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July 1, 2013 Hola Familia!!!! :)‏

Hola Familia :)
I'm in TEXAS Y'ALLLL!!!!! So this week I have a lot of e-mails from everyone and I have time to write a pretty good e-mail but they won't be as good or as detailed if I write them to everyone seperately. So, I am just going to do this :) and write you all at the same time. I WAS SO HAPPY to be able to talk to all of you at the airport! Whenever I feel like it's too hard or giving up, I think of you all at home and it helps me to keep going. Texas is so stinkin' hot and so stinkin' humid! Nevertheless, I heard that it was 105 is Salt Lake the other day which is hotter than here. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have a car. It is honestly the hugest blessing ever. P.S. I know we already talked about this... but wasn't the broadcast sweet!!!??? I was seriously the VERY FIRST row behind the apostles. When they walked into the room I saw Elder Nelson very first and tears just began to run down my face as I realized in that moment that the apostles of the Lord were entering. The broadcast helped strengthen me so much. I realized how important, or at least caught a glimpse of how important missionary work is, and it made me commit that much stronger to the work that I am doing here. My companion is awesome! Her name is Hermana Ostler. She is from El Segundo California. She says it is near the L.A. area. She already spoke fluent Spanish before she came on her mission. Crazy huh??? So, she tries to speak to me only in Spanish. I won't lie... I thought I would be able to understand more than I did when I got here... but I was SSSOOO lost!!! Church yesterday I caught a few words here and there and if I really focus in I get the basic of what they are saying during lessons and such. The problem is that they talk so stinkin' fast! I am nowhere near fluent but I know if I keep working that I'll get there someday. Yesterday, I got super discouraged for a bit just because of the language. But then I realized that got called me Spanish for a reason and if He says I can do it, then I can do it :) I could never do it on my own... but with my Heavenly Father and my Savior, I know I can. My investigators are awesome! Even if they don't really want to listen to you, a lot of the times they will give us water just because they feel bad. So, that's always nice :) And once we talk to them for a minute while we're drinking water, sometimes they'll end up accepting a pass along card of a BOM from us. We get return appointments a lot but sometimes people hide from us when you can see them checking the blinds :) It's super funny. But honestly, the people are great. I am most definitely in the Bible Belt. Hahaha, so many people know their bible SO well! There are tons of Catholics, Baptists, and other Christian faiths, so it's good they already have that foundation of believing in Christ :) We have a baptismal date set up for one of our investigators named Patty. Yesterday, we were able to watch 4 baptisms. It got me out of my feeling down mood because I was reminded once again the reason I am here. They weren't people we taught but we got to be there because my companion has to play the piano at all the baptisms :) So I get a free ticket to all of them. Hmm, what else?? OH! So, today for P-Day we got to go through a Car Wash. For any of you who don't know... I LOVE, love, love car washes. So that made my day. We also got taken out to breakfast by Bishop Moala after a study with him this morning. It was awesome and so good. Afterwards, we went and played basketball and volleyball with people in our mission... and well just lots of missionaries and a few people who are friends with the missionaries :) It was a blast!!! I would be proud to announce that when the boys let me play basketball with them... I hit two 3's. That never happens so that's why I'm proud of it :) And just for the Roper's... I think it's because I was wearing my BYU socks :) P.s. Speaking of the Roper's, I'm so excited for Keaton getting baptized this week!!! Ah, I wish I could give him a big old hug. But he's probably getting too old for those now ;) I'm glad that you guys have heard from Jackson! I think he saw me on the broadcast too. I haven't got a chance to open up his e-mail yet. It's funny because nearly every single person we teach here is from Mexico and has moved to Texas at some point in time. So I always tell them my best friend is serving in Tijuana and we have a small connection there :) The family I am living with is so great and just incase you all didn't know, she does a blog of the missionaries that live with her :) So you can check that out. Heather, feel free to post whatever. She won't mind :) I told her to look up the one that you make too. P.s. I'll try so send you the old e-mails I've send to Mom and Dad today so you can add them to my blog as well. I know I already asked, but will you make a copy of Jackson's blog and just e-mail me a copy of it each week? If I have time, I'll print it out and read it. Being on a mission is really hard and great all at the same time! You can't really explain it. I know I've got a long ways to go before I become the missionary that I am supposed to be but I am giving it my all everyday. OH! Two other cool stories :) So first, this is to the Roper's and anyone is Taylorsville who knows the Schulte's. I met a family in church yesterday that Sister Schulte had taught while she was here and even flew back not too long ago for their sealing I guess :) I went to school with her little brothers so I thought that was really cool! Second cool story.... on the airplane on the way here I gave out my first BOM! I was sitting on the plane next to this lady and her name was Jody. We got talking, of course because I like to talk and it was one of my last opportunities until I had to in Spanish, and she ended up telling me that she was from Dallas. She told me all about Dallas and the places I should visit. I'm glad she didn't think I was totally creepy for talking to her. Then again, maybe she did and I didn't know it :) But she asked where I'd be staying in Dallas and I told her I wasn't sure. I told her I had a Mission President who would assign me to an area. So then I got explaining why I was there and what  a mission was. I told her to look up my profile on :) It was super funny because she asked if we served all over and I showed her a picture of Jackson that I had in my wallet and said well yes, in fact we do! This guy right here is in Mexico :) Haha! It was awesome. All I had was one English pass along card and the Spanish Book of Mormon. So I gave her the card and told her to check it out. The cool part was that she told me there was a Mexican man working at her house whose name was Nacho :) His name isn't really that, but he has everyone call him that because people here can't pernounce his name. So I said, "I have a Spanish book just for him! :)" I asked if she would give it to him and she said yes. It was so sweet! Well, those are my cool stories of the week. I love you all and was so glad to hear all the cool stories from all of you!! Mom, those stories about the other missionaries were awesome. It's hard work, but it's so worth it. If you just push through, you see the reason why it's worth it. I am so glad that I was able to talk to you last week :) It was the best! I am doing great and I will put the address where I am staying at the end of the e-mail. I will be here for at least five more weeks. So if you send stuff within four, that'll work :) If you send packages, send them to the address where I'm staying. Don't send packages to the mission home address... I don't think they forward them. I'll figure out my transfer dates for next week but for now just send them to the address I put at the bottom :) Dad, I am really excited about all the news! I'm glad that grandpa is doing a little better. If granny writes me back, tell her to send it to the address I put on the bottom. Heather, your lawn looks so SO awesome! I seriously can't wait to do cartwheels on it when I get back :) P.s. I'm glad you're alive after your scary wreck story and that you didn't get in a crash! Sheesh, I'm glad you are okay :) Amanda, it was good to hear from you! I heard it was super hot in SLC but you're right, I don't have sympathy because the humidity here and such.. well, lets just put it this way, I'm basically wet all the time :) But it really is awesome here. There is a lot more greenery than I expected! And the people are definitely proud to be Texan but they are really nice for the most part! I'm excited to eat Sushi again when I come home :) David, please keep me updated on everything :) I'm so excited to hear what happens! No matter how hard it gets, push through. It's so worth it :) Well, I love you all!!!!! I'll send some pictures in another e-mail :)
The book is blue and the church is true!  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
From Your Texan Missionary, Hermana Hadlock :)
Here's my address you can send stuff to for at least the next four weeks! :)
1819 Westwood Circle Carrollton, TX 75006

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