Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 I'm getting more than I am giving (:‏

Buenos tardes familia y amigos!!!
How are you doing?? I hope you are doing so good :) So here within the next 2 weeks I am going to hit my half way mark. It is scaring me to death!! I honestly don't know where time is going. Also, the time seems to go faster and faster. I will already have served in this area as long as I served in Carrollton, my first area. So crazy right?? The last 2 mondays we have woken up a bit early so that we can play sports with a few people in our zone. It was a blast. I caught myself thinking for a few minutes... I wonder if I would have grown up playing sports (instead of starting in high school) where would I be?? Would I be exactly where I am? Would I be playing for some college? Then I started thinking to myself... it doesn't really matter. If God had wanted me to take that path, that's where I'd be. But I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I couldn't be happier :) I don't know if I already shared this or not... we had a meeting with President Durrant. He walked in and started clapping. We weren't sure what was going on so we started clapping with him. We started cheering for President Durrant :) A few seconds later he said, "I love applause. " I used to play in front of thousands of people. (When he played for the Phoenix Suns). He said, "I would make a shot and everyone would cheer for me. " Then he said, "Then I would dribble back down the court and bounce it off my foot and the ball would roll out of bounds. Everyone would BOOO!!" Then he explained that one second they love you... the next they don't. He said it is a glory that doesn't last. Then he brought it to missionary work. He said this is real life. "We are changing eternity here." We're knocking on peoples' doors with the way to salvation and eternal life. That has impacted me SO much :) Tuesday we went knocking a lot. We are in need of new investigators. We found a girl named Adrianna. She is a single mom with 2 boys. She is a total sweetheart :) She loved what we taught and we have visited her a couple more times this week. She didn't make it to church this last week but we are hoping for the next week. That day... I hit behind the bathroom door and waited for my compa to come out. When she did I yelled and jumped at her!! She got so scared she screamed and fell to the floor!!!! :) It was THE funniest thing!!! Both of us were DYING laughing :) Ah man, the things my compas put up with :) Later that night we had an incredible opportunity to go to the bishop's house and have a noche de hogar (family home evening) with his family and Xiomara and her family. It was SO good! Xiomara was baptized when she was about 9 years old in Mexico. She has been in active for a long time but you can see how much she feels at home in the Gospel and I think is really happy that she is coming back :) We played a game called "Cat & Mouse" with 2 ties. I am so teaching it to y'all when I get home :) It was a blast! Any how, my compa was trying to get me she chased after me to get the tie on me... when she did she tripped over my bag and went flying into the wall!!! She hit head first :) No worries... she was totally fine. But it was the second time that day she had biffed it. We were all laughing so stinkin' hard! I love my compa :) That same morning we had a lesson with Rosalva, a referral from a member. She was not having anything of the Book of Mormon. It was somewhat of a rough lesson but all we could do was bear our testimonies of what we know to be true. Here in Texas we run into a lot of people that know the Bible really well and refuse to accept anything else. Anyhow... we work with what we have and there are a lot of people out there who are willing to we just gotta find 'em :) Wednesday was a good day. We had a lesson with Maira and with one of our young women. Turns out they know each other from school and they are friends so that was awesome!! We also met this family who are in such humble circumstances. When I entered their home I couldn't believe how humble it was. It humbled me a ton to be there. I have been in some rough places but these people were especially humble. They have been going through a hard time and it was incredible because I could feel God's love for them so strong. I just want to shout at people and say do you understand how much the Gospel can change your life?? But no matter how bad we want them to understand they have to desire for themselves. They are a really nice family and I hope they will choose to accept our message. Thursday was so crazy! We got a text early from Xiomara saying that her daughter had lice. She was in desperate need and asked if we could come over and help her. She had gotten it from someone at school. So we went over and Hermana Moore cleaned their whole apt. while I cleaned her head. I actually ended up cutting her hair too :) First time I have ever cut anyone's hair. I did quite a good job if I say so myself ;) It was a crazy experience but all ended well. None of us got it and Lizzy got rid of it. Poor thing :( She loves her new short hair though!! So that's always good :) That night we had an amazing lesson. Have I talked about Norman at all?? He is SO ready for the Gospel. He just has the hardest time because he works on Sunday. We had a lesson with him and with La Familia Casanova (who also know Hermana Schulte might I add) who is the second counselor in the bishopric. The Spirit was so strong. He talked about the light he could see in us and the difference we had in comparison with other people. He said it all started when he noticed the example of his neighbors and how they lived. ( La familia Casanova are his old neighbors.) He is SO SO SO ready! He has explained how he has already seen the blessings in his life from this message. We just need to get him work off on Sundays!!! Friday we had a lesson with Maria Sanchez. She hasn't come to church the last two weeks because of some temporary job but she says that she will be here again next week. God is trying so hard to talk with her. She tells us all these stories but she just doesn't realize they are answers from God. We are working on that :) Her progress has slowed down a bit but we are still trying to get her baptized on the 22 of this month. Saturday we had a lesson with familia Pedroza. The mom has been a member for about a year but isn't active and the daughter is 17 and going to have her baby here within the next couple weeks. She is a sweetheart. We are praying so hard that having her baby will help her turn closer to Christ and lean on Him more than ever. Can I just say... we visit so many people every day and every day I am more grateful that I have the Gospel in my life?? I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not only to have it and know it... but to follow it. It's priceless. Sunday we had a quick lesson with la familia chequer. They haven't been progressing much lately. For some reason they haven't been reading or coming to church. We are trying SO hard with them and giving them all we have got. Keep them in your prayers that they can find the desire within themselves. I would hate to lose them :( The work here is going great!! Even though I haven't had as many baptisms as I thought I would have on my mission, I am not flawless in Spanish, and I don't know the scriptures perfectly.... I am doing my very best. I am growing and changing every day. Back to the subject of my e-mail... I am getting more than I am giving. When I came on my mission I thought it would be a huge sacrifice and that I would be giving and serving so much. I have realized how much God is building me. He is giving and has given me way more than I could ever give. I am exhausted nearly every day and I wouldn't have it any other way really :) I love being a missionary in the Texas Dallas Mission. I love each and every one of you!!! Keep it up :) Give it your all. We are changing eternity here :) Eternal life is on the line. ANIMO!!! :D
Love you all!! Have the best week ever :) - Hermana Hadlock
OH!!!!! Before I forget... :) I have the most amazing story!!! Remember on mybirthday the crazy story about the 3 hombres?? (The three guys) The ones that brought us cake and all that jazz? If I didn't tell that story let me know... Well anyhow we took down his info and sent it to the hermanas in his area. Two saturdays ago I believe he was baptized :D CAN YOU BELEIVE IT!!!! Who ever would have known that when I decided to I wanted tacos for my birthday it would turn into a baptism :) God is incredible. LOVE Y'ALL!!!! :D

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