Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013 "Mail and Packages, Rain, and More..."

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 The mail and packages are really rolling in.
This is what greeted them when 
they came in from teaching last night.
I think they are setting a record high
on missionary mail for the year
since we have been housing the missionaries.

 Hermana H's big sister sent her this
super-big package of goodies!
Those donuts are making me hungry.  

Hermana H is the baby of her family.
They shower her with all the love a family could
possibly shower on a little sister. 

This came today.
Hermana O is being showered with love by her little sister!
She got a wonderful package from 8 year old Leah today.
(which were especially hand made with love)
and she says she loves the LA Dodgers Logo picture, too! 

The rain made the Sisters a little goofy today.
As Sister O was telling me about their day of service
at the Senior Center, she was handling the scissors.
Then, she randomly picked them up and did this.
I said, "Hey, you are so silly!
Hold that pose...I have to get my camera!" 

 Then I decided to take a picture of rain -- in July.
This is such a rare treat that it deserves photographing.
I was trying to get a close up of the rain on the plants...
but I was not sure it would actually show.

 So I took a picture to prove that we are having rain!

 Sister H hit the jackpot in letters today...

they are getting a lot of mail,
they are teaching a lot of lessons,
and they are happy.

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