Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 Another week in Texas!‏

Hey there family and friends :)
How're y'all?! It sounds like everybody is doing great. It makes me so happy to here. I am doing great here is well! In fact, for the first time yesterday I had a guy from Mexico tell me that I speak really good Spanish :) Totally made my day!! It is still crazy hot here in Texas but I can't complain because we have the car. Granted, we drive somewhere and then walk all around the area so it's still crazy hot but I'm just kind of getting used to being gross and sweaty all the time. It's been sort of adventurous here the last week because they are doing construction on our street. I'm sure Sister Whitley had posted pictures. We can't park on our street because of it. Have I mentioned that they are the best family in the whole world to live with? I told them that I want to live with them forever. They are just too funny :) I also made an agreement with Brother Whitley that whoever I marry I have to bring back and he has to give me the thumbs up. I can't believe that my first transfer is almost over. This week on Saturday we find out whether I get a new companion or not. P.s. Mom, I didn't get a new companion. I was just with Hermana Brown for one day on intercambios. (Exchanges) Now I am back with Hermana Ostler and I am anxious to see if I get a new companion or not! I don't want her to leave because #1 I won't get baseball updates from her dad and # 2 I don't know our area because it's huge and #3 because I lover her and shetells me super funny stories :) We have 5 baptismal dates so hopefully all of them will stick to it and be baptized :) Tomorrow we have a baptism of a girl named Megan! She is one of my favorite people here. She is part of the English/Spanish family that got baptized a few weeks back. Helma and Roger. She is the sister of Helma and I am so happy she is getting baptized :) A few days back she wanted to change her date but we went and taught her and re assured her and she is back to being baptized tomorrow! So crazy thing... we have seen all sorts of weird bugs and animals lately. I want to send pictures but the computer is acting super weird again today. So, I will try. But this morning on our run we saw a hawk fly off with a rat in its claws... cool and gross all at the same time. Not something you see every day. Also, two nights ago we were trying to find this lady named Rosa we were seeing bunny rabbits everywhere! It's been pretty entertaining :) This week our number of lessons went up and same with pretty much everything! We have been working super hard to try and get more lessons and have members with us when we teach. It's tough but so worth it. I am amazed how much my testimony is growing. A mission is one of the best/hardest experiences of your life. It's so cliche, I know. But really so true. Every day I am so humbled because I realize how little I know about how to do missionary work and how much better I could be but every day I feel the enabling power of the Atonement and am baffled at the love that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ have for us. I am so excited for David to be going back on his mission! How sweet is that we get to serve at the same time? Today I got to play volleyball and basketball again. It was lots of fun :) I sure love sports. I miss going to baseball games and things like that but I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be and that there's tons of stuff for things like that later! You really do meet the funniest people on your mission :) It seems like not a day goes by that we don't meet someone that can make us laugh. Life is good here though in the "Texas Dallas Heaven" as my mission President likes to call it. P.s. Dad, I think he may have more than one book. I know one of them is called raising an all american. You can look on google. Mom, the shoes have been working good :) Every thing is great!!! My goal is to make it home from my mission and say that I gave it everything I have. So that's what I'm going to continue to do :) Also, continue to be my dorky self and pray for the Lord's help in making me the best missionary He can make out of me :)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Until next week. (It'll be here before you know it.)
-Hermana Hadlock

My awesome district practicing our "astonished" or "devastated" faces as 
Elder Holland would call it when people don't keep their committments :) Hahah!

This crazy korean BBQ we ate at last week

And Look! Remember peas n' carrots from Forrest? 
I found a bug that was orange and green :) Haha!

A rabbit we saw :)

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