all in Spanish :) It was so amazing to receive a blessing in another language. Saturday was so good. We were out to find a bunch of new people... (p.s. please, PLEASE invite those you feel prompted to invite to listen to the Gospel. It helps us more than you can ever know as missionaries. I love what Elder Ellis, the 70, said when he came. He told us to use this question with the members... how can we help you with your missionary work?? It truly is our job as missionaries to teach but every member whether a full time missionary or not is called to share the Gospel) anyhow we decided to go and visit Gloria who we hadn't heard from in a while. It was where Hermana Moore felt like we should go. On our way we saw this Hispanic family so we stopped... we didn't have time to catch them but we ran into this guy selling house security systems on the street. I went to give him a card and he told us that he was a member. He gave us a bunch of people in that neighborhood that were Hispanic. He was from England as well so he had an awesome accent!! It was so awesome.  Gloria didn't end up even being home but we both knew that God had prompted us to go there not to find Gloria... but to find this man. He knew it was the only way to guide us to where we needed to go. Kind of amazing how He does that :) We also stopped by Adrianna's because she had been looking for a job and before everything blew up we found a flyer that was for Chick Fil A where she could have Sundays off. We also needed to see if we needed to cancel her ride for church or not. When we got done doing that I looked down and realize that I had chocolate ALL over me. It was over my dress and on my arms... hahaha. There was a chocolate in the cup holder and it melted and then we put the phone on top of it and then I grabbed the phone. Without realizing it I had gotten it all over. So we ran home to clean that up and right then Hermana Buchannan texted us and asked if she could stop by. Because of a couple weird things that happened we hadn't had any dinners with the members. So we brought us a whole ton of groceries! She is the biggest sweetheart on earth :)  That night we had an awesome lesson in the Buchannan's home. Hermana Buchannan had invited someone from her work over for dinner and him and his family came. Afterwards... we taught them the first lesson. It was SO hard to teach in English.. hahaha. We kept saying funny things. They ended up accepting missionaries to come over to where they are living. I was so proud of the Buchannan's. The family they invited said that they never really knew what we did as missionaries and never would have taken the initiative to listen to us on their own... but that they had really enjoyed it and were really grateful Hermana Buchannan had opened her mouth to share it with them. Such a neat experience. That night when we got home... we knew transfer calls were that night. We were hoping not to receive a call so that we could both stay... :) But we knew we had already served 2 transfers together and so it wasn't likely. Sure enough. The phone rang... We got the news that Hermana LeBaron (my old compa) would be coming to Grand Prairie with Hermana Moore! We weren't expecting that at all because this is her last transfer and then she goes home and they normally don't change them on their last transfer. We also found out that I would be heading to McKinney with Hermana Asay. Hermana Kirkham (my mtc compa)  was so excited because McKinney was her first area. I won't lie... I don't do well with lots of big changes all at the same time and so I was scared out of my mind :) I'll talk a little bit more about it in a sec though. So Sunday I was able to bear my testimony for the last time in my Grand Prairie ward. There are so many people that I have grown to love there SO STINKIN' much!!! It truly has been an honor to serve there. Remember how scared I was when I got transferred there?? Look how it ended up :) I saw so many miracles there. I grew so much. I know transfers are so hard but I know if I will follow in faith all with work out just fine :) I will go where God wants me to go. Sunday we had some awesome lessons. We taught a cute girl named Dinorah who is younger than me and has been married for like a year. SCARY :) Hahaha. I don't feel like I am that old... we also got to teach Alma. I sure love her :) I was able to say goodbye to her that night. We also got to teach Carla :) She is such a sweetheart. I don't remember if I talked about her?? She is from Honduras. She has been through more trials than I can even imagine but she has always kept her faith. I want to be like that :) I never want to lose faith. I'll send a picture of her! That night it was super icy. People in Texas are so funny. All of them are so surprised we come in that weather because hardly anyone goes out when it is like that. Monday morning we went to go play sports before studies. Once we got there... we received a text saying that everyone needed to stay indoors because of the ice storm. They said we could only drive if we got permission. So we ended up playing sports for a long time. It was pretty fun! We got permission to drive home and to visit a few of our investigators because the roads in Grand Prairie had melted and were clear. I got to say goodbye to some more of the families we had been teaching. We went over to see Stephanie, Lizzy, Xiomara, and Ramon. The girls were acting a lot different. Stephy was going to be baptized this coming Sunday but it turns out her dad that is in jail told her she couldn't and made her really scared to be baptized so we are going to have to move the date. We talked a lot about how to recognize the Spirit and get an answer from God because she wants to have a firm answer before she is baptized. They were both having a hard time so we played a game with them to cheer them up :) I couldn't hardly bring myself to tell them I was leaving. Stephanie is so smart though and I knew she would be more upset if I didn't tell her. When I told her she started to cry and just came over and gave me the biggest hug. We made a pinky promise that I would say a prayer for her every night and that she would be praying for me :) It was so bitter-sweet. I love those girls so much :) I'll send pictures as well of them! After I went to say "see you later" to the Buchannan's. When I got there Hermana Buchannan said she had been crying as well. I love her SO MUCH! They truly are the most incredible people. She gave me and my compa a bracelet from Egypt :) She lived there for a while. It was so sweet of her. I was amazed at how attached I had grown to the people I was serving in Grand Prairie. But I knew I needed to go wherever God wanted me to go. Tuesday morning I finished packing up my things and we made our ways to transfers. Oh yeah... because of the ice storm and not wanting people to go out they didn't want us to e-mail yesterday and then yesterday was transfers. I met my new compa Hermana Asay :) She is incredible and I already love her. I won't lie... I have been a bit down and struggling a bit but I know there are only 2 options. Fear or Faith. I am doing my very very best to choose faith :) Changes for me are so hard. I'm not sure why... they just are. But I know that with the help of my Savior I can do it. The area where I am now is HUGE! We cover 2 big cities. There is McKinney and Allen that is all our area. The area is really wealthy and that is a huge change for me as well. I am super spoiled and am now living in a pool house... say WHAT?!? I know. I keep pinching myself to see if it's real. I was kinda getting used to mice and cock roaches :) It's funny.. I actually feel really out of my element being in homes like that. I guess the reason our area is so big is because there aren't too many Hispanics here. I know it is going to be a challenge but I am up for it :) Because I have the best teammate anyone could ever hope for... We have the Lord on our side. It's game time :) I have no idea what I am doing and for the first time I am senior companion. So I need to be a leader :) But I know if I have faith God will help us. We are going to find those who are ready :) I read a scripture... Moroni 8:16. "Perfect love casteth out all fear." I love my Savior and I need to trust in Him. Keep me in your prayers will you? I am going to need it. I am doing my very best to hold my head high through the tough times and find those who need us. I love you all :) You are in my prayers as well. I never thought I would say this... but after the cold here this last while.. I am ready for the summer in Texas :) Just wait... I'll be regretting I said that in a few months! ;) Thank you for all your support. It's amazing how many times my prayers are answered through the words you say to me. I love you all :) I know this Gospel is true. 

Y'ALL are incredible!!! P.s. the people I am living with have 2 really cute dogs so I am super excited about that! Keep me in your prayers :) I love you and thank you. 

-Hermana Hadlock 

 I did my hair curly. 
Hermana Moore and I were dying laughing because I had a fro :) 
Don't worry.. I fixed it before I went out!

 Saying goodbye to Alma

These are my crazy girls Lizzy and Stephy :) 
I love them SSSSOOO much!!! :D 

Lizzy had red cow girl boots she had bought just that day :) 
I thought man.. those look familiar ;) :)

This is the Buchannan's! :D 

This is my new companion Hermana Asay!!

 This is the lookout from my window this morning. 
I am living on a little farm :) 

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