Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 A bit of warm weather :)‏

Hey there y'all!! 

It has been a lot warmer here in Texas this last bit. I am just doing my best to enjoy it because I know before I know it, it is going to be so boiling hot again! Monday night we decided to visit some less actives that were on our ward list. They are a part member family. The mom (who isn't a member) let us right in and set us right down to eat. We had a lesson with them. I guess the mom has a hard time trusting the missionaries because she has had good and bad elders come through. It makes me SO SAD when I see missionaries who didn't act the way they were supposed to and for that we have to re-build the trust of those we serve. It ended well though. The dad is somewhat active and I think the daughter who is in high school has the most potential. She actually reminded me a lot of Jyllian at first :) So that was kinda fun.

 Tuesday was really good. Hermana Asay and I were both really happy. Lizeth is coming along slowly but surely. She knows it's true. She is just waiting for Agustin to realize it too. Once she has the support of him I think things will move a lot faster. Her baby Julian is SO STINKIN' cute! I will have to take a picture of him and send it next week. She always wants us to hold him :) We can't hold any babies as missionaries so I always tell her I will when I come back to see them. I also have a testimony that God protects His missionaries. I was driving on Tuesday when a school bus came to the intersection. It made sort of a rolling stop. I saw it starting to stop so I kept driving. ( I had no stop sign.) Next thing I knew I heard my compa gasping. I looked out her window and all I could see was yellow! It was just about to hit us! I swerved as fast as I could!! I honestly have NO IDEA how but the bus didn't hit us! It was a miracle! That night we had our first lesson with Berenice and her mom. They are actually family of Lizeth that we found at another random house. We are finding more and more of the Loya family everywhere. They have been 
through a lot. Right now her oldest son is in jail. We are excited to see the Gospel help them! 

Wednesday was Hermana Asay's 1/2 WAY MARK!!!! We celebrated by making breakfast :) I am becoming quite the cook ;) Hahaha. I guess the breakfast didn't sit well because I got really sick. I was in Dariela's house and had to use her bathroom. I have to say... some of my funniest/most awkward stories have come from having to use the bathroom on my mission! It was quite the event :) But I will spare you the details! After the mission stories ... :) We also did service at Chestnut Square. They are turning the DeLaney house into a bed and breakfast. It's an old antique house. I want to come back and stay in it one day when I finish my mission. I will send pictures next week :) We spent the whole time packing up the antique stuff so that they could go in and do the work needed on the house. 

Thursday was our miracle day. We read Isaiah 1:18 with Lizeth. She said she could feel the Spirit so strong and that she wants to get baptized! I feel like she is one of the biggest reasons I am here in McKinney :) We had a really good lesson with La Familia Ajuero as well. We taught the Restoration again and did a cool activity with candles to help them visualize the Apostasy. They seem to get it really well and some said they would be baptized when they knew it was true :) 

Friday it was pretty rainy. We were talking to a Jehovah's witness and she actually let us explain what the Book of Mormon was. She accepted a copy and said she would read it. I have a confession to make as well :) We did something funny. So we were knocking some apartments and we talked to the cutest little old man. He told us that he knew some of our sisters that lived in those same apartments. We ended up finding their door while we were knocking. I wrote a note saying that me and my 5 kids wanted to be baptized and left our phone number :) When they put it in their phone they realized it was us! We were all laughing :) I think I thought it was funnier than they did ;)  That night we had an incredible lesson with Berenice and her family. We taught the Restoration. They started crying and accepted to be baptized. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! It's the best/hardest thing I have ever chosen to do.

Saturday we got to watch the Women's conference. It was so good!! It was funny watching it in Spanish. I never thought the day would come when I could sit through it all and understand it all :) It's a miracle. I still like it in my native language though. It means more. We met tons of interesting people Satruday. We were knocking some more apartments and we met a lady named Jennifer. We talked to her for a sec and she started to cry. It turns out she had just gotten out of prison. She didn't even really know how to use a phone so I guess she had been in her a while. She told us she knew God had sent us to her that day and promised us she would call us. We really are so blessed to have the Gospel in our lives! 

Yesterday Angel came to church! He slept for part of sacrament but hey at least he was there :) He is the 15 year old that we are teaching from Honduras that doesn't speak a lick of English. We also got to go to Dallas (Casa Linda ) yesterday for a baptism of someone Hermana Asay had taught. A ton of my companions were there so it was fun to see them :) Also, something really cool happened! Ariel, the man I met in the taquerilla on my birthday, was there!!! He's the one that got baptized :) i will send a picture with him so you can see him! He had such a light in his eyes :) It's amazing to see how much the Gospel can change someone! 

Well, that's it for this week :) I love you all!!! Have a good one :)

-Hermana Hadlock, tu favorita :D 

oh yeah... there was also this coyote in our back yard one morning!!! IT WAS HUGE!!! Here's a picture. No worries, we are safe :) 

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