Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013 "Baptism Reunion"

from the blog moronitenfour.blogspot.com

Tonight a family was baptized that Sister O and Sister M
first talked to in the parking lot of an apartment complex.
A lady was waiting for her son to be dropped off by a school bus.
One thing led to another and they wound up teaching her and
her husband a couple of lessons. Because the family
spoke English, the Sisters passed them
over to the English speaking Elders.
The family decided to be baptized, so Sister M was able
to come (with her new companion) from Plano to witness the baptism.
Sister O gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.
There were 80 people at the baptism!
Sister M asked me if I could take her and her new companion
(who is another Sister M, from Idaho) back to Plano.
I was very happy to see and talk to Sister M again!
She looks so good and is so happy.
It was a brief, but lovely
baptism reunion.

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