Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Hello to my favorite people :)‏

Hey y'all!
How's it going?!? I am so stinkin' happy right now! Why you ask?? Honestly, there's too much to put into words but I will try my best. First and foremost, it is raining here and that doesn't happen this time of year according to the locals. I have absolutely loved it! Second of all, I got to just catch up on all of your e-mails! I love hearing about how all of you are doing and the funny things that life brings :) I miss you all so much. When I start to get home sick or think that I can't do it I think of all of you. I know, I'm cheesy. It 's just how it is :) So just enjoy the love. But seriously, I think of all of you and I realize the cheerleading team I have back home and in the heavens and it helps me to keep going. I don't remember if I wrote this in my last e-mail or not (I think I did but it's so good you'll want to hear it again :) ) From the Other Side of Heaven, "There's a connection between heaven and earth. Finding it, makes everything meaningful. Missing it, makes everything meaningless." It is SO TRUE. We are in reality God's children. He loves each and every one of you. Our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ are so tightly wound in the details of our lives it is an un-seperable bind. I would be lying if I wrote home and said the mission is bliss and I love every minute of it. There are times that it is so stinkin' hard.... but that's why we all keep going in life. Remember what we're living for :) Back to the reasons why I am so happy: Next, I just found out that one of my best friends has decided to go on a mission! :) I will talk more about it once I get her permission. Third, I found out that Brigham Peisley and Randy Ivins are both going to Tijuana Mexico with Jackson!!!! I honestly was jumping out of the library seat and doing fist pumps like crazy. They are two of our good friends and I could not be more excited for them!!!!! :) So if they somehow read this, congrats from your fellow Hermana :) and tell Jackson hi for me ;) The other reason I am so happy... we had some more investigators show up to church yesterday! They are the Rodriguez family. They have been looking into the church for a little while now. The dad and the two boys came but the mom had to work. I want to share a short little miracle that happened with them yesterday :) So pretty much every one we teach is from Mexico. This family is from Mexico City, Mexico. They correct and help my Spanish all the time :) I love 'em. Anyways, the dad was saying how he probably couldn't come to church this Sunday because he had to work. For most of us, we just say well you can take a day off. But it is sometimes really hard to tell these families not to work because a lot of them are struggling to support their families and if they don't work on Sunday could very easily lose their job. Nevertheless, as the Lord's missionaries we testify to them that even though the blessings may not come when or how we want them... they will come!! So we told them to pray and ask for God to provide a way for them to attend church the next day. The little boy (one of the twins) Kevin, there's Kenny and Kevin, said, "Dad, we can just do it on Monday." We were smiling so big when he said that :) Anyways, he said he would try but we weren't sure if he would be there. He works construction and his two boys help him. Well, we woke up yesterday morning and it was pouring rain :) Guess what, you can't work construction when it's raining :) Coincidence? Nah. I can't say for sure that he wouldn't have come if it was a nice day... but I know it was a little miracle yesterday that got him there. I'm not sure what he thought about church. We'll have to go figure that out this next week during our appointment. But what I do know is that we did our best to put him in a situation where he could feel the Spirit and that's what really matters. We can talk to people until we are blue in the face... but it doesn't do a thing unless they have the Spiriti testify to them that it is true.
Now to answering people's questions :) Yes, the BUGS here are so much bigger!! You would not believe the size of a regular yellow-jacket or hornet or whatever you call it. I think I may have talked about it last week. The heat was killing me but honestly I can't even complain seeing as how we have the car. Our area is huge. It covers Lewisville, Coppell, and part of Irving. But we live in Carrollton. Does it really make sense that we live out of our area? No. I'm not really sure the reason for it but that's okay. The work goes on! Oh, one more exciting story too. Right before I got here my companion found this English/Spanish family one day. The mom and the sister were really into it but the dad didn't believe in Joseph Smith and thought it was just kinda sketch. They have a little boy with autism and you can tell it has been really hard for them. BUT this last Monday after I emailed y'all we got a text that said "Guess who's getting baptized" it was from Roger the dad!! I was so excited. So as a family, they are going to be baptized this Tuesday :) We had to hand them over to the English elders half way through because they are English. They speak Spanish but for their kids they want to go to the English ward. So they're not techinically "our" baptisms but I am so happy :) Since I passed out during the lesson last week there hasn't been any problems. It was honestly just because I was fasting and we were teaching outside. I am totally fine and back to my Jennay Gump self though so no worries :) My Spanish is still slowly but surely coming. I get really frustrated sometimes because I can't express what I want to say, and lets face it... we all know how much I love to talk, and with not being able to it gets hard sometimes. But I am understanding more and more every day and talking a little better every day. The Lord called me Spanish speaking for a reason so I know that I will be able to learn it all in time. Mama, thank you for the packages you have sent me this last little bit! I was super excited and I think that the shoes will work well :) The treats are definitely going to keep me and my companion going :) Thank you Papa as well for the Jerky! Yum :) I was stinkin' excited! I shared a little bit with Brother Whitley (the member I am staying with) He loved it! So did my companion and I. I teared up when I just read that was the last of Michael's deer meat. I have loved getting letters and e-mails from all of you as well! Every time it's mail day and I get a letter I am so excited! Let alone to get on the comp. on Preparation-Day and see all your e-mails. The Texans here are so funny. Last night we talked to a lady that goes to a Catholic church. She was super nice to talk to and as we walked away she said, "Stay blessed!" Even though not all of them are Mormons here, MANY are Christian and you gotta love it :) I am learning so much everyday. It is so humbling to be in a completely new situation and realize that you basically know how to do just about nothing. My trainer is great :) She loves baseball and therefore we were meant to be! She teaches me a lot in Spanish and one day I hope to talk as well as her. Amanda, your stories cracked me up! I can only imagine. Our cat is so funny. We actually have a cat here too and I saw her kill a lizard the other day. Gross. But that doesn't compare to a bat! Heather and Erget, your yard and cabinets look SO awesome! I seriously am so excited to see them :) Hehe, Erget it sounds like you better be careful of the sun too! David, I am so excited for you to get out here in the field with me :) I know it can be unbelievably hard, but I promise you with all I got that it's worth it. Trust in the Spirit and in Jesus Christ. You will NEVER go wrong. He will make more of your life than we could ever make of it by ourselves. Thanks for all the updates from home from every single one of you :) I hope all is well!!!!
Thank you for all your love and support. It means so much! You're all in my prayers and I can't wait to see you again one day. But believe me, it'll be here before any of us realize it. TODAY marks 2 whole months of me being on my mission! WOAH! Keep reading, praying, and doing the basics :) It brings us a whole lot of happiness in life.
LOVE Y'ALL from down here in TEXAS!!!
-Hermana Hadlock

This is the last picture of me in Utah at the airport and

The Lady named Jody that I gave the B.O.M. to and 
a pass along card with my testimony in it :)

Hermana Kirkham enjoying the AC.

The first time I got a taste of AC in the van being picked up at the air port! 

 Also, the Dallas Temple :)

Our last picture together as compas :) Muy triste! 
But I love my new companion :)

Also, Jyllian this picture is just for you :)
 My sunglasses I bought when I was with you!!

This was an egg toss we did for district meeting! 

This shake had my birthday on it :) So I knew it was just for me.

 I accidentally super-glued my glasses to my finger when I was trying to fix them. 
I broke them earlier that day :( 

My foot tan line! Might I add this was a week ago and 
it has gotten worse since then :) 

Also, in this picture you see the only mountain in my mission. 
Where is it? Exactly my point. See that little hill behind me?
 It's a land fill that we call our mountain :) Haha! 

This is me and my companion Hermana Ostler :) 
We spoiled ourselves and bought go-gurts the other day. 
We both love them as a frozen treat when we get home. 

This is my companion on the day that she hit her half way mark!!!! 
Over half way done baby :) Where does time go?? 
We celebrated getting ice-cream at the marble slab. It was SO good!

So, it's been pouring rain for the last two days... do I love life?? 
Why yes, I do :) It has been in the 70's and I don't know quite what to 
do with myself I am so happy about it.

So, dad... I thought this would make you laugh :) Look at the street signs. 

 Also, this is what I would like to call the "Sweat Stache". 
It's something I've obtained in my time here in Texas :) 
Pretty good lookin' aye? Just a normal day in July in Texas. Bring it on :)

Here's a really pretty sunset the other night :)

 Also, this is where I currently reside during my sleeping hours, ha. 
See that door knob? I have a sore spot on my eye brow from 
rolling over and hitting it... for the 2nd time in my sleep!

This is the coldest we have seen our temperature gauge so far! 
Can you believe it??? Me neither!

This is me enjoying the weather yesterday :)

Also, this is Bishop Moala :) He played for the Bronco's and is one of the neatest men I know. Since I've been here, we've been doing a study with him every P-day and he takes us to Chick-Fil-A after. We don't get to do them anymore but I just want to say what an amazing man he is and I'm grateful for the things he's taught me about the Gospel.

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