Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 Texas weather is crazy!‏

This last week was a really good one :) I hope y'all had a fantastic Easter! It was one of the best Easters I have ever had in my life. It sure was different... but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'll give you more details in just a bit :)

It's crazy to think I am already in my 2nd week in my 2nd transfer with Hermana Asay! It seems like I just got here to McKinney and in other ways it seems like I haven't been in Grand Prairie forever!! 

Last Monday we had an incredible Family Home Evening with one of our investigator families!! We read the "Family Proclamation to the World" with them and talked about the importance of building a strong family. Then we played a game after that was such a blast! It's called the cat and the mouse and you play it with 2 ties. I will play it with you when I get home :) We were all dying laughing! Just as we were heading into the F.H.E. we realized we had forgot to bring a treat. We all know that's the most important part ;) ... so we were pretty distraught. I then looked in the car... there sat a nice plump watermelon. I LOVE watermelon. They were on sale at the store so I bought one for myself and I was SO excited to eat it. It was the 1 thing I had happened to leave in the car when we took in the groceries. My compa and I looked back and forth at each other and the watermelon. I knew what I had to do. The Loya family sure enjoyed my watermelon :) Hahaha!!! When we sacrifice... we get blessings, right?? ;) 

On Tuesday we ate dinner with a family. I don't know why... but afterwards my stomach went NUTS again! It had me doubled over. I honestly don't know what's going on.. so Brother Ragsdale... the member/retired doctor we lived with gave me a blessing and said he thinks it might be my gal bladder? We're not sure. It doesn't happen too often... but when it does it sure gets me good. Honestly though, I am fine :) I talked with Sister Durrant and I will be seeing a doctor soon just to make sure everything is good. So say a prayer they'll be able to figure it out?? 

Thursday we had a miracle. I guess the English sisters were down in Allen and they just started helping this lady with her groceries. Turns out she is a member and her husband and kids aren't and she has been wanting to come back to church. She also prefers Spanish so that's where we come in :) We had our first lesson with her this last Thursday! We watched the "Because of Him" video on you tube and talked about the real meaning of Easter. If you all haven't seen that video... you should get on you tube or and watch it right now!! It's SO GOOD :) It's only like 2 minutes long too. 

Saturday we had some really awesome things as well :) Saturday morning we were walking in the trailer park and decided to stop by Irma's house. We had only met her like 1 and set up another appointment but we just felt like we should stop by and confirm with her for the next day. We stopped by and she said that she wasn't going to be there the next day so it was good we had stopped by that day. She let us in and we talked for a few minutes. We invited her to church and in the end she told us she could never reject an invitation to come to church :) She said we could stop by the next morning and she would follow us to church! 

Later that night we had a ward activity. It was such a blast!!! We had Verenice and her family there. I ended up playing tag with the 2 little boys and my compa and Suzeth. It was pretty funny! The one is like 6 and he was just making faces at me and yelling "You can't catch me!!" Hahah... too funny. We were on the play ground and I could hardly resist playing just like all the other kids. I guess there still is a 5 year old inside of this 20 year old body :) They did an Easter egg hunt for the kids and they LOVED it! It was really good for our ward to have an activity. It made the investigators feel comfortable and the ward get closer together. My compa and are convinced ward activities are a way to help in conversion :)

The Easter miracle.... We stopped by 3 different houses that morning for all of our investigators that said they would come to church. After the first 2.. No one had been awake. We were getting pretty sad :( Then we came around the corner and there stood Irma!! It was 8:45 in the morning and there she was in her church dress ready to go! She was cleaning her windows with Windex and told me her car had to look good for her to go to church :) It was too cute and truly a miracle!!! I'll send a picture of her :) 

Easter was incredible. It hit me stronger than ever that the Resurrection is real. This last Saturday I had one of my friends pass away. Between that and the loved ones I have lost and all the others in the world Easter really does have a special meaning. I am a witness that Christ lives. HE LIVES. He loves you and is your very best friend, Savior, and Brother. 

I love you all :) Have the best week ever!!! Until next week, Hermana JennAy Hadlock! :) 

My compa killed this spider for me and it SPLATTERED LIKE A FOOT!!!!!!!! 

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