Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 A new transfer :)‏

Buenas tardes!! (:

So my e-mail this week won't be too long. Today I had to take a lot of my time taking care of some applications for different schools that were due. It absolutely BLOWS MY MIND that I am having to think about different college applications. Even though I did everything I could to take care of it before my mission... there were still some things I had to take care of now. As of last Saturday (my Brother David's Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!) I officially have less than 7 months. That means I am in the 6 month and something countdown. As of tomorrow, I officially have 11 months on my mission!!  AAAHH!!! No worries, I am not trunky. It just baffles me! I don't know how... but I learn to love my mission more every single day.

This last Saturday we also got transfer calls. Hermana Asay and I were a little nervous... but then we didn't get a call :) So we are staying together for one more!!!!! SCORE!! :D She is so awesome. This last week we were able to work really hard and ended up having 20 lessons with members present and 33 lessons in total. That is BY FAR the highest amount of lessons I have ever taught in my whole mission in a week. We were praying and working so hard!!! The best  part is... it wasn't us. We decided we feel like Ammon :) We will not boast of ourselves but we will boast of our God. He truly loves us and answers prayers!!!

The familia Loya is doing soo good. They have a baptismal date for May 10th. Keep them in your prayers that they will be able to come to church and feel ready for their baptisms :) Their names are Lucy, Verenice, Angel, y Abraham. 3 of the 4 could be baptized.. not including the dad. We haven't been able to teach him much at all because he works so much. We are hoping to change that :)

On Tuesday I went on intercambios. That's where the sister training leader comes and Hermana Asay went to Dallas to work with the other one. We ended up having a really successful exchange and it was fun to be with Hermana Enriquez because she is a native Hispanic and is also a convert. So it was fun to hear her stories and work with her :) 

Wednesday morning, April 9th, I got to go back with Hermana Asay :) I was sure happy to see her! It's always so weird being away from your compa. It makes you so much happier to see them again after being apart! I know it probably sounds weird... but it's a missionary thing ;) You get really used to having someone there when they are by your side 24/7. It was a real good day :) 

Friday was pretty fun! I met a girl named Erica that is from Tijuana. I guess she lived right where Jackson is serving his mission and then lived in San Diego, CA?? I think. So I will be trying to get referrals for down there in Tijuana! I guess most of her family still lives there. Small world, huh??

That night we also had an amazing lesson with Lizeth and Agustin. They are really starting to open up and get more comfortable with the members :) They are progressing slowly but surely... :) she is the sister of Hermana Kirkham's first baptism, Suzeth. So it's neat we have gotten to teach the same family :) 

Saturday was an eventful day... It was pretty normal and then we went to dinner. After dinner... I GOT SSOOOOO SICK!!!!!!!! I was in so much pain. I don't know why because my compa was fine so I don't think it was the food. Who knows what happened??? Anyhow... I made Hermana Asay drive and was not doing so hot. We went to pick up Areli to come to lessons with us.. (she is getting ready to head on a mission) and I ended up staying there at her house. I laid down in her bed and in just a bit was out cold for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I was still sick but it wasn't near as terrible as it was before. I took some medicine the members gave me and by the end of the night was doing okay :) It was SO WEIRD to just lay down for a bit. Definitely haven't done that for a while... like a year :) Hahah. No worries though. I have been just fine since! But I may be somewhat lactose intolerant?? Who knows what's going on. Anyhow, it's all good :) 

Sunday Hermano Franco (who is an R.M.) went out with us for a while and we were able to teach a lot of lessons! When I get home.. I want to work with the missionaries all the time :) We were able to hit our goal of 20 lessons with members present! I love being a missionary. It is so hard but so worth it. I learn more EVERY SINGLE DAY. More like every minute. You never know what's going to happen next. Much like life :) So just put it in the Lord's hands and it will all be okay :) I love each and every one of you!! Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your support. I feel it. 

It truly is a privilege to share my testimony of Christ EVERY DAY. "Share your testimony always... use words sometimes." 

Hasta Luego -Hermana Hadlock (: 

This is when we went on our exchange. Also, a squirrel :) President Durrant LOVES squirrels. I'll explain that one day :) 

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