Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 I'm on a conference high (:‏

Howdy, howdy, howdy!! (:

So my brother-in-law Eric told me that conference weekend for the missionaries is like super bowl weekend :) I gotta say, it's so true! Mostly. There's just one thing I disagree with... IT'S EVEN BETTER!!!!!!! I honestly don't know why I didn't like conference when I was a youngin'. It is one of the best things ever. I learned SO MUCH!!

I have an exciting week to tell you about. It was one of the most successful weeks I have ever had in numbers. It's funny though... I didn't change how hard I was working. Things just seemed to work out. It just proved to me that the miracles come after the trial of our faith. Our first weeks together, Hermana Asay and I were working so hard. It was a tough couple of weeks. We only found about 7 new investigators the first 2 weeks. This last week... we found 24!! A little bit of a difference, aye?? The thing is... I know it was a blessing and truly miracle after miracle from God. He loves us SO much. By showing Him we were willing to work even when the numbers weren't where we wanted them... He blessed us with miracles after the trial because He knew we would follow Him no matter what. 

Monday we had a few good lessons and visited some of the people that needed some help in our ward. I just have to add something quick... DO YOUR VISITING/HOME TEACHING :) There are so many blessings waiting for you if you will do it. Show the people you love them and you will grow so much in return. Anyhow, it was a really good day. I was really tired and because of that started to get frustrated and irritated about some things that were dumb and not important. The thought came to my head... "When you're struggling... serve." So I decided to do that. Instead of thinking in myself, I tried to focus on others. It worked :) I was happier by the end of the night. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with THE CUTEST FAMILY. We met a lady named Josefina a little while back. A member had come to a lesson with us that didn't end up being there. He was a champ and knocked doors with us for a bit even though it was freezing. Through this, we found Josefina. We went back to share more with her and when we got there her and her son were sitting together trying to figure out his math homework. I am a nerd and love math so I asked if I could help. The mom said yes!! Because it was in English she couldn't really understand it. I about died laughing when the little boy looked at me and said.."Pero, esta en ingles" (But it's in English) He didn't think I spoke English. I laughed and said no worries. I speak English better than Spanish :) A few minutes into helping him I noticed he wasn't answering the questions as well and was holding his nose. I couldn't figure out what he was doing until he finally said, "Uh... can I please run blow my nose real fast??" His nose had been running and he had gotten boogers on his hand but was too embarrassed to say anything so he was just sitting like that for 2 or 3 minutes. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! I sure love that little guy :) When we went back the other day he said, "I have good news." "I got 100% on my math test!" He was so excited :) So stinkin' cute. 

Tuesday we also had an awesome lesson with the Familia Loya with Berenice. We played a game to decide who would say the prayer. Every person goes around and has to say a metal. The first person that can't think of a metal has to say the prayer. The game is really a trick.. because when someone says gold... they "Oro" Which in spanish means "I pray". They were all laughing and thought it was super funny :) 

Wednesday was all over the place. First of all, Happy Birthday to my papa!! We did service at Chestnut square. It's the antique place I told you about. It was SO humid that day and we were hauling stuff so we got real wet and sweaty. We found some new investigators and they seem to be some good people. It was a tough day as well because Hermana Asay's grandma passed away. She got the chance to talk with her family so that was good :) 

Thursday was so crazy! During planning we noticed that the cleaning ladies had come to the Ragsdale's house. They are Hispanic and we have been wanting to give them a Finding Faith in Christ DVD. When we saw they were leaving we ran outside and pretended like we were getting something out of our car. We gave them the DVD and they said the Elders were actually already visiting them in their area :) So that was pretty neat. We tried to not act awkward and so we got in the car and drove around the block to make it look like we hadn't just come out to stalk them, hahah. That night we went to teach Lizeth. We had planned it out real well and brought a member so we were excited. When we got there... she said that she had to leave so we couldn't have the lesson. But that changed :) Earlier that day... there had been a tornado warning. I guess it was real because the second she opened the door to leave a TON of rain and hail started coming down and there was LOADS of wind. I just looked at her and started laughing and said, "Well, I guess God wants you to hear this lesson :) " For good reason as well. At the end of the lesson she started to cry and said, "Hermanas, I want to KNOW. I really want to know if this is the true church. But I know I need to act to receive an answer. I know I have to do my part so God can do His." It was so powerful!!  After that we headed home. It was a little scary to drive in the storm but we made it home safe alright. Later we got a text saying to take cover so we stayed in for the rest of the night. No tornadoes ended up touching down where we were but MAN.. I don't know that I've ever seen a storm like that before in my life. No worries, we were safe and all was well :)

Friday.. it was another day of adventures. I don't know that we ever have a day without something crazy happening. Ismarai came out with us to some appointments and we also had a lesson with a referral from a member! Member referrals are THE BEST! It worked out real well and we are excited to see what happens. That night we went over to one of the families we are teaching. We found out the little girl had lice and had had it for about a month or something like that. First, we were so grateful we hadn't gotten it yet because we'd been there a lot without knowing. She didn't have anyone to help her or the stuff to take care of it so we took some time to help her out. We are hoping that they will be gone soon! It's so hard to see some of the trials these families go through. It makes me so humble and makes me so grateful for what I have. 

Saturday was a day of miracles :) A girl named Arely came out with us. She is 19 and getting ready to go on a mission herself. She's our good luck charm ;) Nah, I know it's blessings. Anyhow, that night we went to another member referral. We walked in and it was a family of about 8 people!!!! WE LOVE FAMILIES!! The mom called them all in and all the kids sat down to listen to us and one little girl was even asking a ton of questions and willing to say the prayer. They are so golden :) They are La Familia Pichardo. Please, PLEASE keep them in your prayers :) I am SO excited to work with them!! 

Both Saturday and Sunday I loved, loved, LOVED General Conference. I learned so many good things for both me and my investigators. If you didn't get the chance to watch it... watch it. If you watched it, go back and study it when it comes out :) A few of my favorite quotes...
I loved Elder Holland's talk so much. "Take Heart. Be strong. Live the Gospel. Defend your faith!" Also, "Obedience brings blessings" from Elder Scott. Truly if you want to know the key to happiness... obedience and a grateful heart will get you there :) One of my favorite talks was by Elder Anderson I believe?? It talked about the tree. The more we go through, the stronger we will be :) The wind and trials can bend us... but they can't break us if we will build our foundation on Christ. I love my Savior. I know He lives. In the words of President Monson..."May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord." 

P.s. My mission president, President Durrant, got called to be part of the Sunday School Presidency with Elder Callister!!!!!! YAAAHHOO!! :) Next conference, I'll get to see him up there. A big congrats to him :)

I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!!! Cuidate :) -tu favorita, La Hermana "Hot Dog" (some people call me hot dog because they can't say my name) 

This is where I am living :) and look at the name of the house... 
I sent it to dad!! I was dying laughing!!! 

A sunrise. 

  Me and my compa :)

Conference day! And Arely :) The girl who came out with us! 

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