Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 "Mid Summer Missionary Happenings"

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While the cat is away the mice will play.
I was gone on vacation for 2 weeks. 
When I came back, I heard about this. 
Apparently the Sisters were anxious to play a prank on the Elders.
The Elders were going to come by the house to pick something up
while the Sisters were not at home.
The Sisters concocted a plan to hide the thing the Elders were
looking for... high up in the tree in the front yard.
They left clues for the Elders to follow in order to find it.
No one got killed, that is the good thing....
Sister H took this picture and Sister O was
the one in the tree. Oh MY!  

The July heat and humidity has been taking its toll on the Sisters.
One night last week Sister H walked in the house
around 9:30 p.m. and just FELL on the couch (like this).
I grabbed the camera to document it. 

 Sister O is taking the heat a little better.
I think she is getting used to it.
The past few days we have had rain and record low temps.
Both are very unusual for the middle of July.
It is very lucky for the missionaries.
The Sisters are happy about it.
They keep saying, "I LOVE this weather!"
I don't want to tell them that it won't last long....

The mailman has been good to the Sisters.
Sister H is ahead with more packages and letters...
but Sister O keeps her spirits up by remembering
that is because Sister H is a new missionary.
Sister O is hugging a big box of doughnuts they got
as a kind of "reward" for doing service at the community
food bank.   

 Sister H has gotten many special treats from her mother
and her father.
She was excited to show us this beef jerky
that her dad made for her from a deer she shot before
she came on her mission.
She shared a piece with us.
I have never tasted such flavorful beef jerky!

 Sister O made Orange Julius for us on P-day.
It was very tasty!

"Especially tasty," says Sister H!!
The Sisters are making many contacts
and teaching a lot of lessons.
There is a baptism tomorrow.
Life is good in the missionary world.

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